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Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 at 12:36pm CDT by aae1452c

Product: Cox Communications Cable & Internet Provider

Company: Cox Communications

Location: 1440 E. 15th Street
Tucson, AZ, 85719, US


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Over the years I have dealt with cox communications because it is the only cable company available in my area unless I use satallite. I would not recommend this company to anyone because they use hidden fees that aren't apparent until the bill arrives. I have been charged for "free installation" and then when I complained they use special terms to rationalize why I got charged. My last straw came today when I spent half an hour on hold trying to cancel my internet service and never got through. Just for the sake of seeing what would happen, I hung up, and instead of going through the automated "cancel service" route I went to "change of service". Much to my frustration, the "sales" position picked up the phone within 2 rings. I would expect these rediculous antics from a shady credit card company!

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84f23df4, 2010-01-13, 09:12PM CST

That is very typical of this company....I had them 'professionally' install my internet....they were told at that time that I have two computers and wanted to be able to put 'either' one of them on line....No problem, I was told....the tech came out, couldn't get the laptop to communicate, gave me some so-called 'commands' to enter to switch the 'IP' generated. This didn't work....I call COX...they tell me my 30 days is up, but that they will send someone as a 'courtesy' no charge!!! The tech arrives, fumbles around for awhile....says there is something blocking my laptop from connecting....I HAD TO SHOW HIM the details of a laptop using an 'e-port' docking station.....he realizes he HAD THE CABLE WRONG....then leaves.....they charge me 50.00 for a service call...when I called COX. they tell me that the problem was the 'user' equipment....I very strongly objected....they removed the charge as a 'courtesy' because I very soundly told them that I would send them MY bill for computer education of their tech via my attorney.....

I still intend to put my objection in writing because they show them 'in good faith' removing the charge as a 'courtesy'....I want my account to show that it was their error, not mine.....Watch out for COX, they will try to charge you for every thing you do....they even charge to take a payment (5.00).....this is highway robbery and it is time that COX and all the other service companies give us proper, honest, and legitimate service.

Washington, are you listening???

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