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Posted on Friday, March 7th, 2008 at 11:28am CST by 1e16fbd9

Product: Fake ED HARDY

Company: Store5555

Location: Th, TH


Category: Other

I ordered a Ed Hardy hoodie from only to find out that it was fake and that they ripped me off. It was made of very poor quality, the zipper was rusty and hard to zip, the color was faded, Christian Audigier's name was nowhere on the jacket, the tag on the inside was cut and was also fake, the tag also said "a VIF production" (I've never seen that on ANY Ed Hardy merchandise). It was soooo obvious that it was a fake. I think they should be ashamed of themselves. They received $130.00 from me and all I got in return was a worthless, raggety jacket. They state on the website that they sell quality merchandise and it goes through inspection and all that, but don't believe them. They have a "7 day no questions asked return policy", but all merchandise on sale is final. Well that's a catch 22 because everything on the site is marked down, therefore, NO RETURNS are excepted!! I really wish I had shopped around a little more rather than deal with this piece of crap company! I have reported them to the BBB as well and other misc. sites to get the word out. By posting this I hope I saved someone from making a huge mistake.

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ac483f5c, 2008-08-03, 08:45PM CDT

dotn worry about it..

i bought real ed hjardy gear, and your not missing out on much..

after one wash(as directed cold wash) the colors ran..

got a return and rpelacement, and.. bammy! it happened again..

so dont buy their hoodies.. terrible quality (and yes.. it was a authentic ed hardy hoodie) as i bouht it from their licensed shop in sydney.

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