Defective Kenmore Upright Freezer Model 253

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 10:36am CDT by 0245d9ef

Product: Kenmore Model 253

Company: Not Available

Location: US

Category: Other

We have five Sears Kenmore Model 253 upright freezers purchased between 2003 and 2006. Within the last year two have failed due to the same problem. A power transformer for the compressor has burned out in both cases. A service call was initiated both times and the $26 part was replaced for a total of $223 with labor. The replaced part is visibly melted and burned. The service man seemed very familiar with the problem and thought it likely that he would eventually be back to repair the other freezers. If Sears is aware of this problem with the defective part, why don't they do something about it? Also, I am concerned that a defective part in one of the other freezers may start a fire when it goes.


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be7d3f19, 2008-09-11, 09:07AM CDT

It's my understanding that this WAS a recalled item as I look through the web pages. Not sure if it is still covered though. Do a search for 253 in Google and you will probably find the same thing I did. Hope that helps.

1fa5bfce, 2010-01-11, 11:50AM CST

We have just had the same thing happen with the same freezer. Has there been a callback of these items?

0f0fe1c6, 2010-03-09, 01:24PM CST

I purchased Kenmore Model 253 upright freezer 10/2006. Repairman just came out and said it would be between $350-450 to replace compressor plus time for parts to come in. So, I just had to buy another freezer due to the fact that I had just bought 1/2 beef and 1/2 pig and I had nowhere else to put all the meat. Just thought a freezer was supposed to last a little longer than a little over three years.

d18a734c, 2010-10-05, 03:23PM CDT

my model 253 just broke for the second time in 5 years (purchased in 2005)The part is called a controller(relay)All my applinces are kenmore and sears but I will not be purchasing either in the future

05f5dbb7, 2010-11-27, 05:34AM CST

We bought a 253 in September 2010 - it is now November 2010 and it is not working and we are on hold for a part. I am going to return it and hopefully Sears will not give me a problem. I wish I had read the review prior to purchase!!!

Cary, 2013-02-24, 03:15PM CST

I have a Sears Upright Freezer Model # 253-28052801. Infrequently the light will go out on the inside of the freezer and the motor/compressor stops running. The control board on the front of the freezer stops working but the light in the control board stays on so I know that it has power. If I turn the power breaker off and then back on everything starts working again. A few days later the same thing happens again. Any commenets?

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