Posted on Friday, March 28th, 2008 at 8:31am CDT by 8fbd0a57

Product: Nova Development/Print Artist Platinum

Company: Nova Development

Location: 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 2005
Calabasas, CA, 91302-1547, US


Category: Other

After purchasing a Nova development product with a rebate sticker on the box. I followed all of the registration instructions, and mailed all of the required information. I followed a link in an email I received from Nova development to check the status of my rebate and here is what I was informed:

"Your Rebate status:

Your rebate cannot be paid because the UPC code included with your submission was not an original UPC from the correct product required for this rebate."

I cut the upc off of the box that was marked with the rebate. I have sent them an inquiry as to what information they are in need of to process my rebate. However I have not heard back from them. I've started doing some internet research and have found that I am not the only one who has had this problem with nova development on many of thier products. Many people claim to never receive rebates from Nova development. Becuase they claim there was a problem with the submission.


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ee6b8755, 2008-05-18, 05:52PM CDT

I too have the same problem. I purchased Parallels 3.0 with a $30 rebate sticker on the box at an Apple Store. I filled out all the requested information and sent in the box UPC AND proof of purchase of the 2.0 product which I paid full price for in 2007. That was in January.

Now I've received an email from them that says that they did not receive some required materials. They do not indicate what is missing. I have had no luck trying to contact them by mail or phone about this issue.

8f122757, 2008-05-17, 06:37PM CDT

I have just had the same problem with Nova Development. I purchased their software; Photo Impact pro 11, which had two rebate stickers on the box for $30.00 each, one for the purchase of the software and another for the purchase of a digital camera made within 30 days. I purchased a camera a couple of days later and sent in all of the requested items including the original Proof of purchase UPC codes for each item. When checking the status of my rebate, I received the same response as above; "Your rebate cannot be paid because the UPC code included with your submission was not an original UPC from the correct product required for this rebate."

Nova is obviously suckering people into purchasing their products by offering rebates which they have no intention of paying. I wish I had read this before purchase. Hopefully this will help other people to stay away from Nova, an unscrupulous company.

9d6dd388, 2008-10-20, 10:38AM CDT

Oh yes...I'm now in a six-month battle with Nova to receive my rebate. After months of trying to get the rebate, they finally gave me an email gift card for THEIR products. Then when I tried to use the gift card, their website wouldn't accept the gift card number...and then when I worked with them to get that issue resolved, the website said my purchase had to match the gift card amount exactly. Well...unfortunately, this was an impossibility since my rebate was for $40 and their products sell for $39.95, $19.95, etc. So....when I contacted them and they offered to override this problem, I was told that shipping and handling aren't included in the gift card...meaning I was responsible for paying $7.50 shipping. OMG!!!! Since I absolutely don't want any of their products, I definitely don't want to pay shipping to get them. Nova is so underhanded that I plan to tell everyone I can about their terrible business practices and warn against buying their products.

ba8bb956, 2008-11-23, 10:14AM CST

I've ran into a similar problem with Nova. The sticker on the box said $10 rebate and to go to Nova's site and type in the code TAW10 within 30 days of purchase. On the site there was no were to type this code in and when I checked some retail sites they mentioned that the offer expired in March of 2008. No mention of an expiration date on the sticker or the box.

This rebate made the difference between my purchase of this product and another one. I'll never buy from Nova again just because of this trust issue.

e7ac0c82, 2009-01-21, 10:49AM CST

upc barcode is at the BOTTOM of the box.

35b75e21, 2009-01-27, 10:18PM CST

I just bought a nova development program and then I went on line to file for my rebate. I entered the code and filled out the information, but when I looked for the rebate card ( as instructed ) on the inside of the box - there wasn't one! Now how am I to send in the information,which will not be complete, so that I can get my rebate ?

Is this just another one of their games? I never knew of Nova Developments until today - you can bet I won't be buying any more of thier products if this is the case.

6d86e0ee, 2009-02-28, 07:18PM CST

I purchased a Nova product and on the box it said to go to this web site to redeem your rebate when youre finished it tells you to mail it in what a load of------.

18ca0992, 2009-11-03, 11:20AM CST

I, as many have submitted, have a problem with Nova Rebate program. Gone through all the steps, but no response of any kind. Try to phone in, and get nothing at other end. They need an E-mail input for customers. No NOVA products for this individual again.

6d043f97, 2009-11-26, 08:34AM CST

I never recived Promised rebate

0b70f58e, 2010-01-09, 06:30PM CST

I am glad, I read these reviews. I checked this site because the language on the was unclear. The sticker on box was for $20 rebate, but after checking their website, I was not sure if this was $20 bank check, or just rebate that had to be redeemed on their website. Good, I did not open the box. I am returning item tomorrow to the store. Thanks for the warning!

dbc0ab65, 2010-07-07, 02:08PM CDT

Join the club. I purchased two products, followed ALl directions to perfection. Fed up with them and won't bother. Also blocking their advertising. why would I trust their products if I can't trust them.

0fa0c745, 2010-10-03, 10:07PM CDT

I have the same problem. They denied my all rebates saying incomplete. I have carefully send all the information they need.

I think they are playing hoax with customers.

8bef0e7c, 2011-01-05, 06:53PM CST

I had the same problem. But I cslled them, and finally got my rebate. I have also had problems with their software. Just called them the other day and told them that I would never buy any of their products again. Also told them about the rebate problem.

Stewart S., 2012-10-04, 03:57PM CDT

I purchased Print Artist Platinum 24 from Office Depot. There were two rebates being offered. I received the first one today for $20. The product is great, has lot's of artwork and templates or you can design your own. Was able to export to PDF and send my business card to a commercial printer - with no problem.

Stewart in Florida

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