Kathy Caunter - Web- Detective No Autz For Using My Credit Card

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 6:52pm CDT by 17b9a68e


Company: Kathy Caunter

Location: Queensbury, NY, 12804, US

Category: Other

THE WEB DETECTIVE HAS BILLED MY CHARGE CARD 39.95 FOR THERE SERVICE WHEN I GAVE THEM NO AUTZ TO CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD I AM NOT EVEN A MEMBER NOR DID I EVER USE THERE SERVICES, ALSO I CONTACTED LAST MONTH ALSO ABOUT A 39.95 CHARGE ON MY CREDIT CARD AND THAT I DONT NEED NOR USE THERE SERVICES AND I WAS SUPPOSE TO RECEIVE A CREDIT ON MY CHARGE CARD AND NEVER DID SO THEY ARE IN TO ME FOR $79.90 and i am disabled and live on a very small income each month so this 79,95 charge is hurting me so bad i need my refund asp but i cant seam to get any good help i have e-mailed them again and tried calling today please help me

Thanks Kathy


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