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Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2008 at 11:57am CDT by 7077b02b

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Scott's products for sale at places like Home Depot are fine, but avoid the fertilizing lawn service unless you want to get trapped into it like a bad cell phone company! We signed up for the service for the summer, and I was very clear with the sales person that I only wanted to try it for the summer. I was told it was X number of fertilizations, and that it would cost me X dollars over the summer.

I was very optimistic about the whole service.

My lawn was actually worse than when I used to apply the fertilizer myself. More weeds, yellow grass, voles, and I'm pretty sure they missed some large areas of my lawn that I was very clear to point out to the sales rep when quoting my yard. Regardless, I learned my lesson so I had my wife contact the company and cancel the service in the fall.

In the spring of this year they came out and fertilized our lawn, even though we didn't ask them to. We called them back and told them that we only signed up for service for last year. They refused to take the charges off the bill, and claimed that they never received a cancellation. When my wife called to complain they badgered her to the point of tears. When I called they again said they had no record of the cancellation, and claimed that it was "clearly" explained that the service would continue. Nothing was even remotely clearly explained about that. They never called and confirmed that we wanted service to continue!

I had called twice to ask to speak to a manager, and got a call from her (Kim) a MONTH later! She made the same claims, we never cancelled, it was clearly explained, etc.


Don't sign up for these crooks, go with TrueGreen or something or even better just buy a spreader and do it yourself.

My lawn is full of dandelions and voles.

Thanks Scott's!


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551ca2e0, 2008-08-05, 01:24PM CDT

Ina word: Scott's Lawn Service STINKS!!!! I too have weeds, and was told the other day I have Japaneese beattles in 2 trees. I have called 5 times to find out which trees are affected by these bugs. No response from anyone from Scotts. I wouldn't be fooled by the Scott's reputaion or ads.

They are not a professional, customer focused company.

cfde1209, 2008-09-01, 12:58AM CDT

I actually worked for Scotts Lawn Service, located in Runnemede, NJ. Scotts has been around for years and have built their brand name. However, having worked for the company, I've seen the inside scams that Scotts Lawn Service operates on.

Scotts Lawn Service is run by individuals empowered by greed, authority and manipulation. I've witnessed how Scotts Lawn Service hired many individuals off of the street, with no certifications or professional backgrounds, to provide lawn care for hundreds of paying and loyal customers.

I also witnessed how some of the technicians would "ghost" a customers lawn. When I use the term "ghost," I am referring to when a technician pretends to provide service on a customers lawn (whether the customer was at home or not) and deceptively leaves them a bill! I found this outrageous, as there were tons of calls from customers wondering why weeds were still growing on their lawns, their lawns were dying and turning brown, or even new problems would surface on their lawns.

Scotts Lawn Service denied many refunds, credits, corrective services, etc, to deserving customers who DID NOT get what they were paying for. The management staff running Scotts Lawn Service knew what was taking place, yet they sat by idlely and watched as customer service battled with upset customers, while throwing the "Service Agreement" in the customers' faces and quoting things that the customer did not really understand to begin with. All every customer wanted, was a good-looking, green lawn, like Scotts Lawn Service promised in the beginning through deceptive advertising.

Overall, many customers who trusted Scotts Lawn Service, where cheated out of their money. And, in this rough economical time, the last thing anyone needs is "lawn care."

I witnessed, first-hand, how greedy and "shady" of a company Scotts Lawn Service has become. I sincerely hope that they are put out of business for their lawn care scams.

There was even a case that was conducted by the EPA, which identified Scotts Lawn Service as not properly registering some of their lawn care products. The staff at the Scotts Lawn Service branch in Runnemede, NJ, were told to follow a script to persuade customers that there was no real concern. Consequently, working for the company, I knew that there was something wrong.

The actuality of the EPA situation, was that Scotts Lawn Service formulated a harsher chemical to try to deal with some lawn issues, as a result of some ineffective products. Scotts intentionally did not register the product(s) in an attempt to "test" their effectiveness on lawns. Scotts was hoping that they would not get caught...but they did. However, they found a legal way to elude the accusation against them.

For all those who use Scotts Lawn Service, I suggest you leave them now because they are simply stealing your money. They do not care for lawns the way they used to years ago and they have a staff of people who do not care. All they seem to care about is money, and the staff of Scotts Lawn Service are trained to get you to believe whatever they want.

I no longer work for Scotts Lawn Service and I am greatful. To this day, I believe that the Scotts Lawn Service branch in Runnemede, NJ continues to operate this way.


After the EPA issue was discovered, all of a sudden many customers were calling the Scotts Lawn Service office where I worked, to complain about their lawns being "burnt-looking." Lawns were said to be completely dead, after they were better off before they were treated by Scotts Lawn Service.

The unregistered Scotts Lawn Care products seems to have destroyed many lawns throughout the Delaware Valley. The Scotts Lawn Service branch located in Runnemede, NJ was even receiving calls from customers of the Scotts Lawn Service branch in Delaware.

The customers calling from Delaware, were complaining about the same things and the staff of the Delaware branch were evading calls and sending them to Runnemede, NJ, where the scam was to be addressed. The management staff knew exactly what was going on and were only focused on protecting the company's assets, rather than doing the right thing for it's loyal and dedicated customers.

For customers of the Scotts Lawn Service branch, located in Runnemede, NJ, here is a set of individuals to contact to cancel your service or address your concerns:

Serina Miller - Customer Service Supervisor

Josh Willey - General Manager

James Boughton - Field Supervisor

Physical Address:

Scotts Lawn Service

165 E Ninth Ave

Runnemede, NJ 08078

Phone: (856)-312-0480

I sincerely hope that the information that I've provided helps stop the consumer scamming from Scotts Lawn Service.

ed3c7028, 2009-11-05, 12:34PM CST

I was optimistic too... until I called two or three times to get a credit issued, was told I would certainly get a call back, and NO ONE called me back.

Then I cancelled the service (haphazard & misplaced applications resulting in burnt grass & continuing weeds; charging incorrect amts) via phone, and told them to be sure not to send anyone out for the upcoming lawn service that was due in the next week. Sure enough, they sent someone out & charged me.

I called and they said they had no record of me calling to cancel! I had to talk to the mgr who was kind enough to credit the acct fully and CLOSE it. For pete's sake.... I haven't run across customer service this poor in a long time...

8a98c7ec, 2010-01-28, 10:48AM CST

I have an interview for a sales position at the Runnemede location. How are they paid?

74a620a1, 2010-04-19, 11:20AM CDT

I had the same problem with TrueGreen. We signed up for one season and they kept coming back and leaving bills on the door! We had to threaten to sue! Now, we are with a different company. It seems that all of the lawn care companies follow the same unethical manner of servicing and billing without permission. I highly recommend that when you sign up, you require them to receive verbal confirmation before each and every treatment. They put it on your order and it prevents them from showing up whenever or coming back the following year. It won't, however, improve the condition of your lawn.

Good luck!

4908ef8e, 2010-07-06, 04:40PM CDT

I agree that they are a scam. Never sign up them. I have Scotts Lawn services for nearly one year. Last months I noticed areas of brown patches couple of days after the chinch bugs control was sprayed twice in 8 days. When I called the branch manager and try to explain the damage, he became very rude, blamed me and my yard cutting services for the damage. He kept defending himself, cutting me while I was trying to explain the damage, and extremely unprofessional. Finally he told me that he was coming over to inspect the lawn himself, but he did not show up. When approached on the phone few days later, he told me that he did not say that he was coming right away and he will come in next few days. He never showed up for inspection and never called me. My lawn has more ant-hills than last year even after the two pest control treatments. I was charged a hefty sum for those treatments.

I think this company has a bunch of unprofessional people specially their Orlando brach manager. Before you sign up with them, think twice. They are expensive, and you would think, you pay more money and get better service, but all what they do, try to get you signed up for more services, tree and shrubs, pest control, aeration. More means to keep you paying them, but no positive results and rude customer service.

6f85fc81, 2011-02-12, 01:05PM CST

I no longer use scotts i tryed them for 1 year 2010 to 2011 january ,I received a bill from a collection agency for 104.00 the remainder of my service that was done in november 19th 2010 aerating and seeding service which they called me as a end of the season special and that i would have 3 months to make payments on this service .I was making payments for 100.00 to 150.00 monthly,i started getting routine phone calls that my bill was past due and they started charging me interest on this i called to clear the matter that i was told i had 3 months to make payment in full for a total of 350.00 The agent told me there was a mistake and would credit my account for the interest charges and to disregard the annoying computerized phone calls its now january 30th not even 3 months yet and i received a notice from the collection dept from scotts that i was 60days past due and no payments were made which i have records of in my online banking as well as there invoice shows payments of credits made ,am i missing something here they deleted my account asap so there was no evidence of activity of payment ect why i don't know .I have never dealt with such a more un professional company such as this no communication to me at all i was an outstanding customer to them and gave them a great deal of business throughout the year,but all i had to go on was a verbal aggrement and that was were i made the mistake with them always get things in writing,I thought they had a good reputation but from my neighbors and talking to them they have been having the same problems,Becareful if you choose this company there are alot of more reputable local companys out there that will treat you with more respect and have much better professionalism. Good luck what a slap in the face I have never been sent to a collection agency in my life especially for 104.00 .Thanks for reading.

daeb4f16, 2012-05-04, 06:30AM CDT

to the person starting at Scotts in sales....dont. you'll hate every second of it and you'll be pressured to "hard close" potential you'll be making promises that the production staff can't/won't keep.

in response to the main article here. proper watering is the key. also choosing right seed type as it relates to geographic conditions. My personal opinion is that you should never use a lawn care company, especially a national one. Go with a local landscape maintenance company that does everything "in house"; mowing, pruning, fertilizing, weed control, irrigation management. The large and medium lawn care companies have no stake in you. They budget to lose 25% of their customers every year. They are rife with staff turn around, from the middle management positions on down. Once you do find somebody who'll do the right thing....they'll be fired in no time. Technicians at the majors practice what is called "ghosting", in which they either "half-rate" the product going down or simply don't make an application at all, write you up an invoice stating they DID make the application and then take it back to their boss at the end of the day as completed work. Don't go with TruGreen...Scotts and whole lot of other bigger companies are well-stocked with former TruGreen personnel and they all act the same; they treat their customers and their staff like shit. Read a few books and do it yourself....the exercise is great. If not, hire a company that can manage your whole property. Yes, they will employee hispanics and guess what?! Those folks will work circles around any white guy. Period.

f9b130cd, 2012-10-01, 10:43PM CDT

Scotts Lawn Care Service in Mishawaka Indiana is a fraud. We had Scotts taking care of our lawn early this spring. We were not satisfied with the results, so after the late spring application, we cancelled. However, a few months later, we received a bill from them for $111.37. We never had any service slips on our door or mailbox. Never had any signs put in our yard to indicate that they had come out. Both my husband and I called to let them know that they had made a mistake. We had no written contract with them, nor did we even receive the June treatments from them. I explained that I would not be paying for services that I did not want, did not ask for and did not even receive. I called the manager and explained that it was an error on their part and that I would not pay, he stated he would need to have his manager call me, who called to tell me he was checking into it and would call me back-after waiting over 30 days I never heard back from him.

Today, I received a letter from a collection company indicating that they are trying to collect for Scotts, ridiculous. I refuse to be bullied into paying for services that I did not receive. I have made every effort to resolve this "nicely" with them, but it has gotten me nowhere. Now, I have a negative mark on my credit rating for a problem that was not my fault.

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