Radisson Hotel - Radisson Hotel--a terrible experience

Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2008 at 4:49pm CDT by 044607bc

Company: Radisson Hotel

Location: King of Prussia, PA, US

Category: Other

My husband and I stayed one night at the Radisson Hotel in King of Prussia (Valley Forge), Pennsylvania. It was not a pleasant stay and we won't go back.

(1) The maid tapped on the door the night we checked in (I'm not sure why she'd need to enter an occupied room in the evening). Thinking it was my husband I immediately went to let him in. In the 3 seconds it took for me to be at the door, the maid had already unlocked the door and barged in. I'm glad I wasn't undressed or having an intimate moment with my husband!!!

(2) Time for bed. No hot water, even after several minutes of running the tap. My husband let it run for 15 minutes the next morning and it never got above room temperature.

(3) At check-in the previous day we were given a coupon for a free breakfast buffet the next morning. My husband left early the next morning for a meeting and I went down to have my buffet. I showed my buffet coupon to the woman at the cash register and was then seated by the waiter. Not feeling real hungry I had some juice and a small bowl of fresh fruit. I then headed out of the restaurant but stopped to toast a bagel to eat in my room. As I left the restaurant, the cashier called over to me--MaDAM! MaDAM!and informed me that I had not paid for the bagel. What?! It isn't included in the buffet? I asked. Oh, no, MaDAM! she said... (She was French--maybe that explains everything.)...and I must charge you because I'm being watched on closed-circuit TV. Not wanting to make a bigger scene than she had already made I paid the $3.75 (!!!) for the stupid bagel and went to my room, where I then called the front desk to complain. Perhaps if you had ASKED THE WAITER to bring you a bagel you would not have been charged, I was told. What?! I have to wait around for the waiter to come by, then place the order with him instead of walking the few feet myself to prepare it the way I wanted it? I asked for the manager's name and contact information then prepared to email him my complaint. The phone rang. It was the general manager who had just been informed of the problem by the front desk. How can we make it up to you? he said. Just take the price of the stupid bagel off of our bill, I said. That's all. He agreed to do so right away and apologized for the inconvenience. As we drove away later that morning I asked my husband if our bill indicated the small credit for the bagel. It was not there. Apparently, my complaint was not taken seriously. It wasn't about the bagel. It was about being put in an awkward, uncomfortable, and/or embarrassing position three different times in 12 hours! Choose another hotel. Stay away from this Radisson (the tall round one)where your comfort is not the staff's priority.


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