WU-YI tea and Living Lean - WU-YI tea and Living Lean ripoff

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 12:20am CDT by 31864f68

Product: Weigh loss products

Company: WU-YI tea and Living Lean

Location: Our International Address: Vasilissis Freiderikis 33, 1st Floor P.L. 1066, Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia, Cy, CY

URL: http://www.wu-yisource.com/

Category: Other

I ordered a trial order of tea from WU-YI tea. When I ordered the tea, it also set me up with a free trial of Living Lean. This is an internet resource for information on losing weight. I could not use the tea, because it was too high in Caffine. I called and canceled my membership. I also had to send an email to cancel any future orders. What I did not realise was that I also had to cancel the Living Lean trial membership seperately. They continued to bill my debit card for $19.95 a month for 4 months. I believe this is a scam. The memberships were tied together when ordering the tea. Canceling the tea should have canceled both memberships or at least given me an option to do that.These two companies are intertwined and our using a technicallity to rip people off. This gives a whole new meaning to the old adage " Buyer Beware!". I called and now have Living Lean cancelled. I told them that I felt that they had been stealing money from me since January. They seemed unconcerned.


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81de6d02, 2008-06-23, 02:09PM CDT

I have been taking wu-yi tea for three months and I cannot say that I have lost significant weight. I too was scammed by the link between living lean and the tea itself. Had I not can. canceled my tea order, I would have never known I was being charged for a service I had no idea existed. I mean really "is this stated in the agreement when we order the tea?" I don't recall to be honest.Just pay close attention when confirming your order. I feel I was ripped off. The tea is 39.95 a month plus an additional 19.95 for the living lean service. I wouldn't mind if it worked....It didn't and I didn't even use the living lean I didn't know existed.

eee7df28, 2008-07-11, 01:06PM CDT

This just happened to me. I order the tea from WU-YI cancelled the membership because of the high caffine content. Just found out I have been billed by Living Lean. I thought unethical practices were against the law. I guess they forgot to tell the scammers!

9cf387f7, 2009-02-12, 05:32AM CST

I NEVER ordered this tea but some how they got my credit card number. The company is located in Cyprus and I have only an 800 number for them which tells me nothing about the company. I am having the Fraud Police investigate this.

6581b228, 2009-06-17, 03:43AM CDT

This tea thing is truly a rip off it's not easy getting to actually speak to someone. i think i'm going to the bank and refuse to pay i can sell them some tea i figure i'll be drinking alot of ice tea,and so will anybody else that stops by lol lol really it's not funny but i have to make lemonade out of tea bags.i got ill and they kept sending them but really the only way to let them know that they will be exposed,4 their very inappropiate consumer relations.i'm so sick of people and the bulls%#t that's served.and anything to do w/weight loss 4-get it. they've actually just played on our intelligence.because as much as i've read some of the other complaints it's the buisness side that seems to be the main event,not the product they at sell it's the greed that they require,continuing to send when u no longer have a need or want no more than the trial period.it's your choice!!!! bottom line!!!! now i'm all for troubleshooting. unity brings upon strengh.so i'm going 2 contact the bank tomorrow and i know that i will be charged . rather 1 time pymt then a monthly shipment along w/what ever co. they have merged w/to send u the other bottle of whatever that's good 4 u as well.and u will pay because we have your credit card from trying tea ,u all got lean living i got green tea energy tablets but i have thyroid diease and i can't just take anything!!!! so i'm w/u on this issue please contact me i'm in riverside calif and their in cyprus ca. they can be picketed i've picketed other more worldy subjects and was very successful,all has to be right w/in the law and 2 the point.all these places need a wake up that the people should have other laws to protect ourselves and stop these corporations ,inc's from not dealing w/the customer the way they chit chat when it's sellig tactics and then the troubleshooters have to step it up treat us w/ common courtesy and mutual respect. and will should take a stand........peace 2 all!!!!!!

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