Green City Buildtech Pvt. LTD. - Unable to get refund from Greencity Noida for Cancelled Plot in Bhiwadi Project

Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2008 at 1:52am CDT by 96cc9b4e

Product: Registration for plot of 200 sq. yds in Greencity Bhiwadi Project

Company: Green City Buildtech Pvt. LTD.

Location: Jeetendra Choudhary MD, Greencity group of companies A-3, sec-59 Gautam budh nagar
Noida, Ut, 201301, IN

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I had made an invetment of Rs, 2 Lac 25 Thousand as the registration amount for a residential plot measuring 200 Sq. yards under soft launch with Greencity Buildtech Pvt. Ltd (Noida) in their Bhiwadi project. As per the agreement between me & the company it was stated that the compay will offer allotment within 9 months of registration but it has not been able to fulfill the same when it has been 18 months since the regitration. After having followed time & again with the company with regards to the allotment & not getting a proper answetr I decided to cancel the same & request for a refund on 24-Dec-2007. Again as per the agreement the company should have made the refund of the registration amount along with due interest @11% in 1 month.

But it's been 3 months & inspite of my constant follow up I have not been refunded the registration amount which makes me feel that the companies intentions are malafied & dishonest.

I am a senior citizen and need the refund urgently.I have all the paperwork including the follow-ups that I have made with company in order to get my refund, request you to help me in this regard.


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2ed16263, 2008-03-29, 12:56PM CDT

I have a similar eperience. Here is my complaint which is addressed to Economic Offences Wing, Crime Branch, New Delhi:

Dear Sir,

I had booked a 500 square yard plot in Sept 2006 with GeenCity Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. A-3, Sec-59, NOIDA ( details of booking--annexure 1) at their Bhiwadi NRI City project with a view to build my house. I had paid a booking amount of Rs. 500,000/- ( Rupees Five Lakh) in Sept2006 and was informed by their dealer, Raj Properties, that I would get the allotment in early 2007 after the Rajasthan Govt. gave its approval of 90-B--i.e. the license, to the builder. However, M/s GreenCity failed to obtain the requisite license and the delay is already over one year.

As per the agreement with Green City through their dealer Raj Properties, in case they are unable to offer allotment for whatsoever reasons within 9 months of application, they are liable to refund the full amount of Rs.5 lakh plus 11% simple interest i.e. from May2007 onwards (i.e. 9 months from the date of booking) upon 30 days notice by me (annexure-2-clause-c). So how can they withhold my refund?

I met Mr. Jitendra Chowdhary (M.D of Green City) twiceonce in Dec2007 and again in Jan2008 and he assured me that I could take my refund. On 3rd Jan 2008, vide my letter (annexure-3) I requested cancellation and refund. However, his staff insisted a formal application for refund as per their formatwhich I could, with great difficulty finally give on 8th Feb2008 (as there was reluctance from staff to receive it).

Earlier in Feb 2008 when I used to call their staff, there were a lot of excuses like income tax raid at our office, we are not giving any refunds as there is no money, M.D. has refused refunds, such and such staff is on leave, all staff has gone to Vaishno Devi etc. Later their staff blocked all communications---they did not pick up their mobile phones (Nos. 9910340004, 9910897116, 9910398567 etc.) despite my having called them 50 to 60 times in the last one monthof course they never got back to my missed calls. Even their receptionist ( says she cannot fix my meeting with the M.D. as his itinerary is never known. Since mid- Jan 2008, they have either cooked up cock and bull stories so as not to pay up the refund and as of late they have successfully thwarted all my efforts to communicate with them. Even his dealer Mr. Vijay Arora of Raj Properties, Sikanderpur, Gurgaon, has stopped taking my calls and is incommunicado

This builder is a cheat for the following reasons:

1. Pre-launches are banned by the Govt.but he collected money from the public which was illegal. Frankly I was taken in by the high pressure advertisements in dailies like the Times of India and Hindustan Times which appeared continuously and frequently for months. When I booked it I admit I didnt even know there was a ban on these pre-launches. Later I was surprised how the Government was allowing this hoodwinking by such builders.

2. The 306 acres of land that he claims he owns in Bhiwadi is neither in his name nor in the companys name. Upon my insistence, I was shown some photocopies of land sale-purchase deeds of some fragmented pieces of land now in vague names that he claims to be his cousins or relatives. So where is the land? And how much? To deceive people he has put a Green City billboard on a one acre piece of land in Bhiwadi almost 8-10 kms before where his relatives may be holding some land in their names. Other builders like Piyush City and M-tech who started at the same time and were more genuine have already got approvals and made considerable progress. The intentions of green City are, however, suspect!

3. He has been fooling us for over one year that the license is just a month or two away. In Oct2007 he admitted the delay and offered to transfer our money to his other projects (annexure-4).

4. Fearing that investors are getting restless and will ask for their money, to allay their fears, the builder has now, in March2008, issued some frivolous and phoney offers of allotment (annexure-5) to investors without even getting Rajasthan Governments approval for the project. Where is the land in Green Citys name?

5. A similar thing had happened when last year in Mar 2007, he asked us for the 1st instalment ( actually 2nd if booking is considered 1st ) which he should have asked only after offering allotment ( as per what his dealer had assured us at the time of booking). To entice investors he offered a lollipopa 5% discount as Holi Bonanza (annexure6)and some people got fooled and actually paid up but regretted.

6. Progress in his other projects in Panipat, Dharuhera, Agra is almost nil despite his claim of licenses having been approved. There is only one sample flat in Dharuhera to entice more investors. His motto is--talk big to collect maximum money from fooled investors-but do little so that no money is ever spent. God only knows (actually the Govt. should) where all our money has been siphoned and what he is doing with it! He has been claiming that his upcoming projects are Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Meerut, Mohali, Rohtak, Sonepat, NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, Gannaur, Kundli, Rewari, Neemranaactually none of these are in sight or in existence. These are apart from Bhiwadi, Panipat, Agra, and Dharuhera, his ongoing projects where too progress is negligible. So he claims seventeen projects without even owning land at most of theses places. And of the little land where ever he owns, actual progress is nil. This itself is reason enough to believe that this builder is a big time fraud and will vanish with our money.

7. Another suspicious move of this builder is: He has closed down two of his three offices. Delhi office: 1008, Ansal Bhawan, New Delhi has been shut down and so has been his branch office: J-10-11, 2nd floor, sector-18, NOIDA (see bottom of older letterannexure-5). Only his corporate office-- A-3, Sector-59, NOIDA remains now. After having collected huge money from the public during the property boom, will this builder do the vanishing act soon? Will he loot our hard earned money and scoot?

8. When one investor asked for his money with interest, the M.D. Mr. Jitendra Chowdhary and one of his friends (who claimed to be a lawyer) even claimed that he is not liable to pay any interest to investors as the so called agreement does not hold ground as per law and is a useless piece of paper. And as we looked up our papers, we have discovered that this street-smart cheat has resorted to another trick. The paper has been made to show as an application by us for booking the property with clauses and the paper has been only stamped by the dealer, Raj Properties, with no signatures by the dealer or builder (annexure-2) ---very smartso the intention to cheat and fool the gullible public was already there in Sept 2006 when I booked the plot. This we have discovered now to our dismay.

9. For the past 3 months he has been resorting to dilatory and very evasive tactics. He is not releasing/ refunding my hard-earned money over which he has no right whatsoever. The deal has fallen through as he has not been able to deliver his promises. Even his dealer, Vijay Arora of Raj Properties has stopped taking my calls and is incommunicado.

From the above facts and incidents, I am convinced that Mr. Jitendra Chowdhary, M.D. and his staff is a bunch of thugs and cheats. I request you to kindly investigate/ register a criminal case against him and his company and help me get my hard-earned money back before he goes underground.

Thanking you,


Satish Sharma, IA&AS,

C-2/2499, Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi-110070 Tel. Nos.: 98103-78044, 2689-6578, 2613-4842, 4214-8154

d81a8906, 2008-11-08, 02:36AM CST

all the promises made by green city were family has invested 10 lacs in these proectsbut we never got uncle also got a flat booked in green city bhiwadi project n he got a cheque when he wanted to get it cancelled n the cheque was bounced.we have to go to is going clearlly shows builder's intensions.he is a cheat.if anybody get any kind of information plz contact me @ [email protected]

2b506eb0, 2009-06-20, 08:52AM CDT

I am one of the sufferers in Green City BuildTech's Bhiwadi project. If u have any information about it or you know the procedure of filing complaint, please inform me I shall be thankful. I have read in the newspaper that complaints have lodged with Economic Offence wing, but I dont know the procedure. Do you think, there would be any hope of money recovery.



7923cb7b, 2010-03-21, 11:21AM CDT

To, Date: 01/10/2009

The Dy. Commissioner of Police,

Economic Offense Wing Delhi Police

Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Subject: Complaint against M/s Green City Buildtech Limited & its Managing Director, Mr. Jitender Chaudhary

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind attention that M/s Green City Buildtech Ltd. launched a project at Dharuhera, District Rewari Haryana, on the vacant land, which is licensed by Director, Town & Country Planning, Haryana vide License No. 25 of 2007 for construction & development of a residential group housing colony in the name of Dwarkadhish Estate Pvt. Ltd. to develop & sell the flats/units to prospective purchasers as per the terms of license issued by Director Town & Country Planning, Haryana. I, Amit Kumar Pant, was also approached by the said group & was induced into believing that the project would be timely completed. Believing this to be true, I made a booking on 11.12.06 in their project Solitaire Green in Sector-24, Dharuhera, Haryana & made payment of Rs. 2, 00,000/- (Rupees Two Lacs Only) as booking amount. Later I was told that Flat No. J-44 (2BHK, Area 1200 sq. ft.) in the above said project has been allotted to me & accordingly we signed Seller & Buyer agreement with M/s Green City Buildtech Ltd. on September 11th, 2007.

Till date, I have already made following payments to M/s Green City Buildtech Ltd. against the development of the said project.

a. Booking Amount Rs. 200,000/- (Rupees Two Lacs Only) vide Cheque No. 042111 ICICI Bank dated 20/12/06.

b. 1st Installment Rs. 151,360/- ( Rupees One Lac Fifty One Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Only) vide Cheque No. 255499, 020151; ICICI bank, IDBI bank ; dated 11/09/07 & 20/09/07

Therefore, total amount paid by me to Green City Buildtech Ltd. till date is Rs. 3,51,360/- (Rupees Three Lacs Fifty One Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Only)

I recently visited the project site number of times & thus came to know the construction activities at site has been abandoned & M/s Green City Buildtech Ltd. has closed its corporate office at A-3, Sector-59, Noida (Uttar Pradesh).

Mr. Jitender Chaudhary, Managing Director of M/s Green City Buildtech Ltd., who had assured timely completion of the project, is not available/avoiding any queries & no other person on behalf of the said builder company is available. I hereby, request you for taking necessary legal action against the aforesaid persons & get our hard earned money refunded, with bank interest or profit (share basis) gained by Green City Buildtech Ltd. by selling the project state in present state, or get early possession of the promised flat.

Thanking You,

Amit Kumar Pant

Plot No 958 Top floor, Sector 10A

Gurgaon (Haryana)

Mobile No. - +91-9871109385, 9818214990

ee90ba30, 2010-06-03, 08:37AM CDT

Delhi High Court have appointed Receiver in Bail Application 446 of 2010 titled as Sunita Chaudhary, Director, M/s. Grrencity Buildtech Limited Vs. The State. Next date of hearing is 16.07.2010. Contact Public Representative appointed by Delhi High Court Mr. Anurag Jain, Advocate [email protected]

71a4df3b, 2011-12-12, 11:29AM CST

Do you have any recent update regarding refund of money in greencity project. I have also invested 2.25 lacs in june 2006. Are you aware of a Delhi Court verdict on 11.10.2011 regarding refund of investor's money with interest. My mobile No. is 9990387187.

9824864a, 2012-03-18, 11:06AM CDT

Dear Sir,

Pls share if you have any update on the case, is their any hope of getting the mmoney back What happened to the bail of Jitender choudhary Who has been apointed the receiver and are the refunds getting processed pls share any information you have on the case I have invested in the Bhiwadi project and still awiting refund

Aakash Lohani


[email protected]

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