American Express - AMEX closed my account -- all bills were paid on time!

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2008 at 4:50pm CDT by 19979581

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I received a call today that all 3 of my accounts (including my business account) have been canceled. The representative said it was because of 5 returned payments. I asked what that meant because I've been paying my AMEX bills at for the last 6 months with no problems. I go online, click the date for the payment, and hit send. Then the money is taken out of my bank account. I was not notified of these "returned payments" until 3 days ago when my card didn't work while I was buying something. I called in and they said I had a returned payment, and then they used the information I have online to send the payment and it worked.

So, whatever is making the returned payments disappears a few days later and the payments went through fine. The account has plenty of cash, so there's no way it was a problem with my balance.

This is some kind of computer issue that magically resolves itself and now they've canceled my accounts and I won't get a call back for up to 4 days since they don't call on the weekends and today is Friday.

The representative said there is no way to uncancel the accounts... This is absurd!!!! I've been a customer for 15 years and have always paid my bill on-time and in full. And the business account was fine but they canceled in anyway.

They should have at least warned me of these issues before canceling my account, and they better compensate me for the 100,000 miles that I have on the account.

Not only do I have to switch cards, but I have to update the records of almost a 100 online places where I buy things. Not only for my personal, but my business account too.

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7f27d1ce, 2010-06-28, 02:23PM CDT

I had the same problem... their answer is (there is nothing we can do about it) ....

RE: AMEX SUCKS... I have been an AMEX PLATINUM card holder for over 35 years my credit is inmpecable ... well until now. that amex decided to cancel my account based on human error (BUT THEY DONT CARE)... I have all the other Centurion cards and some Guatemalan co-branding cards with AMEX... I have always paid on time. I have insurance on my GOLD Centurion CARD which they charge every month. I had not used this card for a while and since I'm always traveling I had not seen statements, but since I don't use the card I did not realize that their insurance was running up the bill and making the account overdue... I called on the 22 to pay all my other cards and they girl I spoke to brought to my attention the fact that there was a balance due on the GOLD card... I paid it IN FULL... and on the 23rd they Cancelled all my cards. I have spoken to every Customer service representative I have been able to asking to speak to a manager of some sort who could help and her ANSWER WAS IM SORRY SIR ... THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO!!!! (SUPERVISOR EMPLOYE SHERYL HEINE PHOENIX ARIZONA OFFICE)



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