Shailesh Kumar Singh - corruption at sahar Airport

Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2008 at 10:23pm CDT by bf6707b0

Product: sahar Airport

Company: Shailesh Kumar Singh

Location: Dubai, UA, AE

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Dear Sir/Madam,

just wanted to share something with the management about the corruption on airport...on friday 23/05/2008 I landed to the sahar airport from dubai by IC681 U indian airliense.reason to come india is for my uncles death.

I have declared my imported things upto 24,000(Actual). now after i have clear all Security I reached to last checking counter which is near to exit gate..there was One person named Mr.Nayak (Terminal 2)ask me 'what is there in bag 'i said i have purchased 2 mobile upto 24000 INR & I have bills too.

then he said it will be problem for u give me 50 AED & you can go easly...since I was in hurry so I gave 50 AED to him & I came out ..later I releaised that I should have not given....but I was very upset because I had lost my uncle so I gave him & came out to reach early at home.

Question is not of 50 AED, Its about the corruption I have seen .I would like to take some action on him.because these are the guys who are spoiling the name of our People like us (NRIs) they think why to go to india..better to serve to other country atlest we will be part of good system.

That day I had very bad experience in our own home country peoplr are cheating like this.we left our family & go for earning money & these People are how easly asking for money & if not given then they will create problem for us.

so I will request you to do the enquery on this matter If any kind of support needed Please contact me on same ID.

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e117329f, 2008-06-02, 11:25PM CDT

The Whole system itself is a fuck all...everyone right from chaprasi till minister everybody is involve....All theses ass holes should be hanged on road........bloody Maderchod system....that is Y india is behind..can never grow up.The same thing has happened with me also y dont theses guys r doing some enquery....or they also may be having some commision....bastereds

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