Posted on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 6:18pm CST by 806a1cce

Product: Furniture Protection Plan

Company: Valspar/Guardsman

Location: US

Category: Other

My ordeal with Valspar/Guardsman began late Janurary, into Feb. I first purchased my protection plan from Bob's Discount Furniture in 2005 For $159.00. At the time of purchase they stated this plan covers virtually all accidents. Well 2 yrs later I had some people over, they were fooling around and two accidents occurred. One was a burn and the other a tear in my couch. I contacted Guardsman, being honest- I stated I did not see either event occur, but knew it happened that night. The women was quick to say they would cover the burn, however they couldn't cover the tear because it was at the seam and I did not see it happen (saying that it was a "manufaturers issue"). After arguing back and forth, she finally stated that a supervisor would review and return my call, which they did and left a message while I was working. So I called back, was kept on hold for about 10min only to be transferred to a voicemail for "resolutions." Well resolutions didn't return my call after a week so I called again (each time I called I had to wait on hold ~10min). During that week a woman came to fix the burn- she scrapped it off then put some fabric glue over it. She checked out the tear and stated "I fix stuff like that all the time." So she called her company and they refused her request to fix my tear, "saying my request was still being processed." Anyway, so I had to contact Guardsman after a week of not returning my call-only to hear the woman agree with me this time and once again send someone to review my request. Another week goes by, then someone calls saying I have to send photos of damage, I agree and send the photos that weekend, including an email of my ordeal to the company. Well its been a month and I have not heard anything from Valspar/Guardsman reguarding my request. I have written this to discourage people from buying a funiture protection plan- it is not worth the hassle or money-esp with this company!


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