Sirius Satellite Radio - Beware of Unscrupulous Billing & Collection Practices

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 5:01pm CDT by c1c0b5ae

Product: Sirius Satellite Radio Subscription

Company: Sirius Satellite Radio

Location: P.O. Box 34517
Newark, NJ, 07189, US


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After prepaying $144 for one year of Sirius Satellite Radio, I decided not to renew my subscription to see if I missed the programming. Sirius disconnected my service. Then the calls and letters from NCO Financial, Sirius' collection agency, started.

I found out that Sirius had "automatically" renewed my subscription for another year without even notifying me and was now seeking payment in advance for a year's worth of service even though my service had been disconnected for months.

I began receiving one or more harassing calls from NCO Financial each day. I also received a letter from NCO Financial demanding $239! (I still don't know how they came up with that ridiculous figure).

I called NCO Financial and got their voice mail box. It was full the first time I called, so I couldn't even leave a message. The second time I called, I was able to leave my name and number. No one ever called me back.

I called Sirius and threatened to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. Sirius agreed to back off and expressly admitted that I did not owe the $239 that NCO Financial was seeking. Instead, Sirius now claimed that I owed $31 for the service provided between the subscription expiration and the disconnection date. In order to protect my good credit rating, I sent the $31 to NCO Financial and said goodbye to Sirius.

It's a shame that Sirius has so little faith in its product that the company feels it must resort to unethical business practices to bring in revenue. Just Google "Sirius" and "collection agency" and you will find the same complaint over and over again. I will never deal with Sirius again. You shouldn't either.


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f94da2a7, 2008-05-13, 10:17AM CDT

Same thing here.

Bought a new Dodge truck in Mar '07 that came with one year of Sirius pre-loaded. Sirius started calling me in Jan and Feb of '08 to renew. I opted not to renew and let the service lapse. I recieved a bill from Sirius in late April for $27.28, $5 of which was a late fee. NCO started calling me the first week of May! I am currently on the phone with Sirius threatening to call the NC State Attorney General! 20 mins and 3 separate individuals I've talked to so far!

Okay, 24 mins, Allisha told me my account was renewed via an "invoice" in Jan, then she corrected herself and said Feb. I asked who renewed it, she couldn't answer and said once it was turned over to NCO it was out of Sirius's hands!

I then got Sandra, a so called manager, on the phone. She told me its my fault and there isn't anything she could do. She said since they sent me an invoice, and I didn't pay or contest it that I'm liable for it. I asked her if she sent 300 million invoices out to everyone in the country, could she then collect from those that didn't contest it. Guess what her answer was - YES!

She hung up on me at the 37 min mark.

926737b9, 2009-12-14, 05:14PM CST

I am having a very similar thing happen right now. I thought that I disconnected my service in Feb of last year. Now I am in collections for $45. So unfair. I do not even trust this shady NCO company that is contacting me.

a5167439, 2010-01-27, 06:27AM CST

They are still going strong with this policy. They want to us to pay $36 because they decided to turn our service back on after 6 months. This company must only be surviving off dishonestly ripping people off for 30 bucks. Now wonder their stock hasn't moved over a dollar.

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