American Airlines - American airlines refuses to pay for stolen property

Posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 9:03pm CDT by 75be2ed6

Company: American Airlines

Location: P.O. Box 619613, MD 1322 DFW Airport, TX 75261-9613
tx, 75261-9613, US

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After reporting a theft in my luggage to American airlines 36 hours after it happened, American Airlines refused to reimburse the stolen goods returning their response 4 months later.

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a33beac6, 2011-03-27, 01:29PM CDT

we had property stolen out of our bags also and reported it the next day -- have been turned down with a response that we didn't report the incident within 24 hours so AA doesn't know who else HAD had access to our bags! In other words calling us liars!! I contacted AA customer service online as soon as i got home that night but was told they were NOT baggage claim and that customer service and baggage claims do not talk to each other or share problems!! what a way to run a business. I have been turned down but the service agent that i sent all information to and now by his supervisor. the supervisor is the one in the last rebuttal letter said since AA was NOT contacted within 24 hours the claim was denied -- in NO correspondence did it say I had 24 hours to make a claim. AA doesn't know who they are dealing with -- lawyers are next i guess and the price tag goes dramatically up!!!

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