Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2008 at 12:16pm CDT by 80c55389

Product: Online Advertisement


Location: Boston, MA, US


Category: Other

A representative called me and we setup a meeting to discuss advertisement. During this meeting the rep's computer would not accept a digital signature, so he printed out a copy for me to sign. Upon signing the agreement we had a verbal agreement the contract would not go live until I gave them the go ahead, the rep also agreed to send me a copy of the contract/order.

I emailed them that same day stating I would not be able to use there service. No response was received. One week later I emailed them again, they said there 'spam filter' must have caught the email as they never got it, they also stated that the contract went live and that they could not stop it now.

I responded asking for a copy of the contract and order, they failed to send one.

Because this service was unwanted I refused to pay them. Now they have a collections agency coming after me for 12 months of service(I only got 4 before they canceled). The contract stated that they have the right to cancel, but does not state that I would need to pay for 12 months.

I asked the collections department if I could cancel my service and I would pay for the 4 months. They stated that I cannot cancel, as it is there decision to make. There was also several misspellings and misleading phrases in my ads.


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