Dataline LLC - Scam Mailing Lists Do NOT Fall For It!

Posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at 10:35am CDT by c458eec9

Product: Mailing List

Company: Dataline LLC

Location: P.O. Box 7348
Omaha, NE, 68107, US


Category: Other

This company promises you big money to mail out their get promises of cash in the mail and they offer a money back guarantee which is a big only get your money back if you send back the address labels unused that's like going to the store buying a vaccum cleaner..not taking it out of the box and taking it back and saying it doesn't work give me back my money..I complained to the BBB and their (Dataline) response was to send me a letter saying "they obeyed my wishes and removed me from their mailing list and they had erased me completely from their databases"..duh they claim they wiped away all proof they ever did business with me except I have proof we did business and they cheated me out of my money..they also sent me a refusal letter (wtf) saying they would not let me have a mailing list..where did that come from? I never requested any such thing..they are now trying to discredit me..and it wont work..I can prove what I say is true can they?..all I wanted was my $50 they scammed me out of..and suddenly they come up with all this bs..these people are dishonest these two letters prove it..and I plan on telling everyone online and offline..DATALINE IS A NOT send $1 to each person ($6 total) to anyone on their NOT order 200 or more address labels from them..(they will honor the first set of RTS you mail them, but then they'll hold onto the second set you send them and claim you sent them in too late..)do NOT make copies of their letter and flyer at your own NOT buy 200 postage stamps and do not sit at home waiting for that $ that will never come..they will make money on the address labels you wont make any $...this is my story..I hope others will learn from it!!


c458eec9, 2008-05-20, 02:29PM CDT

Ok here's a follow up..I heard from the BBB and they asked (I kid you not) "are you satisfied with Datalines response?" my answer was of course HELL NO...ok so I didn't put it that way what I did say is duh, no they did not address my request for a return of my initial fee of $45 which was all I was asking for..instead they accused me of requesting my own mailing list (which is major bullshit) and stating they denied this..they also stated they removed me from their databases..what does that prove? I still have my letters from in essence they are still in MY database! If I don't get my $45 back I will hound Dataline until I do!

c458eec9, 2008-06-02, 01:18PM CDT

Well it worked..I didn't get the $45 I requested to my surprise they sent me a check for $49.50..I just hope it doesn't bounce! I wont respond to the complaint again until I make sure the check is good..if not I will lodge a whole new complaint!! They also sent me copies of the two letters idea where that came from!

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