RCN - RCN horror story

Posted on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 at 2:20pm CDT by 1b80be8f

Product: RCN bundle - phone, internet, cable

Company: RCN

Location: US

URL: http://rcn.com/

Category: Other

I would like to express my dismay and horror at the services that I received from RCN customer service and other departments. I called to add additional telephone lines to my service. I wanted either to port a number from Verizon or use a number that I already had with RCN. It took me more then a month to do this and dozens and dozens of call to RCN. Although very polite, customer service personal was incompetent, completely non-helpful, wrong in most occasions, and distractive by disconnecting my main number that I had for 7 years with RCN.

Many times I spent as long as 4 hours on the phone with RCN being transferred from sales department to customer service to tech support to local care and back to sales dept. Often the representatives hang up or just transferred me to others so I had to start over again. Not a single time I was transferred to a supervisor after my demand. Either supervisor was unavailable or I was transferred elsewhere to a new representative to start over. Many of RCN customer service people assured me that everything is going to work in a short while but that was clearly a lie. Virtually nothing was done correctly and nobody seems to understand me.

Particularly offensive were two people from Local Care who did not respond to any of my requests and numerous calls: Michelle at extension 1167 and Bob at extension 1135. Bob originally promised a promotional deal that will lower my bill and promised an increase of $10 per every additional line. Even with third party verification RCN backed out of this deal. In stead my bill was increased by more than $200.00 per month.


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