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Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 5:33pm CDT by 513fc510

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Company: Bowman, Greene, Hampton and Kelly PLLC

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I hired Kristi to represent me in a child custody matter. She represented me over a period of a couple years. To make along story short, she's a loser. Every contested hearing we had, she lost. She advised me to file for custody without having any strategy to win. She didn't know the law. She charged me for doing things she never did such lying about having subpoenaed evidence. She filed petitions and then didn't represent me when we went to court. But she still charged me for appearing. She did not present evidence in a custody hearing about how mom had repeatedly violated the existing order's visitation rules. After running up a $7000 balance, she dropped my case with no notice and sued me when I couldn't pay the whole balance at one time--even though I was paying her every month on time. Then she lied in court about how she handled the case.

She charged $230/hour even for things like reading emails from me. She refused to return phone calls. You had to call her assistant and make an appointment for a phone conference. Because of her incompetence and poor legal advice, I went from having shared physical custody of my child to only having him every other weekend--after she had bragged about having worked for the judge before as if they were buddies.


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513fc510, 2009-01-17, 07:18PM CST

To MP,

I haven't found another attorney who is any better. I have a new one now, and time will tell. The thing to do is to keep reporting the bad ones and hopefully that will drive some of them out of business.

The best thing to do is to learn all you can about the bias against men in family court and get involved in a parents' rights group in your area. Some are listed on the 'net.

2d61f9a5, 2009-02-02, 07:34AM CST

I have hired Kristi in the past to represent me on numerous occasions. I, too, had a custody case that I won under her direction. She is extremely knowledgable about the law and she is a very experienced and honest attorney. I sincerely apologize for the outcome of your case, but I had to share my experience with her too. I will NEVER enter a court room without her and God's covering.

513fc510, 2010-06-13, 10:14AM CDT

To Juanita & all others,

There's not much we can do about Wooten except warn other about her. You should also post a review of her on

6967d16b, 2010-10-07, 10:02AM CDT

Let's make it clear, Mr. Artis. You hired the firm over and over for years and for several cases. You were satisfied until you had to pay the bill. You had to be sued to pay your bill. The judgment is public record. Strange how there can be a judgment if you were "paying your bill on time." You only complain after you have to pay the bill. There are many reasons why you do not have primary custody of your child, legal representation is not one of them. Your comments are defamatory. You are hereby on notice to cease and desist and to remove such comments immediately or the legal remedies will be sought.

addea19c, 2011-09-24, 09:45AM CDT

I had the exact opposite experience with Kristi Wooten. I have had several bad attorneys in my 8 year custody dispute. Kristi was a dream lawyer for me. She read everything I sent her and remembered it on the day of court. She was at the courthouse 30 minutes early (my previous lawyers were late). Dealing with a HORRIBLE GAL throughout the case so having Kristi at my side was very comforting. She is hard to get a hold of because she is very busy. But she answers her email and is there when you need her. I did some research and anyone in the business will tell you that if your lawyer is there to talk to you on the phone every time you call...well they are not busy and that means probably not good. Hire Kristi and you will not be sorry.

eeddfd0e, 2011-09-29, 11:28AM CDT

Another whiny client who has no problems until crunch time and has to pay the legal bill. Just for edification of those who are not lawyers; lawyers need to eat too. We work as lawyers to make a living and, yes, our fees are hundreds of dollars an hour. You cannot compare your hourly wage with the hourly fee a lawyer charges as the lawyer has to pay overhead, her employees, rent, all the things any business must pay. It would be cheaper if the clients simply paid. If you do not think that your fee is adjusted higher every time another client fails to pay you are mistaken. The only people who believe that are morons without an understanding of economics and the Virginia State Bar, who work off the public nipple and do not have to earn a living.

Kristi is a fine lawyer and a really good person. I have worked with her and against her and she performed above any measurable standard for a lawyer.

You whiny clients need to get with the program. The Virginia State Bar might think you're idiots and need to be "protected" from lawyers. No matter how we simplify our contracts and payment procedures you clients act like idiots and claim you did not understand what you were signing even though you signed and initialed each page, paragraph, etc. and had the document explained to you.

So make the legal profession cheaper and better for all. Pay your bills and lawyers will not have to chase you down and take your property.

I would hire Kristi Wooten any day of the week.



466735f1, 2012-09-08, 12:07PM CDT

Kristi Wooten is fantastic! She represented me to the Court of Appeals and we won. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and tough; she is in high demand and busy. A lawyer is not a therapist or someone to coddle you emotionally; they are hired to navigate through the legal system, ethically argue the case and protect their clients. I find it regrettably that someone would write such mean-spirited review. I can understand why the person lost! After all, it is the attorney who represents the client and in the end, no amount of good lawyering can mask the true nature of someone.

c12989a7, 2014-05-19, 10:00PM CDT

Kristi is good, expensive, but good. DO NOT hire her associates!

Tom J., 2015-07-07, 03:56PM CDT

Ever single positive review has been written by her staff! Kristi Wooten is a prime example of why people HATE lawyers. She's greedy and heartless only after one thing money. Dont trust this bottom feeder!

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