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Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 at 12:07pm CDT by 0aa74328

Company: earthlink fraud

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set up dsl service with earthlink through digital landing on 4/4/08

Called approximantly 4/9/08, to inquire about service and was told

there was a 'problem with the line'

i was then Told that service wouldn't start until 4/16

Called 4/16/08 to cancel as they had not sent wall filters nor was it

disclosed at the beginning that to use this service I would need an

NIC card ( network interface card) which I have never had on this


I was told that they would send me a return ticket that would arrive

in two weeks

And I would not be charged, if this was prior to the first bill.

This ticket never arrived

I was charged 171.10 on my credit card

I turned them into Capitalone as this is, in my opinion fraud.

I was billed on 5/4/2008 even though Earthlink delayed in sending this

modem until their 'line problem' was fixed by 12 days, until 4/16/2008

They ran my account from 4/4/2008

I called again on 5/22/2008

I began the call at 9:08am est.

I was routed around from 'technical support, SAM'

To billing "Jack'

I finally asked for a supervisor at 9:30am

20 minutes on hold, JUST for a supervisor. ( told to wait at 9:30am,

still waiting 9:50am) it is dead silent on this line as well, so it

doesn't appear to be a transferred call. I believe that this person is

not getting a supervisor, but has just put this call into limbo. I

will wait a bit longer until I finish this letter then I will attempt

to call Earthlink direct in TX

I believe this charge is fraud, that Earthlink is running a bait and

switch campaign that is facilitated by outsourcing to India.

I also believe that Earthlink purposely is doing this and had no

intention of fair and honest service.

I have informed my credit card company of all of the above, and put

through a fraud complaint.

I have been assured that the Earthlink charges have been removed.

I hope that by writing this letter, that this will not happen to anyone else.

thank you

ap herron


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