In Tuscany Villa Rentals - Unfullfilled Claims

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 2:52am CDT by 74db2e83

Company: In Tuscany Villa Rentals

Location: Via Trieste, 89
53048 Sinalunga, Siena, IT


Category: Other

The company failed to provide adequate contact numbers and information in locating the property we were renting. We were therefore left unable to find the property, and unable to contact anyone at the time of occupancy.

When I called the following day, the head of the company Manola Croci, was indignant and rude, and expected me to have navigated through the intracacies of finding a person to contact.

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9756a35d, 2008-05-05, 03:23AM CDT

This Manola Croci and I'm copying here the email that I sent to the client the morning after his arrival as it resulted impossible to explain everything to Mr Alan Sheimbaum over the phone. He wasn't willing to listen.

I would like to send you our voucher as a proof that he had all the information and we sent that to him upon booking on november 28.

From: Manola Croci <[email protected]>


Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 5:04:51 PM

Subject: R: Villa La Quercia

Dear Alan,

Im writing to you about the phone call weve had this morning.

I have to bring at your attention some important points.

First of all here attached you can find the voucher and the email that we sent you upon booking with all the contact numbers included the emergency number which is my private mobile telephone number where I can always be reached.

Over the phone this morning you told me that all the mobile telephone numbers which are three for the owners and four included mine were non existing.

I can tell you that these numbers are correct and existing.

Other than that you had the fixed number which you called yesterday at 3 pm and never called back again because there was a person answering to you in Italian. After youve spoken to me this morning you have called the owners at this same number and apparently you were able to have a discussion in Italian with him about the refund.

This makes me think that you simply changed your mind yesterday, maybe you didnt like the area and found another accommodation. Thats the reason why you havent called back the owners nor tried to contact me.

Whether if this is the reason or not the owners are very kind persons and I feel so sorry for them. Theyve waited for you until late at night and had a light welcome for you prepared at the villa yesterday. Early this morning they jumped back to the villa and prepared breakfast for you but you never showed up.

If, as you say, the problem is just that you werent able to reach us all yesterday why this morning when you could contact everybody werent willing to go to the villa anymore? The villa is prepared for you and the owners have it ready for your arrival until the date youve agreed.

They were also willing to fulfil your needs and come to an agreement with you for the night you lost if you had this problem that you couldnt find the house yesterday but apparently youre not interested in this property anymore.

We have respected all the conditions and the villa is there and ready for your arrival, you can go there at any moment just tell me or the owners.

The owners where at your disposal all day yesterday and you could contact them whenever youve called them. I was available too if you had dialled my number indicated in the emergency field in the voucher you have received upon booking.

These are the reasons why we think that your total refund request is not at all acceptable. You can reach the villa right now if you want and the owners will be happy to welcome you.

Kindest regards

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