1800mattress.com (Dial A Mattress Operating Corp.) - No Bed of Roses with 1800mattress

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at 10:53pm CDT by ba849840

Product: Sealy Islandia Plush - Set

Company: 1800mattress.com (Dial A Mattress Operating Corp.)

Location: 31-10 48th Avenue

URL: http://www.mattress.com/

Category: Other

I recently purchased a mattress set from 1800mattress.com. Using a combination of their live chat and telephone, I selected my set and they billed me that night. They said that I would need the cards to provide a rubbing for authorization of purchase upon delivery. At the time of delivery, they attempted to charge me again. They eventually did charge me twice, taking the money from my debit card. After spotting the problem, I arranged with my bank a conference call to clear up the situation. That day, the problem was seemingly taken care of and the right charges were made to the right places. HOWEVER, today I just found out that they had made ANOTHER charge of my debit card, illegally taking money without the proper authorization or my approval, effectively charging me double the original amount. When I called to clear up the situation, I was met with some of the nastiest customer "service" I have ever experienced in my life. After the problem was seemingly cleared up again, and I was told that all the proper charges were made and that I had been credited back the wrongfully charged moneys and the money would be in my account. I checked my bank statement several hours later to discover that the money WAS NOT credited back. I called AGAIN and was told that the paperwork was submitted to the finance department and that they'd get to it in 3 or 4 business days. My account is still short the money which was illegally taken!

They state on their website that they are proud of their "high level" of customer service and that they treat all their customers "honestly and fairly". I have yet to experience this.

Needless to say, this experience has been no bed of roses and I will NEVER buy another mattress from them again!


53bd16f8, 2009-01-10, 07:56PM CST

I too was shipped many defective Simmons mattresses-all with the same problem - sagging in the center.I t was told the last one would be a final sale and I accepted since I had no other recourse to get a bed replacement. However once again I have one of the SImmons Specials- defective mattresses that they seem to ship to 1-800- mattress.

Customer service will not return my calls- I have called over the last 4 weeks multiple times. They think I am crazy & I don't blame them- however the mattresses are defective & I have spent well over 3000.00 to date with them.

I purchased many beds in the past from this co. with no ill effects.

The new customer service mgr will not return my phone call. I am out over 3000.00 and still have a mattress that caves in the middle.

Is a court action the only way to get satisfaction??

a6e36b7e, 2009-08-22, 05:57PM CDT

I live in the Long Island City area and frequently drive near the 1800mattress warehouse. In the front of the warehouse is stacks and stacks of old box springs and mattresses picked up off the streets.

I would always see vans drivng around with old used mattresses on top, now I know where they take them!

1800mattress uses these mattresses!

I have heard alot of bed bug and sagging mattress stories about this company. NOW YOU KNOW WHY!!

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