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Posted on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 8:19pm CDT by de52659d

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i ordered a wireless router from AT&T to be delivered 2nd day. This was on April 28th. Delivery attempts were made on the 1st 2nd and 3rd but no sticky note was left and I had no clue that any delivery attempts were made.

I didn't have the tracking number as AT&T didn't have it yet when we hung up.

I finally get the tracking number on May 7th. I'm told that delivery attempts were made and it's being held for pick up. A postcard was left. No postcard was left.

I'm told someone from the center will call me within the hour. I wait and don't get a call.

I call back on the 8th and 9th. Finally on the 9th, a friday, someone tells me the package will be on a truck for a monday delivery after 5pm.

I wait monday. No package. I call. Get lied to in the most bald faced blatant lies even a 5 yr old wouldn't buy. I'm blamed for not being there to receive the package. I'm blamed for not having the same name as the business the package is to be delivered to. I'm blamed for being a business. If I was a residence I'd have gotten my package by now. I'm blamed for being upset and this is why I'm not getting my package. If I were to not be upset then I would get my package.

I am told after 2.5 hours on the phone, being hung up on twice, once by a supervisor that the package will be on a truck for a 5pm Tuesday delivery.

Tuesday. I wait and wait. Finally I call and after another hour, being hung up on again I finally find out that the package was never put on a truck. It was a mistake and it will be put on a truck for a wednesday 5pm delivery.

Wednesday. I wait and wait. Finally I call and am told that it didn't get put on a truck. It will be put on a truck for a thursday 5pm delivery.

I'm a wreck. I've been lied to, hung up on, blamed, yelled at. These people have one purpose.... to deliver packages. They not only can't deliver packages but they can't handle it when they screw up.

I can't take much more of this. I needed this package 3 weeks ago. If I don't get this package tomorrow I think I'm going to short curcit. I'm barely holding it

together as it is.

What do I have to do???

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1427f0e8, 2008-05-22, 03:29PM CDT

I knew someone who had a friend who worked for UPS and that friend had sold him a very expensive laptop computer that he had pilfered from his delivery packages. His friend had two others for sale (for personal profit) as well -he was selling them for $500.00 apiece. I don't know if that is what happened to the item you ordered but if I were you I would first of all be sure to be calm, cool and collected in all your dealings, otherwise you will appear out of control and if you are yelling at the employees, they have the "right" to hang up on you, even though you have a legitimate reason to be upset. Secondly, I would ask for the names, first and last, of the employee you reach on the telephone (or an employee ID# if they refuse to give you their last name) and get this information prior to conducting any conversation at all. Write the date and employee name down, THEN begin the conversation. WHen you get a supervisor and they tell you again that your package will be put on a truck, just say something like "Okay Mr.Ms. __________, (their name),your office has told me this for a week now. You have just told me you HAVE my package because you otherwise could not PUT IT on a truck, and I am hereby informing you that I do not want you to put my package on a truck to deliver because I am coming to your office right now to to pick it up in person. If it is legal in the state you live in, as it is in some states wherein the law says "It is illegal to tape record telephone conversations without one party being aware of said tape recording - YOU are the one party in this case - then tape record your conversation. Then go to the UPS store to pick up your package and when you get there do not identify yourself, just ask for the person you spoke to on the phone (and tape recorded). When he/she appears,tell them who you are and that you have come to pick up your package per your telephone conversation. If they try to pull anything from there, then ask who THEIR boss is (calmly). Even supervisor's have bosses. Ask to speak to their boss. If they are not located in that office, ask for their phone number and address. I think you will get your package at this point but if not DO NOT mention the tape recording, it will help you to keep calm just knowing you have this secret weapon when you DO get in touch with their boss. If you do have to go that far, remain calm and even pleasant when you are able to speak to that boss and tell calmly with dates and names of all conversations you have had with the employees of that UPS branch, and that as proof you have a tape recording of the final conversation with so and so saying the package would be held there for you to pick up and a tape recording of when you went in to pick it up and were told once more (whatever is on your tape!). Goodluck. Let me know how it turns out at [email protected]

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