2-10 home warranty - 2-10 home warranty (run away) would be client!

Posted on Sunday, May 11th, 2008 at 8:11am CDT by 12fabb90

Product: home warranty

Company: 2-10 home warranty

Location: 10375 e harvard ave suite 100
denver, co, 80321, US

URL: http://www.2-10.com/

Category: Other

Failure to live up to contract and or professionaly resolve despute.

Dishwasher, broke - called company sent a subcontractor out.

contractor said it was un repairable.

2-10 states that I not them have to go tru the kitchen-aide because kitchen aide has a lifetime warranty on this product. 2-10 said they will pay 200 USD towards labor cost. Kitchenaide said in no way is the product covered under warranty as I am not the original owner. ( I CONFIRM THIS AS TRUE! ). 2-10 then treats me like im lying to them about this information, I encourage them to contact kitchenaide them self which they don't do. I once again contact kitchen aide and get them to email a denial letter, forward it to 2-10 home warranty still with no resolve in the mean time I can't even get rid of the broken dishwasher in the event that someone some day wants to repair it!. Horrible coustumer service a complete and deliberate refusal to honor contract. Save your self hours and hours of frustration and disapointment.


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