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Posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2008 at 2:52pm CDT by 37e79323

Product: Metro PCS

Company: Asurion

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL, 33026, US


Category: Other

My ordeal began last Thursday May 22nd when I misplaced my Metro PCS cell phone. I immediately called Metro PCS to have the service temporarily disconnected until I filed an insurance claim. I then was given Asurion's phone number. I called the customer service phone number and described what had happened to my phone and was told that with paying the $80.00 deductible a replacement phone, that would be activated upon arrival, would be sent to my via DHL the following day. I was also told that the Nokia 6265I phone that I had was discontinued and that a similar replacement phone would be sent to me.

On Friday May 23rd respectfully I received my replacement phone. Upon receipt of the phone I read the instructions indicating that the phone needed to be charged, although it seemed as if it had a full charge upon arrival. I waited almost 5 hours and then turned the phone on after installing the battery. Once the phone was turned on I proceeded to dail a number and was given the message that the phone was not authorized for service. I called Asurion back and told them of the problem that I was having. After several failed attempts of entering codes, turning the phone on and off, entering passwords, removing and reinstalling the battery more than enough times I was told to call Metro PCS that there must be a problem due to the fact that I suspended my service when my original phone was lost. I contacted Metro PCS and went through a series of similar tests to no avail. I was told my Metro PCS to call Asurion back and let them know that I must have received a defective replacement phone. I called Asurion and indicated what I was told by Metro PCS and Asurion indicated that there were no supervisors available and that they would put a technical support call in and that the problem with the phone should be resolved within 24 hours. On Saturday I attempted to call my Metro PCS phone number to see if the problem had been resolved. The call immediately went into my voice mail. I tried turning the phone off and back on and placing a call from the phone, I received the same message indicating that the phone was not authorized for service. I called Asurion and they told me that I should contact Metro PCS again to make sure the account was released from suspension. I called Metro PCS and they indicated that there were cell phone tower problems in the area where a reside, but that I should go into a physical Metro PCS store with the phone to try and resolve the issue. Since I was on emergency call at work all weekend I could not go into a store instead I asked my fiance to go and try to resolve the phone issue. My fiance went into the Metro PCS store in Pembroke Pines, Florida and the Assistant Manager attempted to reset the phone several times. She was told by the Assistant Manager that everything that they could do had been done with trying to reset the phone and the phone would still not work. The Assistant Manager told her to contact Asurion back in which she made the call from the Metro PCS store. She was told by a supervisor at Asurion that nothing more could be done until the Corporate offices opened on the next business day. Being a holiday weekend that would be Tuesday May 27th. I indicated that this was unacceptable due to the phone is used for business purposes and I was told that's all that could be done. I also mentioned that the replacement phone that I was sent was not a similar model to the Nokia phone that I had put in a claim for that had costs me almost $280.00 when originally purchased a year ago with Metro PCS. I was told by the Metro PCS store that the replacement phones that Asurion sends out to it's consumers are refurbishes phones and the Motorola phone that I received as a replacement was also a discontinued phone and that it's value was no where close to what I had originally paid for the Nokia phone.

Today is Sunday May 25th, I have been on emergency call the entire weekend and will be through Monday May 26th there is no way for my customers to contact me nor for me to be in contact with them. My fiances Mother is in the hospital expecting to have surgery on Tuesday and I will continue to be without a phone durning this critical time. I can only comment that I noticed on your main page that Metro PCS is not the only cellular phone company that uses your insurance for their customers. I would seriously be rethinking about taking out insurance on a cell phone when I could just as well walk into the cell phone company and purchase a working replacement phone and not have the troubles that I have had these past days. At this point I will be making a decision by Tuesday if I will be sending Asurion back the replacement cell phone for a credit of $80.00 and walking into a store and purchasing a new cell phone along with canceling my cell phone insurance plan or just change cell phone providers all together. I refuse to believe that this is the type of service that an insurance company provides to it's consumers.


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9b8ba65d, 2008-12-09, 11:24PM CST

ASURION: Theis entire business model is an scam. You pay every month and you get nothing. You just get the right to buy the phone form them if it breaks. No questions asked! No wonder why... The "deductible" is in fact the price of the phone.

9b8ba65d, 2008-12-09, 11:27PM CST

ASURION: Their business model is an scam. You pay every month and you get nothing. You just get the right to buy the phone form them if it breaks. No questions asked! No wonder why... The "deductible" is in fact the price of the phone.

edcafad6, 2011-01-30, 02:43PM CST

I am having a very similar problem with Ausorion Insurance. They claim they have the right to replace your lost or stolen phone with another phone that has the same internal functions. You can not request a specific phone.

I am so frustrated! I paid for insurance on an expensive phone because it was expensive and if lost, would be replaced.

They replaced it with a cheap phone that is on special for $29.99. Plus they will charge me the deductable and basically said "too bad". I want them to make it right. I don't expect insurance to replace a Mercedez with a Ford!

What a RIP-OFF! AT&T needs to step up to the plate and straighten their insurance carrier out of drop them and get someone else!

9eb161e8, 2011-07-29, 10:35AM CDT

What insurance company does one expect to pay a monthly premium and not have to pay a deductible?

If you pay car insurance every month, and then after several months your car is stolen or in an accident, the insurance company will replace or repair it, but before they do, you have to pay some money out of pocket first.

It's the same with phone insurance and the prices of the deductibles are far cheaper than the cost of the same phone as when it was new. Also, you have the convenience of getting the phone shipped to you the next day, wherever you are, which is wonderful if you are out of town and away from a nearby authorized dealer for your wireless carrier.

23ae27ec, 2011-08-26, 08:47AM CDT

I agree with you completely. I had pretty much the same issues with them as you did. HORRIBLE service. I have been trying to get my replacement correct for over a month now, they have sent me first replacement was broke when i got it and the second and 3rd were the wrong item but they want theirs back before they will make another attempt to send the correct one. I am so frustrated that they can be so ignorant. I don't know how they can stay in business. everytime you call you are on the phone repeating your problem for 2 - 3 hours. they are really good about saying the words 1-2 minutes, i assure you, i am very sorry. how hard can it be to send a correct replacement and one that works?? I will never carry their insurance again. they have provided me with the worst warranty experience I have EVER had..

141fd625, 2012-01-09, 07:48AM CST


I just replaced my phone with assurian about 3 to 4 months ago at a

100.00. I have had small issues with this phone. I thought it was normal, but now it wont hold a charge, it shuts off by itself at the most inconvienant times, when u dial a number, the thing will not connect in and go right back to recent calls. I paid for this and I too run a business 0ff of this phone. If my phone is down, no one works. Now i am getting ready to replace this phone again, this morning and i am really irretated with this. I got 3 to 4 months use out of this 100.00

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