Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 7:42pm CDT by 36968aed

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They call it hair I call it grand theft. Sixteen dollars is a lot of money these days. Gas is now $4.20 a gallon. I purchased an item. Canceled the order only about a couple of hours later. However, I was told I was only going to be refunded a small portion of the full amount I was orginally charged for. Sixteen dollars was left out because of a fifteen percent restocking fee. Utter and complete bullshit! I'm surprised this sham of a retail website is still in operation. Mockery. Disgusted I how I feel right now. I have never, even been treated as poorly as how I was today. NEVER. This is extortion people. Extortion. The retail website who is commonly known as hair boutique has duped me. I was fooled. Hopefully, after reviewing this post no one will ever have to experience the awful treatment I was met with at their online service. I warn all ladies, and all gentlemen, do not ever make the sorry mistake I did.

I'm currently working with some other dissastified customers; We are working on a lawsuit. No one should ever have to be exposed to this mockery again.

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512c53f5, 2008-05-28, 01:38AM CDT, I have had a sour experience with before. It was so frustrating. I have never been so angry with a company before these people. They didn't help me with my refunds and the representatives ignored every single last one of my requests. Are you actually working with an attorney? I would like to contact you on this matter. Thank you so much for posting.

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