Miracle Mate USA Inc. - Scammed by Miracle Mate USA

Posted on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 9:48pm CDT by ba1a4d29

Product: Miracle Mate 2008 Platinum Edition

Company: Miracle Mate USA Inc.

Location: 3886 Hammer Drive
Bellingham,, WA, 98226, US

URL: http://wsww.miraclemateusa.com/

Category: Other

We received a telephone call from what they said was a survey company. They said they were calling to thank us for participating in a recent survey and wanted to get us our gift for our time. It was a $500.00 gift certificate for a shopping spree at the store of our choice such as Home Depot, Lowes etc. They said they would deliver the certificate personally and asked what time was good for us. Long story short, we made the appt. of which they had to reschedule twice on us and each time they rescheduled our gift went up $500.00.

The guy shows up and starts bringing out all this stuff, a large brief case, a box with "Miracle Mate" on the side of it. It was at that moment we realized what was happening. We had not participated in their survey, at least not yet!

He began his deal about the Miracle Mate and did his little demonstration etc. I must admit, the produce is really good. We ended up purchasing a $3,500 machine which I actually love. What our complaint is about is this:

1. They were dishonest in the way they got an appointment to come to our house by conning us with the fake delivery of our "Prize" for a survey we had not participated in.

2. At the end of his presentation and our purchase of this extremely expensive vacuum cleaner/Air purifier machine by Miracle Mate, he hands us three postcards which we have to fill out and send in for our actual $500.00 gift cards.

3. Today we recieved the first "gift card" in the mail. The return address on the envelope is from an address stamp you and I can buy anywhere, company is Miracle Mate USA in Bellingham WA. GREAT we finally got one, NOT! It is a flyer that instructs you to log on to their web site, www.selectyourgifts.com and choose your gift from a selection of items THEY have. At the bottom of the flyer is a make shift "$500.00 Gift Certificate" that expires in 120 days and for each item you "pick" you pay shipping and handling and a "one-time" $5.00 processing fee per order.

Needless to say, we were a little upset at the false advertising, con artist, scamming scheme we had fallen prey to. Now we can look forward to two more wonderful "$500.00 Gift Certificates" that we can choose from their wonderful gift web-site.

These companies need to be stopped and some how penalized for what they promise and don't deliver and how they lie to people to get an appt. to show their Miracle Mate product. This just shows that no one would let them come to their house if they said what they really wanted to do when they got there.


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3bda123d, 2008-06-17, 07:50PM CDT

i just received a miracle mate check for 4,995.00 and was told that they wanted me to be a miracle mate survey pro and that i could make big money doing so. that wanted me to go around to two places ( money gram & walmart ) and to survey them using some of the moneythey had sent. it looks like a real check and the way i found you was to google the address ( miracle mate usa inc at 3886 hammer drive, bellingham, Wa 98226 ) and this was a smart thing oin my part. i know that this is a scam but there is always people out there that have not a clue. i just hoope that this will be seen by others so the will not be scamed...

a96aae2d, 2008-12-17, 04:20PM CST

Thank you for the information. I got the call today and scheduled the appointment for tonight. Something didn't seem right so I started researching on line. Thank you for taking the time to describe the scam and spell it out for me. I knew there was a catch somewhere just not sure where it was. BTW--Now they do call first for a quick survey and say you are entered in a raffle. Then a few weeks later then call back and say that your name was picked and their reps are in the area and want to hand deliver it.

84ad0d16, 2008-12-24, 03:29PM CST


Same sorry here - false advertising and to boot the salesperson that showed up was a bit off. 1 hour plus into it I was sold but the guy kept going to the point he was moving all the furniture in my house so I could try it but doinf rather roughly. I asked him to stop and that I had seen enough and he then claimed I was freaking out, packed up and left before attempting an apology for making me feel uncomfortable in my own home. I was ready to buy when he refused to sell to me beacuse I had "freaked out" while he was moving my furniture and running in to artwork on the wall and sweating profusely and dropping drops of sweat around my house. Too bad as the product looks like s real winner. I never found out the price - so thank you.

Mark P., 2009-07-30, 11:05PM CDT

you got the best cleaning system in the world! quit your bitching.

Mark P., 2009-07-30, 11:08PM CDT

to miracle mate complainer

you got the best cleaning system in the world with an un-heard of thirty year warranty! quit your bitching.

46ce8788, 2009-08-19, 12:23AM CDT

I find it ironic you call this a scam. You received your gift. You get your $500 shopping spree. So you say it's a scam because you have to pay shipping. rofl

Well maybe its a scam because they didn't come to your door with a department store sized truck full of gifts for you to choose from.

If you complain to miracle, they may even covered your shipping too. It's a good company, with good honest hard working people. In good standing with the BBB

I have written several phone scripts over the years. And in my experience, people hear what they want to hear. Not what was actually said.

We've handed our thousands of these, with no complaints. And only happy customers. Hmm wonder why you are the only complaint in 5 years. 100000 happy customers, one (1) wining loser. Get a life please.

90b72f53, 2009-09-29, 10:30PM CDT

This is not a complaint.

I also got The Call. I figured nobody was going to give me carte blanche for $500, but was curious. They did mention the "Miracle Mate Air Cleaner" but wouldn't tell me more about it. I had to endure a 3-hr demo of what was really a vacuum cleaner, but the salesman was a nice guy, not high pressure. I was impressed with the different way the vacuum cleaner sucks, if true, and his demo seemed to prove it. It does it in such a way that it blows the dirt out of the way of more incoming dirt so the airway doesn't get clogged. I was also shocked to find out that my new Oreck vacuum cleaner only has a 2-3" hole to suck the dirt up through. (Advantaqes of the Oreck: headlights and a 30-ft cord; disadvantages of the Oreck: can't get under furniture and, if he's telling the truth about the way non-Miracle Mate vacs work well only until the dirt blocks the airflow, then the Oreck only really cleans for the first 5 min. of a new bag.)

The price of the Miracle Mate vacuum cleaner/air cleaner was an outrageous $2795. I gave him my best hangdog look and he said I could use my $500 shopping certificate as a straight trade, and also take off the entire $600 I paid for the Oreck (which he took away), and I forget what else, but we ended up at $1600, which is still a lot for a vacuum cleaner.

I told him I wanted to think about it overnight & would he leave the cleaner here? He had me sign a credit card charge slip, which he said he wouldn't turn in till he found out tomorrow whether I'm going to keep the vac.

So I can't speak for how well it works, whether it'll really clean the air in a room in 10 minutes, or whether their "dry" carpet cleaning system works (he did a demo but the "real" treatment involves putting their dirt-sucking microsponges on the carpet, rubbing it in, and letting it do its work and dry for 45 min, then vacuuming; We didn't have 45 min. but I had him do an area about 2x2 where my cats had thrown up), but just wanted to tell people how to get the price down.

I agree about the deception re the $500 shopping spree. Why don't they just show up at your door?

a5bfeea2, 2010-01-01, 06:11PM CST

"We've handed our thousands of these, with no complaints. And only happy customers. Hmm wonder why you are the only complaint in 5 years. 100000 happy customers, one (1) wining loser. Get a life please."

Wow, this is an embarrassing rebuttle. It is the most unprofessional customer service response I have ever seen!!! This comment only proves that this company sucks! First of all, it is absolutely impossible to be in business and have just 1 complaint out of 100,000 happy customers. Every reputable business has complaints and they do everything they can to make their customer happy! This doesn't sound happy to me....this points in neon lights SCAM! These people who are spending WAY too much on a vacuum cleaner should be treated with respect. It's so obvious that these people are being taken advantage of....I would love to kick the guys ass who sold my Mom this vacuum cleaner that overheats and last 10 minutes before shutting off and told on the 4th day that she only had 3 days to return it. Too bad for her??? No, too bad for Miracle Mate!!! I guarantee it!!!

e4d6740c, 2010-02-08, 03:48PM CST

I worked for this company for a bit of time and they scamed me out of my over time and fired me when I had a empolyee come to me and say she was being sexualy harazed by her supervisor! I reported it and the next day I was let go! there vacuum is just as good as any other out there! I wouldnt buy anything from these people. I am glad to see that customers are speaking out. I am sorry for any one that has bought a vacuum from them and i am sorry that for about tem months I was one of those people calling you all and trying to get you to let these sale people into your house.

cc7e98e5, 2010-02-17, 11:48AM CST

I so wish I had researched the Platimum Miracle Mate before letting that smooth talker into our home. We would not be out the $3000 plus that we are now. I started having buyers remorse fairly soon since my 80 year old husband is in early Alzehiemers and that money should be used for his long term care when that day comes. But we loved the idea of the damn thing. Unfortunately we did not give it a test run until after the 3 days right of recision was up. Since vacuuming is one thing my husband can still do for me he started out after I lugged it out of the closet, it is too heavy for this 72 year old women, and after just a few minutes he was complaining (something I hear too often)about the fact that the hose will NOT stay in the machine. I have artheritis in my hands and trying to get that hose on is very painful. Husband could't get it to stay on either. I called our salesman and he said it probably needs to loosen up and said he would come out the next day. He didn't. I left a not so nice message on his phone and when he did call we were leaving. I have not heard from him since. During our intro. he mentioned he had gone to seminary school and sucked us right in. If we loved the machine it would be easier to swallow the outrages price but due to its hose flaw we hate it and have only tried to use it twice. He took our newly refurbished Hoover away and we only have this behamith to use. Please don't be stupid like I was. Check it out.

cc7e98e5, 2010-03-08, 10:59PM CST

We didn't get a $500 shopping spree, we got a free big bottle of Gain Detergent. And a Vacuume that cost over 3K that has a malfunctioning hose.

dcb098e3, 2010-03-25, 12:57AM CDT

I really liked teh vacumm too but he was so hard pressure and I could just tell he was lying. It's a good vacum b ut they have a bad rep for being dishonest He told me he would get me business for my own buisness. Now how can he do that just all kind of false promises. MAkes you wonder about teh machine. FDoes it really do what they say?

46ce8788, 2010-04-29, 04:30PM CDT

Understand that virtually all complaints you see are from a competitor, operating a smear campaign. Don't trust online forums, always go to a reputable source. See Better Business Bureau. Miraclemate has an A rating with BBB.

All components are made in north america. Made in America for Americans. All our competition, is made in china. We are the finest quality machine in the world.

46ce8788, 2010-04-29, 05:03PM CDT

Understand that virtually all complaints you see are from a competitor, operating a smear campaign. Don't trust online forums, always go to a reputable source. See Better Business Bureau. Miraclemate has an A rating with BBB.

All components are made in north america. Made in America for Americans. All our competition, is made in china. We are the finest quality machine in the world.

52b94161, 2010-07-08, 08:56PM CDT

Gosh i hate hearing all this negative stuff about Miracle mate vacum...I paid $7.99 that is seven dollars and 99 cents at the salvation army store.my new miracle mate had attachments and bags with it tied in a bag to handle bar.Mine is doing great thus far ..but scared after reading all this I will shortly get stuck on the seven ninety nine...I am wondering with the price you guys paid what was this one that works great doing in the salvation army store... :-)

2ce12713, 2010-07-31, 03:25PM CDT

Well, I believe you fit the stereotype that P.T. Barnum spoke about.

46ce8788, 2010-08-23, 02:25PM CDT

I know the factory doesn't operate any door to door operations. So I find this to be untruthful.

I believe this is another smear campaign from a competitor.

I've sold all the machines on the market and Miracle is hands down the best, with personalized service.

Im just a salesmen

46ce8788, 2010-08-23, 07:40PM CDT

Miracle Mate USA does not sell door to door. Obvious smear by competitor

cfac43ed, 2010-09-09, 11:31AM CDT

We got the same sales pitch years ago. We liked the vacuum but I wasn't willing to go into debt to buy it. We were told we had responded to a survey but we never had. The man vacuumed a entry runner and it was a different color afterwards because he pulled up so much dirt. I'm sure he thought he had a sale. He even dropped the price to $1000 (again this was several years ago). He was very unhappy when I wouldn't buy. We did buy a used Miracle Mate several years later. I am very happy with the machine but I didn't go to Bellingham.

d175b2b0, 2010-09-11, 01:32AM CDT

Everyone please watch out for a guy named Patrick Allen, he is trying to sell miracle mate vacuums. This guy goes after older retired people and tries to scam them to buy a $3000.00 dollar machine, he prays on the weak, he will try to knock on doors and also try to set appointments via telephone.

he is in washington state

978e8b70, 2010-12-08, 02:17PM CST

Miracle Mate does not do any direct selling. They write contracts with independent companies. I bought a vacuum from one of those independent companies. They sold me a 30 year warranty that covered everything. When I went to get a part replaced I found they had gone out of business. I called Miracle Mate and they do not honor this warranty. They also said the independent distributor signed a contract not to sell this type of warranty. Here is the catch, the Miracle Mate supervisor said that they do not write access to customer data base into their contracts for the purpose of monitoring compliance to the contract. Bottom line - she admitted they purposefully wrote protection for themselves with virtually no protection for the consumer. My opinion: great vacuum, - lousy manufacturer business practices. Don't buy! Parts and service are too much of a hassle.

Mark P., 2011-01-26, 08:20AM CST

the Miracle Mate is a great system top to bottom, even BETTER than how it is presented! Out of business? You'd better re-check that. Miracle Mate USA is still in business and going strong.

0bb7b80c, 2011-02-02, 08:41PM CST

They are still doing the same thing. The only difference is now it's Wal Mart gift cards. Still gotta send for them.

46ce8788, 2011-06-30, 09:29PM CDT

Its a good machine. American made. Free gifts from anyone are usually not the best.

I find it humorous you actually expect tier 1 gifts. Some folks are just stupid I guess.

aa6860f3, 2011-11-14, 06:23PM CST

Just as discribed above the Sales was pitched and the salesman arrived to demo his " airfiltration system". The machine was VERY heavy, the hose wouldn't stay on(he said that was just because of the way he was deminstraing the machine and when used as normal would be fine), the machine was NOISEY,We couldn't hear what he was saying while the machine was runing. I can't imagine maintaining all the filters and bags on the thing.

Even after the price was brought down to $1000., we declined the purchase of the machine. The $200 gift certificate was up graded to $500! "Ops, I done have any of those left. I'll have to have my company send you one." as he packed his box and breafcase up he proceeded to throw HIS trash on top of the demo filters he left on our floor and left. My husband still has a headache from the "Aromatherpy".

As for the company not having door to door salemen, they had better investigate because someone is giving them a very bad rep. if they aren't working for the Miracle Mate USA Inc.

77c1efe0, 2012-01-06, 11:36PM CST

I was glad to find this information out here. I got a call this week, same pitch, I supposedly took a survey 6-8 months ago. (Would I remember that?) Differences, they never mention Miracle Mate, they said my name was "drawn" for a prize, $200 shopping spree which they will deliver to me and I would just need to look at their "airflow" machine and give an opinion. I asked what an airflow machine was, they said it was something that cleans the air. (Survey was supposedly about asthma and allergies, which I do have) They wanted an appointment ASAP so I agreed to next Monday, then asked where this "shopping spree" would take place. They told me the rep would give me a catalogue which I could select gifts from, "anything you would find in a department store".

I decided it was worth some research as I don't really believe in the free lunch. At this point, I think I will cancel out of the "appointment" as I already have a very overpriced Kirby vacuum, which achives sales in much the same way, minus the scam about how you won something. In that case, they also were willing to come down $thousands to make the sale, even had to call the "boss" to get approval for final price cut. Needless to say, I don't need another high $$ machine, unless I can ride it. LOL

Mark P., 2012-09-09, 06:13PM CDT

.. You complainers on this page ought to get a grip on reality.. I sold Miracle Mates for several years before going into business for myself in an un-related industry.. The distributors I worked for were the benchmark of honesty and integrity...

Merchandise and products have been sold in-home and door to door since the turn of the century, and it's the spirit of entrepreneurship, persistence and hard work that this country was built on- you know it and I know it, so recognize..

And so now you all get butt hurt because someone tried to sell you a vacuum cleaner?.. Wait a minute, the first lady who complained on this page actually BOUGHT the product- and then she has the nerve to complain about it?... She must have saw SOMETHING she liked!...

Hey! It's a free country, and no one put a gun to your head forcing you to let them into your house- and btw it's not against the law to sell vacuum cleaners.. Yet you demonize the hard working salesman and imply that un-ethical practices were perpetrated by an established, highly visible, high quality vacuum manufacturer? .. Get a life- or better yet, get a Kirby...

6ef12a8d, 2012-11-12, 03:37AM CST

The actual manufacturer doesn't sell the product. They sell them in bulk to "dealers". And then the dealers pile a bunch of losers together to sell them. And I hate to say that because I Was one of these 'losers' for quite a while.

I ended up getting laid off from very gainful employment so i turned to the internet to find a job. It Was a brief interview and I pretty much started immediately. At first, I didn't think anything of it. It was a decent temporary job. But over the course of time I started to see their shady tactics which inevitably led to me quitting.

I honestly dont have any gripes about the product. It was decent. It did what it was built to do. VACUUM. that's it. Don't get all caught up in the gimmicks of the presentation. That cast iron frame IS NOT the type of metal used on space shuttles... (some of them actually say that). They throw around a lot of terms like "Medical grade" and "hepa filter" to make the thing seem like a "Miracle". (Get it?) ... But after a while I realized i was selling nothing but a VACUUM. A very overpriced vacuum.

My job Was to do the presentation, pull dirt from every orfice of the house, and call my manager in. My managers name was Brian. An ex con, with missing teeth. He'd come in, and tell the customers that they desperately needed the Miracle Mate to preserve the health of themselves and their children. (Powerful stuff huh?)

Anyways, about a month later I was tired of going to retirement communities to sell little old ladies, so i started doing research on the legality of soliciting in areas where it was posted, and forbidden. Yeah, time to quit, lol.

Also, the tactics are sickening. They drive around looking for" Flags, Tags, and sea-hags" which translates to old people, old people with disabilities, and old military vets.

After I quit, I decided to buy a Miracle Mate for myself though. Because it is a good product. Got one on Ebay for $100! Do I recommend it? Yes! Do i recommend buying one from an ex-con with no teeth for $3500? NO.

In fact, do yourself a favor. Don't open the door to salesmen. Not even to tell them youre not interested. don't open. If tThe only way to get them to leave your neighborhood is to call the police before they find a vulnerable old lady. And be weary of the free gift bag! When I Was setting up appointments we were handing out blank Walmart and Target gift cards. I called to check the balance on one to see for myself.

And last but not least, if you want a Miracle Mate, buy one! They're awesome. Ivehad mine for 4 years. Just dont buy it from a price gouging door2door sales team. Get it BRAND NEW for $100. On ebay.

Hope this Was helpful

e1f66592, 2012-11-30, 11:48AM CST

Just thought I weigh in on the Miracle Mate. I was told it was an air filter not a vacuum cleaner. I'm waiting for the guy to show up now. I'll not be letting him in. I checked their BBB rating just a few minutes ago. It is an "F". I already have an overpriced vacuum. So glad I checked this out. Oh and yes the whole survey thing is still happening as well as a $200 gift card (like a credit card I'm told for use anywhere). I'm severly chemically sensitive so I'm always in the market for a good air filter system, but not a vacuum.

46ce8788, 2013-09-16, 08:24PM CDT

So I take advantage of seniors? Ex-employee i bet. I'm not with the Kirby van crew thank you. I rode with them 1 day and said this isn't for me. That crew was initially a Kirby Crew too by the way. They took advantage of Kirby, Rainbow, Patriot and Miracle. They were soon dispatched by all of the factories.

The only reason we'll run seniors at all is they are the only ones home during the day. My preferred appointment is 35-50 double employed. I wont run leads over 75. Just not worth it and they take twice as long to demo.

We sell for the same prices as all the quality vacs. I have sold all the quality vacs for

for nearly 30 years. Our mark up is the same as most industries after overhead. Miracle is the best of them. I sell them for the simple reason they have the highest closing % machine on the Market.

All die cast, with steal 2 stage blowers. We can hook them hose to hose with Kirby, suck its bag flat in half a second. German power heads and hose assemblies. Its better today than its ever been.

Whats a scam is these 50 hour department store machines they were getting $800 for those at one point. Clog lose power, blow dirt. Even $200 is ridiculous for that junk.

If your machine is overheating, its time to clean the filters. Unlike disposable vacuums you do periodically need to change filter and its a good idea to clean them out. This isn't your 1 year and throw them out kind of machine. Also the factory is there for you 9-3 M-F.

Take whats in these forums with a grain of salt. Anyone can post. Who know what their alterior motive is. You should consult your Better Business Bureau. Miracle is the best rated machine in the industry with the BBB. A+ need I say more.

46ce8788, 2013-09-16, 08:45PM CDT

flags tags and sea hags is the seedier side. That crew has long since been dispatched. They took advantage of everyone, including the factories and distributors they worked for.

Ya you can probably pickup a 20 year old flood machine on ebay. They are all sold as is. I bought 6 at once. Vowed I'd never do it again.

46ce8788, 2013-09-16, 08:52PM CDT

It should be pointed out that none of the post here are from the Miracle Mate Factory. So saying our customer service is bad based on one over zelous young noob rep who probably doesn't work for miracle anymore is baseless.

See Miracle Mates BBB. A+

46ce8788, 2013-09-21, 10:11PM CDT

Vortech sell for $6300, does a giveaway to $4500. They aren't half the machine the Miracle is.

46ce8788, 2014-08-31, 09:53PM CDT

I did a search on Kirby complaints. 2 million hits.

10519549, 2015-11-05, 05:50PM CST

Bought my Miracle Mate 20 years ago for $1500, before the MM I went through 8 vacuums at $200 a piece in the same period, including Hoovers. The electric switch on the MM broke this week and was forced to buy a Shark for $250 for backup. Sorry but the MM is best machine for the money. Worked ten times better than the Shark. Only Kirby vacs made before 1970 are comparable.

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