ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL - Yet Another Ebay Seller Who Left Me Poor Feedback Out Of Spite!

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2008 at 2:38am CDT by c9174a66



Location: 4570 S. Federal Blvd. Unit D ENGLEWOOD, CO. 80110


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I purchased a net from, who also sells on Ebay. I ordered a Tailgate Net for my truck. The auction listed that the item was an "Easy Install". When the item arrived, it was NOT an Easy Install, it required drilling. Drilling would void my $700 Bed Liner warranty. I contacted the seller, but they didn't reply back. So I just left them NEUTRAL feedback. Not Negative, just NEUTRAL. The feedback just stated "Never Mention Drilling. I Can't Use The Gator Net. Will Void Bedliner Warranty." No mean or rude comments, just facts. A few days later they left me Neutral feedback as well. blaming me for the problem. Even though I lived up to my end of the deal. How hard would it have been to list "DRILLING NEEDED?" And how can I ask for help, when ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL doesn't bother to return emails?

These Dead-Beat Ebay sellers keep doing this to us honest customers! If we have a problem, then voice it through the Ebay Feedback process, and they don't like it; then they will just do the same back to us. Regardless of the fact that our part of the transaction were met. Now can understand if I went out of my way to lie, bash, and not even bother to pay for the item I won. Then Negative feedback is warranted. But just because I was mislead by an item description, then ignored when asking for help. How is this my fault? What right does the seller have to leave me poor feedback. I have contacted 5 of these buyers who were also left Uncalled-For feedback after they voiced their problems, and they said that ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL refused to remove their feedback unless the buyers removed theirs. This is a warning to all of you. If you buy from ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL, and they mislead or rip you off, expect a petty Negative feedback in return. Check out their feedback. They have received hundreds of Negative and Neutral Feedbacks, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FEEDBACKS HAVE BEEN MET WITH A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IN RETURN. How is this fair? IT'S NOT!! BUT HORRIBLE SELLERS LIKE ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL DON'T HONOR THE RULES OF EBAY! Ebay was suppose to be in the works of preventing this, but so far no luck. So my perfect feedback is ruined, yet again. And the only way they will remove the feedback is if I remove my first. How is that fair????

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da8cc9ff, 2008-05-15, 12:36PM CDT

He was asked to call which he never did. We work very hard to take care of our customers. We have a 99.7 positive rating. We do not have hundred of neg feedback as he claims we have 185 and 62865 positive.

We are not able to resolve if they do not call as asked.

Many of the feedback state:

Excellent Seller.. goes above the rest with customer satifaction.. Thank You

Here is one email we sent to him:


Ebay asks that you try to resolve before leaving feed back. You did not

call us or try to resolve this issue before you left feedback. We

prefer to take care of our customers if they contact us first we are

able to do this.

We have already refunded your paypal account and you kept the product. As

most seller would do if contacted 1st. However before leaving poor

feedback next time you may want to try to resolve the issues 1st.

Sorry for any confusion.

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