Home Depot ...Hampton Bay - ceiling fan sucks.HomeDepot

Posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 6:53pm CDT by 7aca20f2

Product: Hampton Bay 509-149

Company: Home Depot ...Hampton Bay

Location: n/a
I think home depot Altanta, GA., US

Category: Other

This is the worse ceiling fan I've never put on any ceiling or experienced in any aspect....and I've put alot of fans on ceilings...big time.

It's dangerous?????the light fixer is the old screw on type.. I didn????t think they even made them anymore and????? the engineering behind this Ceiling fan/lamp design is lame at best?????.the lamp fell off one day?????within 92 days of ownership?????.just missing my head?????this room is my 5 year old daughter????s room?????.it could have been her head! Or her friend /s head. I believe the problem is the design????? when turning the light /fan on or off?????it hits the light fixer?????.moving it a little by a little?????.and if anyone looks at how the structure of the light/fan cords hang down?????.I think you will see it? Danger! I will talk to anyone about the situation. Tim


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