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Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 at 10:23am CDT by 68bbac1a

Company: Prime Autos, Independent Credit, Frank Hayden

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Danyce Leeje Naylor

1012 18 Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Telephone: (813) 900-9819

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May 22, 2008

To Whom This Matter Concerns:

I am writing today as more than a dissatisfied customer, I am enraged with the recent interactions between myself and Independent Credit doing business with Prime Autos located at 2008 Okeechobee Boulevard in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida 33409.

Much like many car buyers in this economy, when I began shopping for a vehicle in mid January, I wanted to spend my money on nothing short of a good quality car. Much to my surprise, the 2000 Mercury Cougar that I purchased from Prime Autos in mid January was not that quality car. Less than two weeks after I drove my vehicle off of the lot, the cars engine began jerking and stalling. At that point, I immediately called Prime Autos to speak with a manager and was advised that The car that you purchased was sold with no warranty and you knew that when you drove off of the lot. Well, unfortunately I dont take things lightly when it comes to the money that I spend, especially on a big ticket item like a car. I drove right up to the Prime Autos lot and proceeded to advise my salesperson, Chuck, that I had just driven this car from their lot less than two weeks ago and it was already having engine problems. I was then referred to a Transmission Repair Shop located in West Palm Beach. I dropped my car off to them for 3 days and was told that Prime Autos would take care of the bill. At this point, I knew that I had just purchased a piece of junk.

Around or about the beginning of April, my cars engine began doing the exact same jerking and stalling as it had been doing back in early February so it appeared that the Transmission Place did not repair the issue, they only seemed to cover it up. I drove my car back up to the Transmission Place and was advised by the manager, John, that This was not the same issue that the car was doing before and that all I needed was a tune up and some new spark plugs. Okay, by now I am realizing that both Prime Autos and the Transmission Place are both crooked and sell you junk then make you believe that theyve repaired any issues that arise. Still, I took my car to have a tune up done to repair this jerking and stalling issue with my engine. I was not the least bit surprised when the tune up mechanic advised me that the issue with my car was not due to lack of a tune up and he also advised me that I did not need new spark plugs, however I still had him change the spark plugs anyway. So, I drove my car from the mechanics shop and no less than a mile down the road guess what happened? You guessed it correct. The jerking and stalling from my engine was back.

Around this same time, I was also going through some personal family issues so I did say that as soon as I got the opportunity to address this issue, then I would definitely do so. I will admit that around this same time, I fell behind on my car payments as well but was communicating with Prime Autos to advise them of why I was late and when to expect payment. So, it was such a surprise when I heard a knock on my door at 3:00AM EST during the early morning hours of Wednesday May 21, 2008. I opened the door to a gentleman, Jim, who advised me that he was picking up the car on behalf of Independent Credit and asked whether I would give him the keys to the vehicle. I asked why they would take the car for such a small amount of money owed. He apologized but stated that he was just there to get the car. Of course I gave him my keys because he was just doing his job and there was no reason to get upset with him because he had been nothing but courteous with me. I had decided that I would be calling Prime Autos bright and early though to get some clarification on this matter.

I called Prime Autos around or about 9:45AM EST later that same day. I asked to speak with Frank Hayden, the finance manager, and asked him what was going on. His words to me during that conversation have made a permanent imprint in my mind. He advised that This is how we make our money to which I stated that the way they were making money was neither fair nor just. The next few moments on the phone infuriated me. He proceeded to advise that You people are a trip, you fall behind on your payments and when we come to get the car you call in upset, with your sob stories Of course I was upset after all the car problems that Id experienced with the car Id purchased less than four months ago. I inquired on what Id need to do to get my car back and he advised me of the fees that I would be responsible for paying, which included the past due fee for my weekly car payment, a $300.00 fee payable to the repossession company, a $75.00 inventory fee payable to the repossession company, and a $120.00 payment for two payments to be made up front. He also advised that I would have twelve days to get my car back or else they would resell it and continue making money on it. I advised Frank Hayden that it would probably take me all of those twelve days to raise that amount of money to get my car back however he was not the least bit concerned with what happened to my car and his regard was made evident when he advised me that he could give a f*** what happens to my car and that he was tired of hearing about it and just like that the phone line went dead. Yes, after spewing such disregarding words to one of his customers, he slammed his phone down in my face. I immediately called back but was put through to his voicemail.

Around or about 10:50AM EST that same morning, I went to pick up a family friend to ride with me up to Prime Autos. I did this so that if anything occurred, I would have someone who could attest to what had taken place. When we arrived at Prime Autos, even though I was offended by Frank Haydens treatment of me during our telephone conversation, I was nothing short of respectful. I advised him that I was also a Customer Service professional and no matter how bad a day I have or how low I may think of someone, I would never ever speak to one of my customers or vendors in the manner that hed spoken to me. I also advised him that although I may have only been one of his customers, word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool and that I intended to inform all of my family, friends, co-workers and associates about this experience. Again, he was unfazed and he finally walked over to the window and shoved a piece of paper at me with a name and telephone number on it. With that, he slammed the window shut. He did not advise me of who this person was or why he gave me this telephone number. So I knocked on the window once more and when he finally opened it, I inquired on who this person was. He advised that You can call this number and pay $75.00 to get your stuff out of your car and once again he slammed the window shut.

Now, after all of this you would think he would have come back to the window to apologize for his treatment of me but he didnt do that. I knew then that I needed to do something. I immediately decided to file a complaint on the Better Business Bureaus website as well as filing a complaint on Rip Off Report dot Com. I also decided that I would be getting this letter out to as many media outlets as I could possibly reach.

My problem is not so much that Independent Credit had the car picked up for non payment because that is something that will be taken care of, it is more regarding their mistreatment of their customers. Prime Autos and Independent Credit prey on the lower and middle class people who may not have good enough credit to go to a larger Auto Dealership. They bring you in and treat you with all of the respect and courtesy in the world and then when they feel that they will be able to rid themselves of you, they begin to treat you like you are trash, for lack of a better word. I am disgusted by Frank Haydens behavior and just want to rid myself of him and his companys shady business practices. The only reason that I will be getting my car back is because I really do not wish to have a repossession on my credit report however I wish that I had a few thousand dollars lying around so that I could pay my car off and be done with Prime Autos, Independent Credit and Frank Hayden. I am a law-abiding, tax paying citizen who works hard for my money and when I make the decision to use my money for a large purchase such as buying a car, I demand to be treated fairly and with the same respect that I give to others.

Prime Autos, Independent Credit and Frank Hayden have showed me that they are nothing short of deceiving and crooked salespeople and deserve no more respect than common garbage themselves. I will be informing everyone that I come into contact with about my horrid experience with Prime Autos, Independent Credit and Frank Hayden and I sincerely hope that one day their customer service will get better because any customer service professional knows that it takes more than a product or service to keep a business thriving, it also takes excellent customer service.

Prime Autos, Independent Credit and Frank Hayden have been nothing but a huge and sad disappointment to me and I pray that they will realize it soon enough. Thank you for your time in reading my letter and I do hope that someone will be able to do something about this issue because I wont stop sending this letter until this company and its employees are bought to the light concerning their conniving business practices. These recent events have eroded my previous impressions and will continue to do so.


Danyce Leeje Naylor


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