costco - costco membership scam

Posted on Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at 2:32pm CDT by afccb87e

Product: costco membership

Company: costco

Location: US


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I joined Costco in February of 2006. When February 2007 rolled around, I decided not to rejoin. I rejoined in September of 2007. When I used my membership card in February of 2008 I was told I had to pay again. WHAT??? They said it wasn't their fault I didn't use my membership for 7 months. That is a bunch of bullsh**. My new membership should be from September 07-September 08.


29b9b58f, 2008-11-04, 02:26AM CST

just pay the fee you loser. it is not costco's problem if you don't pay ontime!

b4cef373, 2010-10-14, 01:50PM CDT

Have you been to walmart or sears or any other giant retailer. Nobody asked you for a membership fee. Costco says this fee is because they are a wholesale outlet. I live in Alberta Canada and we do not have sales tax so there is NO SUCH THING AS WHOLESALE IN ALBERTA. Just spend your Christmas cash elsewhere this year and forget CRAPCO they much like other Big Broke Box Stores will fail as our economy resets itself.

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