Air France - Non Assistance to persons in danger

Posted on Sunday, March 9th, 2008 at 7:54am CDT by 4bd82b7d

Product: airline

Company: Air France

Location: Paris, Bo, 75001, FR

Category: Other

Without going into execessive detail, as it's not really neccesary, I found myself about to pass out from a severe diabetic crisis at a customer service desk in CDG in Paris. I asked for urgent medical aid, and was refused by the attendant. As I was about to pass out, the rage of the other travellers around me encouraged the AF agent to do something. He called, not a doctor, but a wheelchair attendant, whom he ordered to load me onto the plane for New York. I passed out before take off, and no one seemed to have noticed, but fortunately I awoke again from the coma somewhere over the Atlantic.

Article 223-6 of the French penal code, as well as the French constitution, declare that the right of a person in need to neccesary aid must be respected. When I complained about this incident Air France responded that after a thorough investigation, they had found that I was lying...seeing my condition, the Air France agent had proposed I see a doctor, and that I had refused his offer of assistance. Even if this were true, ordering someone to load me onto the plane put other passengers at greater risk, because to save my life the plane might have had to make an emergency, unscheduled landing.

No consumer or legal organisation has been able to contrast the power of Air France, not even the French Police, with whom I filed charges.


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