Newberg Ford - Newberg Ford Rip-Off!!

Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2008 at 12:44pm CDT by fc7b3906

Product: Auto Sales

Company: Newberg Ford

Location: 3900 Portland Road
Newberg, Or, 97132, US


Category: Other

I have today had my 3rd and final horrible experience with Newberg Ford. My sister works there in finance so I thought that I would receive some fair treatment. I went there to see if they would give me a wholesale deal on a car they had, like they have done in the past with my sister for another family member.

They worked really hard to convince me that the wholesale price on the car was 5950.00 over what KBB was showing me. The salesman called it, "A hair above wholesale". When I challenged the salesman on the size of this, "hair", he hung up on me right away.

I called back and ask for the "Highest Manager there" and Bill, the gentleman that answered the phone said, "Highest Manager here huh?" with a hardy laugh. And placed me on hold.

Now please keep in mind the reason for calling a manager was to issue a complaint about being hung up on. Brad, (The sales manager and local tough guy) got on the phone and I was telling him about the salesman hanging up on me, he said that he knew that because the fellow was in his office when he did it. I couldn't believe it. I began to debate the issue of the price and the way I was being treated with him and first he told me, "I don't want your business" and instantly followed up with, "Come on down and we can talk about this in person" Sounded threatening to me. And repeated this threat more than once. Then HE hung up on me as well. This was unreal to me. I got very angry that I was being treated like this by someone my sister works for that I faxed him back and told him that I thought he was a "PUSSY" (thinking to myself) 'Threatening a person with a bad heart and cirrhosis of the liver, a real tough guy there'.

That all said, I hope that this will prove to be a warning to all of us who live in town, you go to the country for a deal, they treat you like city people. Well folks, when they offer you that freshly grilled hot dog, whatever you do, don't give 'em the bun.

As a footnote; I have had the VIN# on the very automobile Newberg Ford has for KBB values by a Chrysler dealer today, (Where I got an excellent deal and treated with respect). And he gave me the paperwork to prove that the sales manager Brad at Newberg Ford had manipulated the options to inflate the price.

I recommend if you do roll the dice with these rip-offs you get the VIN#. And if they will let you make a phone call without them listening in (these salesman like to snoop) call the MANUFACTURER and you will find out the true options and pricing on the car, the other dealer has nothing to lose and will be glad to help you protect yourself.

I have also been told by a Ford dealership owner how to file a complaint with Ford Motor Company, he said he does not like the negative correlation within the Ford Family that this type of business practice creates.

Thanks for reading my rant and stay away from these guys, its just not worth it.


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