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Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 6:44pm CDT by d5c32022

Product: New Air Conditioner Installation

Company: ARS Service Express (Houston, Texas)

Location: 965 Ridge Lake Blvd. Suite 201
Memphis, Tn, 38120, US

Category: Other

My dad is 78 years old and has the beginnings of dementia. ARS came to the house in Houston and told him he needed a new A/C. They gave him a price of $12,125.00 for a new 3 ton Carrier unit. This price included the furnace and an infinity control thermostat ($517) and a $595 Plenum. That's it.

If you have ever purchased a new A/C you probably know that this is about twice what it should cost. My Dad picked these guys because they had the big ad and he could read the bold print.

We (the "kids") found out about this after the fact. I contacted the company and after way too many phone calls, a request for information not included on the invoice which might as well have been written on a napkin, I got the break-down of what he had actually purchased. I sent a letter to the company saying that this was clearly price gouging and if nothing else completely immoral.

Ultimately, ARS told me that this price was "book value". It appeared to me that the sales rep that was on commission saw a mentally challenged senior citizen and decided to charge him full "book value".

So if you are in the market for a new A/C you might consider the ethics and morals of a company that charges double what almost everyone else in the business charges. Maybe this is just a "seniors" price. I don't know, maybe you too could get the "book price". If so, you are paying too much. Go to anyone else and get a much better deal, probably 50% less or....maybe another company will just fix it because it never needed to be replaced anyway. Good luck.

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63ce2bc2, 2010-01-13, 05:37PM CST

I read this with interest after googling

ARS and price gouging. On January 2, 2010, we returned from out of town to find the hot water heater leaking from an upstairs closet. We could not reach our personal plumber so called ARS, which we have used once or twice since it changed from Crown Plumbing (which was brought up on charges of price gouging after some natural disaster in

Houston several years ago). The serviceman was nice enough; said we needed a new hot water heater, which was

not such a shock considering ours was

installed in 1988 or 1989. However, two

charges stood out: $148 to get another man to come and help him carry the new

heater upstairs (NOT an attic) and $151 to pull a permit. I can understand having to get an employee to help carry the thing upstairs because of liability,

but the explanation for the permit was, "Well, someone has to go down there and stand in line, etc." I called the city Public Works the following Monday and found out that a permit for a new water heater installed by a plumbing company is $45; and NO, there is no wait in line. You know they

didn't send a plumber there; probably a

minimum wage employee. I figure they paid at the most $60 out of pocket. When I challenged this, the nice lady in Customer Service could only say, "This is company policy." THIS IS

PRICE GOUGING and they should be charged with such. I realize it is a company's right to charge what they wish, but this blatant example needs to be exposed.

By the way, they also tacked another charge on the original work for something that no one ever said we would

have to have done. We challenged that

and did receive some money back. We will NOT be using them again. They are owned by a company in Tennessee. We are

contacting the Better Business Bureau and everyone in our address book!

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