Bronx Honda + American Honda Motor Company - Defective 2006 Honda Civic EX + Awful Gas Mileage + BRONX HONDA

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 10:12am CDT by f35762bd

Product: 2006 Honda Civic

Company: Bronx Honda + American Honda Motor Company

Location: Bronx Honda Parts and Service, 1133 Zerega Ave. Bronx, NY 10431 Service Phone: 718-904-0380
Bronx, NY, 10431, US


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I have a 2 year old (2006) Honda Civic which is still under full warranty. I dropped the car 9 days ago for various reoccurring problems. The dealership called me yesterday and told me that the car was ready. When I went to the dealer to pick up the car this morning, I was treated very badly and unfairly. The following is a few details of what took place.

One of my complaints about the car was a noise coming from underneath the car for first 3-4 minutes each time I drive the car after not driving for a few days. The service advisor (Kathy) told me that the mechanic un-bent a metal within the break system and the cost of this was $100. I asked to see what the mechanic un-bent (I am a Mechanical Engineer with a M.S. degree. I am unconvinced that a bent metal will not cause a problem that I described above). Both individuals I dealt with (Kathy and John Ross, General Manager) refused to show me what was done on the car. I explained that I felt uncomfortable paying $100 for un-bending a metal and I needed to see and understand what was done. They were very short with me and simply said no. Then, I asked if I could speak with the mechanic who allegedly un-bent this mysterious metal. I was told that it was not an option either. I was warned that I had to get my car out of their service center that day or I would be charged $35/day storage fee. I had no option but pay for a service that I,

a) didnt ask for,

b) doubt that Bronx Honda repaired anything to begin with,

c) or even if they did, that repair was not authorized and most likely unrelated to my original concern.

Allegedly, Bronx Honda mechanic test drove my car for the noise and found out that one of my concerns (road/wind noise) was due to faulty gasket around the windshield according to Kathy, one of the service advisors. When I went to the dealership to pick up my car, the following is what I was told Because your car didnt have enough gas in the tank, we couldnt continue the test drive and we just didnt do the necessary repairs. This explanation shows the lack of customer service at this dealership. In a matter of fact, the car had still plenty of gas when I picked up the car. When I asked John about this, his response was You are all set. Your car doesnt need a gasket. Good bye.

The overall experience dealing with these two individuals (Kathy and John) was very unpleasant. They were not interested in helping, listening or accommodating any needs of mine. Their approach was Our way or highway, we have your keys. You dont pay; you dont get your keys.

There are another 4-5 disappointing aspects of the horrible service at this dealership. I will provide those in detail upon request.

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cb446891, 2009-10-06, 01:37AM CDT

This is pretty common at most honda dealerships. they just suck. one time the guy at dealership told me that my brake pads are almost gone and need replacing. but i refused because i want some better aftermarket parts. so i bought those, and brought to a local car mechanic shop. and their answer simply surprised me a lot. they said my brakes need no replacement at all. they still have 60%. and after i drove 2000 miles to yellowstone, i go check again. they said i can still go approximately 15k miles. so what the hell? this is classic honda dealerships.

another time i did a 30k full service. after that i found that they didn't even replace my air filter.

btw, this dealership is berkeley honda. never go there.

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