Probably WinRAR, also Paypal - Blog Blaster Hoax

Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at 10:56am CDT by b4f454f7

Product: Downloadable Internet Software

Company: Probably WinRAR, also Paypal

Location: unknown
unknown, Ca, unknown, US


Category: Other

Through PayPal (account Plimus 4029357733 ca) and my Mastercard I purchased and down loaded Blog Blaster, a program that said it would allow me to put my "ad on 2 million websites" but what I got was WinRAR.exe, an archive management program that had no way at all of sending ads to anyone. I was flooded with other people's ads until I deleted WinRar.exe. Before that I complained to BlogBlaster and was told to read the instructions, and I did. These said nothing about how to put my ad on any website. I complained to PayPal and this organization said "Wait and see." Nothing has happend to rectify the situation. I am now asking Mastercard for a refund but I can never be compensated for the time wasted deleting junk mail.

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0f08b636, 2010-11-22, 10:19AM CST

I ordered and never recieved my credit card refunded for the amount of $39.95. the order was put in on 11/11/10. please help me to get refunded. my order was put on my master card...

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