Canada Post ground mail within Greater Vancouver

Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2008 at 1:20pm CST by 96e56676

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Location: Vancouver, BC, CA

Category: Other

I feel very frustrated because I was trying to mail my personal information to Douglas College in New Westminster from Richmond and the mail has not even arrived yet! I do it as regular mail on Feb 27 because the deadline was March 3rd. The deadline has already passed 3 days and my mail still hasn't reached them yet. I am sure the address is correct because I just use the return envelope which Douglas College staff enclosed when they mailed to me. Also Canada post actually took a week for Douglas College mail to arrive at my home. This causes me to have sooooo little time to have all the forms done and mail it back before the deadline. Canada post keeps increasing their postal rate with no better quality in service...


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