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Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 at 8:42am CDT by c061a79a

Product: Dedicated server

Company: 1and1.com

Location: US

URL: http://1and1.com

Category: Other

We have 2 dedicated servers with 1and1, and one of our partners also has a server with them. We had trouble with 1and1 in the past and now our partner has had the same thing happen to them.

Although 1and1 "claims" 99.9% uptime, their tech support and response time is PATHETIC for a company of their size. We had a case where one of our servers was offline do to a Microsoft update installation. We were unable to access it with Remote Desktop. At first, trying to call the tech support phone number (the only way to get support because they have no online ticketing system) yielded no answer! The phone just rang and rang. After several hours I finally got through.

After dealing with the agent for about 30 minutes, he finally "escalated to the datacenter techs". They were to "send me an email when it was back online".

5 hours later and 10 more phone calls we still had absolutely no answer. We were not allowed to talk to the datacenter techs directly, and the agent said we would be back online within 24 hours!

Eventually I was able to resolve the problem myself by shelling in and terminating the installation that was running and preventing access to Remote Desktop. And I NEVER got any response from 1and1 afterwards.

A similar thing happened to us again about a month later in which we were offline due to a "technical problem" in their datacenter and again we had absolutely no response for hours from them. After almost 6 hours wer came back online.

Now our partner has been offline for almost 24 hours due to a "switch problem in their rack". They again get no answer from 1and1 other than "you need to wait until the techs contact you". (Which they never do!)

This has nearly caused our business to lose all our customers, as they depend on 99.9% uptime. Any more than 30 minutes offline really effects our customers. If your service is like ours, be aware that if you ever have a major problem with 1and1 and don't have a backup in another datacenter, you may be in SERIOUS trouble,


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