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Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 8:49am CST by d212fa70

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Dear Sir

This is a complaint about the Tata Indicom Internet connection pen drive which is of substandard quality and the exclusive Tata Indicom Centre in Sector 18 NOIDA specifically against Mr SUMIT SHARMA who is the manager

I have purchased a pen drive from Tata Indicom SXC 1080 Sungil telecom(EpiValley co ltd) from Bombay, HEX 09E3F262, S/N: SUSB960572, manufactured Sep 2007, this device got spoiled and stopped working within 4 months of purchase!

When I went to teh Tata indicom centre in Se c 18 NOIDA which is close to where I live, the manager just asked me one question: where was it purchased and said he cannot help me as it wa spurchased in Bombay, he did not even check the device (to see if there was something wrong that could be corrected right away, I had specifically carried my laptop for this), did not bother to give me any information regarding service centreson asking for help just said GO TO BOMBAY!!

This behaviour is very unprofessional, rude and not befitting any rep much less a manager, if he sets such an example what is the staff supposed to folow??

I have been informedthat the problem can be fixed in NOIDA itself, but this was really very wrong of MR SUMIT SHARMA, he does not deserve to be manager

Kind Regards

Shiwani Gour


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6dfd6d21, 2008-10-26, 06:46AM CDT

dear sir i want job in your company.

but the problem is my age is only 17 so i was requestwd you i was work in your company i was very smart in computers

my second problem is i m not earn spoken


my mind fast than enginiars

so i like lap top computer

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