T-Mobile - T-Mobile Cancellation is near Impossible to do in Writing

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 1:24pm CST by 5de53d94

Product: T-Mobile Phone Service

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

URL: http://www.tmobile.com/

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September 2006 I purchased a new Blackberry phone on their upgrade plan. At this time I had completed about 18 months. The new phone extended my contract for 24 months to the tune of $300+ out of my pocket. The phone stopped working (would not connect to the cell towers after two months) and I had to get a "refurbished" phone. The first phone sent was junk. The keyboard was loose, the keys were dirty (minor, but after paying $300 and a 24 month extension, I was expecting a closer to new phone than junk.) I requested a second replacement phone and returned both my original phone and the first replacement. The second phone wasn't in much better condition but worked and I needed the phone. No credit was issued for this "refurbished" phone that kept my 24 month contract extension in effect for a phone I had two months.

I moved to a different state 5 months later. My new location did not have fair coverage inside my new home. It is also a very cold climate. To use my cellphone, I had to stand outside in the elements. I could not receive incoming nor place outgoing calls from inside the home. I could only use it if I was travelling or in town.

November 9th I contacted T-Mobile to see if service was going to improve. It was not, however, they would sell me additional equipment whereby I could use my internet service for phone service inside and pay for the new equipment, my internet service (which limits uploads) and my cellphone service. I declined this path.

On 19 November I mailed a letter to T-Mobile including a check for $200 where I requested they terminate my account and if they would not allow credit for a phone that only worked two month into the contract, they could expect not to get any further business from me. They cashed the check 28 Nov but they did not cancel my account. They credited it to my account. My cell phone was boxed up when I mailed the letter and to date has not had a battery in it since. Emails are answered by idiots who cannot read. I receive a bill in mid-December where I learned they had not cancelled my account. It should be noted that the entire life of my service with T-Mobile my account was always on the autopay system. This is the first and only check I sent to them.

After much heartache, I finally had to call in January to cancel the account and they again tried selling me devices to use other services I pay extra for (ISP) to use my cell phone. I declined. My final bill is now $191 and change. This is for December, January, and their penalty fee for early cancellation (I kept the account 10 months longer with poor service due to my location.) At the time of my cancellation request, I had approx 10 months left on the contract (from a phone I only got to use for two months) and I paid the full penalty fee.

Now they tell me that because I didn't send that letter to the address of their "agent" and the only place to find this one address is in tiny print in their terms and conditions the letter is not considered received and I must pay the full amount.

I believe they intentionally make it difficult for existing customers to cancel service. Their website does not have anything on how to cancel service, their billing statements have nothing, no address to mail things to, etc.

I have turned this matter over to my local state attorney general's office to force T-Mobile to at least post cancellation policies and procedures on their website and to include this information on their billing statements. However, it wasn't until my last letter back from T-Mobile dated 23 Jan that I was informed I had to use a specific address in Washington State.

IF you are a current T-Mobile customer, if you wish to send written cancellation, refer to your terms and conditions paragraph 20 for the correct address to send this to and send it REGISTERED with Signature required or you will have problems.


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