Hollister and Co. - Hollister Ripoff Return Policy

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 1:40pm CST by 422073de

Company: Hollister and Co.

Location: PO Box 1695
Santa Monica, CA, 90401, US

URL: http://www.hollisterco.com/hol/homepage.html

Category: Other

On 2/26/2008 I spent $257.90 (not including tax) in Hollister. After getting home I felt that the quality of some of the items was poor and decided to return these items. I returned the items on 2/29/2008. At this time I picked up some other articles to purchase. Even after I added the new items Hollister owed me $81.06 of MY MONEY back to me from the return. On 3/3/2008 I wanted to return one of the items I bought on 2/29/2008 as my husband did not like the cut of the jeans. I was informed by the "manager" that I could only receive in-store credit. I did not want in-store credit. I wanted to get MY MONEY back as the product was not what I wanted. Because I decided to buy more after my return I had my money stolen. If I had just returned the products and not bought anything I would have gotten MY MONEY back and not have had this problem. There is no reason other than desperation for profit that would refuse me a refund of MY MONEY. Funny I was not told that if I bought something after returning something else I could only receive in-store credit-probably because I would not have fallen for such a scam.


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0525cfa0, 2008-06-22, 11:52AM CDT

stop returning things over and over. thats just embarrising. I never return things. If you don't like it give it to someone else or throw it away. Also how do they know that your not wearing the things for a day leaving the tags on and returning them. Also don't buy from that store the clothing is cheap. Go somewhere better like Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss, Lacoste. Much better quality. Hollister is ment for the ages 13 to 18. That is why the price point is so low, it's for kids.

That companys age ranges are Abercrombie kids 8 to 12, Hollister 13 to 18, Abercrombie & Fitch 18 to 22 and rhuel 23 and up. Just FYI.

7a64e7d3, 2009-01-25, 05:39PM CST

I bought several gift cards for my daughter to give as Christmas gifts. She didn't use 3 of them and one ended up have NO $$ on it. I asked for a refund for the cards and they refused. The have no policy posted regarding returning a gift card yet REFUSED to make the return. I will NEVER shop Hollister again... and will tell everyone I know NOT to buy GIFT CARDS!!!



31bfc278, 2009-09-30, 11:06PM CDT


today i went into hollister 3 times and here is my story.. the hollister in el paso tx at cielo vista mall #915-887-0966...the first time i went in i was window shopping...the 2nd time i went in to buy merchandise... i was given 3 gift cards for my birthday.. $50, 30 and 25... i took the $50 and $25 cards with me... not once did anyone say, "hi," or "welcome to hollister"... no one offered to help or asked if i was doing okay... coming from a business point of view... not acknowledging the customer isnt at the top of the list for good customer service... so i get up to the register and im told that one of my gift cards does not have money in it.. imagine my surprise.. that my family would get a gift card from anywhere and give it to me without any money... does hollister give away gift cards with empty balances?.. luckily the $50 gift card registered... so i put the remaining 33.90 on my debit card... when i get back home i try the polo on and find that it doesn't fit my style and so i decided to take it back... no problem i thought to return the polo and get the refund back onto my debit card.. so i go back into the store a couple hours later, for the 3rd time today... again no one acknowledges me.. what a surprise... so there is only one person in front of me at the register... after waiting a few minutes the clerk comes up to the register... does not apologize for the wait or ask how he can help us... so he proceeds in cashing out the customer in front of me.. after he is done... he just walks off.. does not tell me that he will come back or even acknowledge that i am there... how would you have responded so far?.. so a couple minutes go by and he comes back.. i advise him that i want to return the polo... he calls the manager over the intercom to authorize the return.. standard procedure no biggie... so the manager comes to the register.. and the clerk, not the manager, tells me that even though the polo is worth less than 32.00 and my debit charge is 33.90...that i cannot be credited back on my debit card... wow so hollister gets $50, 30, 25 and my 33.90... is hollister really that hard up for cash?... no other options given.. no apologies... and so i walked out the store completely disgusted with the service that was provided... what service really?.. i couldve gotten better service from a self check out register... at least it says thank you...

so my money and my time that i wont get back were lost...im not the kind of customer to raise a fuss or be rude..im the silent customer who focuses on never coming back to your store and telling at least 20 friends and family... so for 33.90+25.00= 58.90 ... hollister will lose several customers and future revenue...i am so upset that i am going to return all the merchandise...i guess you could say that i had a bad experience with your company...unfortunately i still have to go back to return all my merchandise of 83.90...im gonna try returning the merchandise at another store... even though it says i can on the receipt i wonder if ill get the same treatment...

thanks for your time,

the silent customer

3f017523, 2010-02-05, 10:48PM CST

I had a similar experience. Spent $150.00 on gift cards and the show balances on gift cards yet they will not allow the order to be processed against the gift cards. They have thier $150.00 and I have nothing... I will not be shopping at hollister any more. They are crooks.

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