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Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 6:31pm CDT by 9080469b

Product: Commadore Home

Company: American Lifestyle Homes


Category: Building, Construction

Jan. 31, 2006, my husband and I signed papers to purchase a Commadore modular home from American Lifestyle Homes...that's when our nightmare began. We were told our home would be ready my the end of March and ready to set in April. Foundation work began in March and by the middle of April our house was still not in Pinckneyville. Due to the rain that spring we had to get a water pump to pump the water out of the huge pit in our yard. This continued after the house was in Pinckneyville and we were waiting on delivery. Many times my husband took off work, no pay, to maintain the foundation from water in anticipation of the house....can't set a house on a pit of water. May passes and we go to look at our new home. We discovered that the house had not properly been covered at the lot and now had water and mold damage to the ceilings and walls. ALH's seemed to think it was no big deal and was easily fixed. I seemed to think there was water damage inside the wall. In June we began to pressure them about setting our house (now it had been sitting at our lot, blocking access to the lake for three weeks) and were told it was due to the crane and other houses had to be set first. Mid June our house was set...with a crane and according to the ALH crew it was the FIRST time they had ever done it with a crane!!! There was a huge crack and we found out a floor joist had been split in half among other problems. Anyways, ALH "fixes" our problems. Three times to properly fix a tub, two times to fix a carpet bar. They replace the drywall and ceiling and promised nothing was wrong inside the walls. Ten months later, the wall that had water damage was bubbling. They came out and fixed it stating it was a bad tape job. Over the next year we watched our house crack form the inside...everywhere. Our entertainment area was falling in!! We called a home inspector this March (2008) and he discovered that we had NO insulation above the living and family room from where they replaced the ceiling (our power bills have been outrageous)and that the bubbling was water damage!! the floor joist that cracked had NEVER been fixed!! We also discover our kitchen vent was capped and the main bathroom vent didn't even vent out!!! Then he suggested we call someone who specializes in foundations for the numerous cracks in the house. They came this Thursday, and we were devastated. The footings were not installed correctly and our house is heaving and will continue to do so. He could not help us and referred us to a structural engineer!! We have $116000 in a house that is now worth $00000 and when I called ALH I was told I only had a one year warranty on the foundation!! We were never told this!! Nor do we have any paperwork on this. ALH is the one who poured the footings and they refuse to take responsibility. We have decided to look for an attorney who can help us. This had been our worst nightmare. We only wanted a wonderful home for our two little boys and we got a money pit. The time and energy and emotion I have put in this fiasco, I will never get back. Please contact me if you have had any problems or with any suggestions for us!!!!

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0b22222b, 2009-01-01, 06:09PM CST

we bought a commadore and man could we explain alot,we got a different design than we ordered and anyway too much toooo list. nightmare!!!

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