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a94ad1fe, 2008-09-02, 12:24PM CDT

I was going to write my own post on Castle Windows after my horrible experience with them on this past friday night. But, it was EXACTLY THE SAME, WORD FOR WORD, AS THIS POST. 10 windows 10 grand, 3 hours long, nasty salesman, quick call to the manager and the price drops 3grand, after 3 hours would not give me an estimate in writing, told me that i would sign with him then or not at all (Bully tactic obviously) ...I will make it my mission to tell other people about how horrible of a company they are. I felt uncomfortable in my own house, he was pushy rude and kept cutting me and my husband off mid sentence. Until, finally the paper he'd written all of my info and window sizes and prices on, he ripped up telling me that obviously i wouldn't need that b/c i wouldn't be calling him and then stated several statistics for "closing a deal" FINALLY I ASKED HIM TO LEAVE. I will make sure i tell everyone i ever know about this company and their horrible tactics. My fear for others would be people less informed and feeling pressured that sign on with them and are raped by their insane prices.

oh and i received another estimate the next day, from a very reputable company with a good standing Better Business Bureau account (unlike castle) and for the same 10 windows the price 4k. I'll continue to research and get more estimates before making an informed decision.....

becbec8a, 2008-11-05, 08:50PM CST


acea86ea, 2009-08-08, 10:07AM CDT

I used Castle Windows, "The Widow People" and what a disaster it was, and still is. They worked into the darkness and next day when I inspected they ruined part of the siding. I called the company and they never came out to inspect the damage. I got tired and corrected it myself. Then, of fourteen widows , three were not installed correctly and ccasued w waater leak that damanged drywall and the flooring.

a38e49da, 2009-09-16, 07:49PM CDT

Can you tell me how you like your new Softlite Imperial Series windows? I am contemplating purchasing them for my home. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated.



Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

db2a74e7, 2009-11-25, 09:50AM CST

I read the complaints about castle windows but had previously bought windows from them with absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Then I got more windows. Now I know why people hate this company. First problem, They forgot one of the windows the day the came to install them, "no problem we'll have the window in ten days!" They never returned. I called and they told me the job was done according to their records. I called for weeks demanding them to come out and finish the job. Finally, they did but the window was missing parts so it doesn't open. Not to mention the fact that the window was installed improperly and has about 2 inches of caulking all around the window. 4 months straight calling every week and i get the same answer everytime.."a manager will be caling you back." One time a "quality control castle guy" came out and looked at the problem.. he said they would send new people out to fix it up ASAP. Well that never happened.I'm still calling every week and surprisingly every person I talk to, has no record of anything I've called about.

I hope this company goes under. I've never hated a company before until castle came along. I just don't understand how a company can remain a company with total disregard to any morals whatsoever.

2232b106, 2010-01-26, 07:16AM CST

Castle Windows is an incredible company. Im surprised that you had a problem.

Castle Windows Donates Windows to Habitat

Donates toys to Toys for Tots

Gives windows to family in need

Focuses on Saving the Environment

One of the largest in the country

f3a41e99, 2010-06-09, 04:21PM CDT

i just went through a simalar experience and actually put down $1300 on a $4000 job with castle (the salesman would not leave with out a check i asked him several times to leave and got the same scam of calling boss to knock of $. I called a local co and am getting a better window for 1/3 less same lifetime warrenty on parts and 2 years labor. when i called castle to cancle i was beratged by the rep and told basically that i was a fraud and had given my word? i would not recomend them to any one , just my opinion .

f799857d, 2010-08-10, 08:32PM CDT

I had a very nice Castle salesman in my home this evening. I told him that I had already talked to some other people and asked for the short version of his spiel, which he gave me. He measured my windows, showed me his product and gave me a price--and then a lower price if I'd sign then. When I said I was talking to salesmen from some other companies as well, he thanked me for my time and left. No hard sell, very courteous throughout. I still don't know who I'll end up getting my windows with, but I'll definitely consider Castle.

As for the price, you get what you pay for. And it's surprising how expensive "cheap" windows can be.

ec8dc10f, 2010-09-03, 06:32PM CDT

Good for you! I spoke with my father today and he told me that he purchased 5 windows from Castle. (It???s been two weeks, can???t cancel now). I have always told my parents when they make a large purchase to call my sister or me to check on the company through the BBB, or reviews from consumers. Well! Was I surprised to find 7 out of 10 reviews were negative, my father stated he had agreed to the contract of the 5 windows for 3000.00, and with 1500.00 down,(too much for five windows), however I told him about all of the reviews, and hope for the best. He said when they come out next week, h e will ensure that they install the windows properly, by testing every nick & cranny & make sure u get the windows you ordered (bait & switch) b/4 writing the final check. He will make sure no damage occurred anywhere they would NOT get their final 1500.00. Thanks to all that took the time to do a review; it will help other people too not make the same mistake. I will keep everyone posted on the installation.

eff1fabb, 2010-09-12, 05:53PM CDT

Well I just gave Castle a deposit, my experience with the salesmen was pleasent. When I told him I was going to think about it the price dropped considerably. I've not had them installed as of yet so I hope the rest goes smoothly. In general it was still more then I thought, originally I was going with the 200.00 a window thing until shown the difference. maybe its true I don't know. Hoping for the best.

d0bee5ab, 2010-09-13, 10:34AM CDT

We had a Castle salesman to our home and they used the same high pressure tactic except when he learned my husband had to leave for a prior engagment bout 30 minutes into his sales pitch he did not want to continue the meeting saying that I was not able to "write the check" at the end of his pitch. This was our first estimate for windows, we had no plans on buying that day rather obtaining several quotes, Castle being the first. When we told him no one planned on writing the check today he just got even more pushy and called in to his home office saying he could not continue the meeting and we would have to reschedule. At that piont I just wanted him out of my home and had no intention on keeping the meeting he rescheduled. I felt uncomfortable in my own home! What is even more disturbing is he smelled of alcohol. I was horrifed by the whole experience. He spent approx 30 minutes going on about their warranty and how they made and installed their windows. I knew based on that breif encounter that he was prepping us for a huge estimate. He never got up from the chair to measure the windows or so anything that would have enabled him to give us a rough estimate. Now that I am reading all of these complaints I can see where our meeting was going and I am glad he got out of our house befire listening to 3 hours of nonesense ! I would steer clear from using Castle. Even if they had the best windows at the best price (which by reading these complaints they dont) I would not use them based on the type of people they employ and send out to customers homes. What a disgrace!

b53c140a, 2010-10-31, 04:53PM CDT

I bought a door from them, (front door and storm door) and have had NOTHING but PROBLEMS with BOTH DOORS. DON't Buy Doors from Castle. I had them come Two times to FIX a brand new door, the handle on the storm door breaks without reason. WHat a waste of money! I need to replace both doors, and I have only had them for a few years. Also, the wind blows right through the storm door and the super duper seal on the inside door, which I was told would be air tight. (not really)

b95d5bb9, 2010-12-03, 07:09AM CST

Let me tell you all something. Castle Windows is by far, the very worst window company out there. They are way overpriced, have shoddy windows and all of their employees are rude. I have lived in many houses with these same types of windows and NONE of them have given me the trouble that Castle windows has. From the very first day of installing roughly 20 windows, I had nothing but problems. They don't meet at the locking mechanism and can't be closed until you call Castle and they send one of their guys down by appt. only. My daughter's room was ice cold last night so I had to crank up the heat to keep her warm because I COULDN'T CLOSE THE WINDOW!!! When I called them they graciously offered to give me an appt. a week from now.


87cd859e, 2010-12-22, 08:41AM CST

I have had Castle windows for about 10 years now. I had every window in my house replaced by them and I couldn't be more please. They have had to come out and replace 2 of them because air got in between the windows and I've never had a problem. They replace them with no question's ask. I shopped around when we were going to replace the windows and other places were totally out of the question. Castle gave me a fair price and I love the windows. I am now selling my house and the guarantee is transferable, no other company will give you that and that means a lot when you go to sell a house. So happy that I went with Castle. Always very pleasant to talk to when I call for service too.

a3003a67, 2011-02-20, 11:22PM CST

I had 7 estimates... Castle was somewhere in the middle.. They had by far the best product for the best price.. They did call a manager to help me out with price but it benefited me big-time.. I just had my windows installed yesterday and they were on-time and very clean (no mess).. My house feels so much warmer and the outside sound is way quieter.. Castle should actually charge more for their window like Power Windows tries to get.. I am very pleased and would recommend them to anyone

846dfb50, 2011-04-04, 09:06AM CDT

I had Castle put in ,in 2008 I have had notting but problems with them . The first rain we had most of the windows leak around the fame , Castle sent out a repair person and their repair was to put two tons of silcone around the outside of the windows, when the silicone feel off I noticed that there were large gaps around the window and the opening fame of the house . Their answer again was more silicone. I finely took matters in my own hand, took off the wrong silicone they put on sprayed insulation window foam in between the window and house frame and resiliconed the windows with a top of the line silicone. I would not buy from castle again and people should be aware of the shity insulation of the windows.

Thank you

87cd859e, 2011-04-15, 01:24PM CDT

I loved my windows. This is the only company that passes on the guarantee. I have since sold my house and the new buyer just loves the windows also. I had to have a couple replaced because air got in between the panes and they took care of it quickly. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! Very easy to take care. We had other company's come out and do estimates and this company was the nicest. The windows are made to order and not just a standard size that they fit in the frame. Great Company.

f7e73ae4, 2011-06-28, 06:47AM CDT

I had a very similar experience with a Castel salesman last night. He went on for 1 hour 20 minutes. Very pushy and rude. He must have spent about 1 hour of my time telling me how bad every other window company is. It did not take very long for me to realize that they are scammers.

d9ad4e49, 2011-06-28, 08:06AM CDT

They are the worst. Windows that break, poor installation. When you call they are rude, never keep an apointment and full of excusses. After they get your money they are useless. We just found mold from a leak from the window caulking that sucked, and of course they had more excuses than you can even make up. The goof they sent out to fix could not even see the caulking was loose and not even sealed. They present themselves as if they make the windows, instead you find out they only install, and they sub that out to incompanent and unprofessional people. They need a class action law suit against them for the mis representation, poor workmanship, inconsiderate repair people as well as the rude people in the office. If you dont belive me just examine one of thier jobs and talk to someone who had the misfortune of using them. They and thier windows suck.

6df82583, 2011-09-08, 07:00PM CDT

WOW, so glad I didn't fall for their nonsense. I had filled out a form on line for window replacement companies. About one second after I hit "send," a Castle phone rep called me to make an appointment. The salesman started out nice, but was at my house for 3+ hours too, ignored my repeated requests for him to wrap it up and leave, told me I needed to replace ALL the windows and doors in the house for "energy savings," quoted me an astronomical price, same thing as the above post says. My house is in a rural setting, I was there by myself, I told him I had to leave, and he complained he had driven over 2 hours to meet with me. I said "That is not my problem. You need to discuss that with your company's appointment setters, not with me." He got ruder and pushier toward the end. I finally walked out of my house, got in my vehicle, locked the doors, and called my son on my cell phone. Salesman came to my car window, knocked on it, and tried to wheedle me into spending another half hour with him and "this will be done." I said, "No, it is done now, and you had BETTER leave. Get off my property!" It was a horrible experience. I would never buy anything from them.

1387a2bc, 2011-10-11, 12:48PM CDT

I agree they are awful and TOTALLY rude! First they set up an appointment and canceled when they were due to arrive. Then he showed up an hour late, and wouldn't even measure...just tried to pressure a deposit for contract without even giving the so called estimate! To top it off, he asked me WHY I didn't have a credit card for him? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS is what I should have said. He then called his boss in front of me and had a conversation about me, which was basically insulting as if I was not even in the room. The guy was so unpolished and rude that he is too rough to sell cars...never mind windows! GO ELSEWHERE- I mean it.

5cf46b45, 2011-11-29, 09:22AM CST

I have just read the 1st page of complaints about THE CASTLE window people. My husband and I were also held hostage with their sales pitch. I don't need to ramble on about their pitch because it is all said in these other reviews....but will add the following. TWO sales reps came to my house...Ridge Koenig, Regional Manager and Dan (with no last name) supposedly a SVP (made sure we knew that) aiding the sales process. After the sales pitch, Ridge took my husband to measure the windows, and Dan became the Design Man attempting to upsell the sale. Both my husband and I knew something was up when we separated. Well the long and short of it was they offered a price of $31,500 price was good for about 1 week, but we could purchase right then for $21,000 and they would throw in a new front door and full glass storm door. When my husband said he would not purchase that day....the 2 men became rude and stormed out. These guys sales tactics mirrored that of the SHARKS that try to sell TIME SHARES. Needless to say, the 26 windows that I need,that they wanted $31,500 for, or the today only price of $21,000, I was able to purchase and have installed by a building contractor for $9200! DO NOT BUY FROM THE "CASTLE" PEOPLE! They are ponzi scheme...time share shark sales people who are just full of hot air. We burst their balloon and so should everyone else.

7dc3806a, 2011-12-24, 08:33AM CST

They are not the only ones that pass it on. Not by far. Sevral companys pass the warrentee on. Including Home Depot. I went threw training for castle windows and quit. They train you to lie to customers, Not my way of selling!

01c42ece, 2012-04-02, 10:58PM CDT

We were expecting to get an estimate for windows from Castle. And what we got was two hours of the guy using terms like "brain dead" or stupid about people who didn't sign a check, repeating how Castle does only one call and don't bother calling back if we didn't give a check that night. He said we wouldn't get the same "discount" that he was offering at that time. They supposedly do too much business so it doesn't make sense for them.

The hard sell, fear tactic, approach is a real turn-off, unnecessary, and stupid in this day and age. If a company is so confident about their product and pricing then they wouldn't worry about giving an estimate, and certainly not worry about the customer researching their's or other companies.

9ea3e9fb, 2012-04-18, 11:36AM CDT

We had the same issues only we weren't as strong as you and ended up having them installed to a tune of 13,000.00. What a nightmare installation was. You got lucky.

34d04f90, 2012-04-19, 09:45AM CDT

I had Castle put 19 windows and three sliders in my home four years ago and it has proven to be the biggest mistake I have ever made as a home owner! I have to have service calls performed on my windows an average for four times a year, the sad part is about 50% of these have been for the same sliding door, and it still is not working properly.

Overall the staff is just plan rude, and generally shows little care or concern for a customer and their problems. When you call for service, it is generally between six to eight weeks before they can have a technician come out to the house, usually you will be given a choice of one or two appointments that fit their schedule, or have to wait longer for the service call (like 10 to 12 weeks).

Over the four years I have dealt with Castle I have had five no shows on service calls, to add to it, they never contact you to cancel, and when you call about it they don???t even offer an apology, the closet you will get is something along the lines of ???you have to understand we are busy???. They don???t care about your time, or the fact you may have to do things like take a day off from work, for nothing.

Service calls are a joke, despite telling the operator what is wrong when I call for the service appointment the technician has never once had the needed pieces or equipment with him. Some calls have been for simple things like a lock that will not work, but they do not carry them on the trucks or stock them at their local office. So then I have to wait another six to eight weeks for them to order the part, and come out and replace it (Generally they will not process the order and you have to call them). I have also on a few occasions had the technician come out with the part to be replaced, only to not have the needed tools with him, and ask to barrow things from me. This is not specialized equipment we are talking about things like screw drivers and pry bars.

The slider I mentioned that has never worked correct developed a leak in the frame, this caused water to seep in and damage the laminate flooring in my dining room. To make the problem worst the floor I have is out of production and the manufacture has changed the locking system. Castle has admitted that the damage was caused by them, and replaced the door frame, however will not fix the floor. We are now going on four months of Castle admitting it is their fault, but refusing to fix it. They have offered to make some alterations to the floor by adding a small riser to cover up the area. Basically they want to put a one inch high piece of wood and extend it out over my floor about 12 inches to cover the damage, and don???t think it would be an issue even though it will not match the rest of the room.

If you have an issue like my floor they send you to PAT, he is by far one of the rudest, most inconsiderate people I have ever dealt with. over two months of telephone calls and emails he only responded to me twice, once to set up a telephone conference call, in which he failed to keep, never bothered to contact me and let me know, and when I contact Castle a little while later was told he was not scheduled to be in that day! When I finally had contact with Pat it is just sad, he flat out said things like ???I don???t check my messages and read my email???, yet he is responsible for handling damage claims. Pat seems to only want to brag about Castle, tell the customer they are wrong, claim to handle problems, but really just give a lot of lip service and run around. Pat makes going to the DMV and the Dentist in the same day seem like a treat!

My issues are still not resulted and we are approaching five months.


When asked about windows I tell everyone, contact anyone but Castle!

2f9aa729, 2012-04-20, 08:34AM CDT

I am officially traumatized by window company salesmen, including Castle. My husband and I have always worked under the assumption that you do your homework for big expenses, take a some time to make a choice and then write a check. Well, our meeting with Castle last night confirmed that this is clearly not how the window industry works. We looked at several companies and started to weed out the poor quality windows. But it seemed that everyone wanted us to cut a check or go to contract the same night of the estimate. When we told the Castle Rep last night, at 9:30pm, that we would think about it he got rude, bullying and plain old belligerent. Basically all the comments below are exactly what happened. So I do have to say this to Bruce from Castle, Thank you for helping me to support my local small businessman. As you made it very clear that you dont need my business, then I will not be giving you my business and I will make sure that I dont recommend you to anyone either!

e90713e6, 2012-07-15, 01:17PM CDT

I am so glad I read this and all the other comments regarding Castle windows. They were at my house yesterday, for about 3 hours, with the hard sales pitch. He was very energetic and flamboyant, working on making a connection with my wife, which was quite entertaining. He spent a lot of time telling me that Castle manufactures, installs, and warrants all the window products. He also was very vocal about the fact that Castle has workman's compensation - he mentioned that no less than 5 times during the first few minutes of his pitch.

I was very surprised to read the comment above that states the windows Castle installs come from Soft-Lite. I looked up Soft-Lite on the internet and discovered the window presented to me was an exact duplicate to the one on the web site.

Armed with this knowledge, I am now prepared to pursue having my local contractor, who I trust, install my windows.

Krista B., 2012-08-13, 02:34PM CDT

I have a complaint, too. I had signed up online for some estimates from window companies (big mistake, but I figured no biggie). I get 7 phone calls in ONE day from them! Started at 8:10 a.m. Seriously, what business (other than maybe a doctor's office returning your urgent call) calls that early. They called again at 8:30, then sometime between 9 and 10 (I was out of the house, but that's what the caller id said), then 10:15, then 12:15, then 2:00, then 2:45. I finally answered the last time, and when I told the person that I was annoyed at all of the calling (and no messages left), she said, "This is the first time we've called you" either they weren't keeping records of who was calling who, or she lied to me and knew it. I told her that wasn't the case, etc. I didn't ugly, but I did get a tone with her, and she hung up on me. I called back and chose the option to speak to someone. A gentleman answered, and I explained what was going on, as well as the fact that the other girl either lied or had her information wrong, and that she was rude and hung up on me. He said, "Well, when you sign up online, you can expect to get calls from multiple companies. That's just how it works". (I reminded him that I was only complaining and them and their multiple calls from one company. He then said something about it being an auto-dialer that keeps dialing back. I get that (don't like it, but I understand kinda how it works). When I said that I thought that was a very poor way to do business, he said, "That's your opinion". I said that I've never experienced that from anyone else, even Verizon (who calls often enough to annoy me). He didn't really acknowledge that, but he knew that I was highly annoyed. In closing the call, he said, "We'll be sure to take you off our calling list.....and I'll say a little prayer for you on Sunday". I'm no dummy. I know how condescending he meant that last comment to be. UN. BE. LIEVABLE.

Salesman, 2013-01-02, 05:06PM CST

Wake up people! Everybody is so surprised that the Salesman insist on a signed deal and check without giving them time "to think about it" or to shop competitors. Here's why: The salesman is limited to a one-shot close. If he closes the sale, he gets paid. If he does not close the sale, he doesn't get paid a dime. And he WILL NOT get another chance. If the customer buys the windows from the company at a later date (the next day, for example), the salesman will not be involved and he will not be paid. Period. This is how large companies operate. I have been selling windows and other home improvements for many years, and I have worked for many different companies. Every company that I have ever worked for operates this way: The One-Shot Close!

Some salesmen, when they realize that they are not going to make the sell, get rude. After all, what have they got to lose? The rudeness will actually cause some people to make the buy. They feel guilty, thinking they must have somehow misled the salesman, causing him to respond that way. In sales circles, a salesman who uses this technique to close most of his deals is know as a "Bull". He moves a lot from company to company, and some companies will not hire a known Bull unless they are in very tough straights.

For the sales department's point of view, the problem with a one-shot close is how to convince the customer to buy on the first visit. It is a matter of creating "Urgency". So how do you do that? You can offer a discount that's good only on the first visit, throw in something for free for "tonight only", get the manager involved and let him use his "higher authority" to make the special offer. People just love to think that they are getting a special deal. Get the picture? Most sales departments spend 80% of their time working on their "urgency stories".

If you will re-read all of these horror stories about the salesman's rude behavior and at the same time consider that he has only this one chance to make a penny from each lead, you will begin to understand just what is going on. And if he hasn't closed a sale for some time, he just might be very hungry and stressed beyond his tolerance. Of course, there's no excuse for rude or unprofessional behavior. On the other hand, in today's "society" there's not much emphasis on moral character either -- especially when it comes to business. After all, business is business.

Personally, I can't see why everyone is so shocked and can't figure out the reason for all these rude salesmen. It is quite simple really. But if everyone was smart enough to figure it out, that rude salesman would never make a sale. Perhaps people just can't believe that a company would use such a system as the One-Shot-Close. "Impossible. Not in America."

1ab5ca9e, 2013-02-12, 01:37PM CST

Wish I had read the reviews before I even made an appointment or let the salesman from Castle Windows into our home. First impression should have been a clue. We let the salesman in and the first words out of his mouth were "can I use your bathroom" great start, huh...well he was in there for maybe 5 min taking a crap. I didn't even want to listen to his sales pitch after that, i was disgusted. ... 6 small replacement basement windows, 12x34 and he wanted over 4grand.. are you KIDDING!! what a joke, my husband threw him out.

55712875, 2013-03-05, 08:07PM CST

DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH CASTLE, YOU WILL REGRET IT, LIKE I DID. I went to Castle because of their size and warranty but it was a big mistake. Wanted windows and siding done, but was told could only get siding done as a "repeat customer". The salesmen, I learned only gets paid on the windows. Gave a $500 deposit, then later called to cancel. John the manager needed to talk to me 1st. He tried using bully tactics, then tried nice guy "let us come out, the salesmen made a mistake, we can do both jobs". They sent another guy out for window measurements that I didn't sign off on. Siding guy came out and wasn't even in the ball park for prices, again didn't sign off on anything final. Called John again to cancel, he then berates me after I told him he could keep my deposit. They're now suing me, and I'm shopping for a good lawyer to give it right back to them. CASTLE IS RUN BY THUGS DON"T LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!

4e5ee209, 2013-03-16, 06:48PM CDT

Don't even consider calling Castle for an estimate. The most annoying salesman spent 2 hours here trying to pressure me into buying his windows. First he tries to make friends with you, telling you all about his family and making mindless conversation. Then he goes on to degrade all other contractors. The first price he quoted was $4100. Then he called his imaginary boss to see just how low he would go. The final price was $3300, however I had to sign and give a deposit at that moment in order to get that price. The whole thing is such a scam. So why wasn't it $3300 in the first place? I hate being treated like I'm an idiot. I didn't believe for one minute that I was getting a great deal. I sent him on his way and called a reputable local contractor who quoted a price of $2200 for windows that are comparable, if not better than Castle. Do not deal with Castle unless you don't mind being treated like a fool.

Daisy D., 2013-05-15, 07:58AM CDT

I purchased a large triple window from Castle that took two months to get installed.

There is nothing wrong with the window, it's the installation that went very bad. The installers tried to "scab" boards together to make the trim inside the window frame. When I was not happy with the way that looked, one of the installer left and went to Home Depot to get more trim wood. Then they used un-paintable caulk on the interior, which according to one of the people who mans the service department phones, is their normal caulk. However, when I called to say I could not paint it, I was told that someone would come out to look at it. Two weeks later, a service person came to the house and removed the un-paintable caulk, damaged the walls, scratched the vinyl and replaced the caulk with a Lowes brand caulk. He also looked at the metal trim on the exterior of the window that will not lie flat. He tried to use caulk to hold that piece down but was unsuccessful. I called the service department again, about the lousy caulking job and was told by someone else that they should not have removed the caulk at all, that we should have been told to use a different primer, but someone would call us the next day. No one called. I called back. When I spoke with another service person, I was told someone will come back to the house to look at the caulking and the damage to the vinyl. That could happen in about a month due to the fact that they don't work on weekends - funny that they worked on weekends when they installed and they worked on a weekend to do the re-caulking that apparently should not have been done but now, they don't work on weekends. I think Castle was quick to contract for the window and slow to actually get around to doing the installation and the service is extremely poor. Not sure if that is a result of where you live and who services your account or not but I am extremely disappointed and pretty sure I won't do business with Castle Windows again and I won't be recommending them.

8b5962a7, 2013-04-26, 10:35PM CDT

I went with a much better company...I looked into Castle Windows and made an appointment. Prior to that, a competitor warned me about them since I was looking around. He said, just do some research, look at reviews online. Thank god he told me to do that. It wasn't good from what I saw. But I still went forward to at least get an estimate. I was scheduled one evening, but no one showed up....they canceled my appointment and blamed it on a accidental cancelation since someone in another state had my exact same last name for that day as believable at all. After I cancelled my next appointment, they tried to talk me into a better offer for trade in windows. I said no, and cancelled it. After that, i got a call stating from the manager that they would give me a better offer....Still said no. Then come time to when my appointment would have been, a guy shows up apologizing and stating that they would still like to give me an estimate and provide me with even a better offer....they are desperate, and they knew they screwed up. If they can't get a appointment right, I surely do not want them taking my windows out and installing new ones...I just don't have time for a company who works half fast.

6a7192e4, 2013-05-07, 02:06PM CDT

I can't stop castle windows from calling me.I had 3 windows installed and i don't want anymore .4 months straight at least 2 times a month someone calls me i say no thank you put me on the do not call list.they hang up 2 weeks or a little more go by and they call again. i can't get anywhere with these people.i think im going to file a harrasment complaint with they're local police department.

c04ebd50, 2013-07-09, 07:07AM CDT

Castle also taunts their replacement warranty. After having purchased the windows, one started cracking from stress ... outside glass covered with non-damaged screening (showing nothing hit it). I called Castle on April 8, 2013 - requesting replacement. We discussed the window location and size - and it was confirmed that they had it on record. Four weeks went by and I called again to determine the timing of the replacement. Oh - it was oh hold as they said they didn't have the size. WHAT?? ... but was told they would clear it up and call me back. They did not. I called again the next week ... they couldn't find the size - so I gave it to them again. In fact, I even read off the codes in the upper inner frame for verification. "It will be ready in a couple of weeks and we'll call you back to schedule the installation" Hey, it's the sash - no "installation" required! Ah, but they had to deliver it and have an installer come over. OK .. now THAT was four weeks ago ... it is now over three months since I reported the break. I wonder what we would have done in an emergency - break-in, tree/storm damage, etc. Hey, Lowe's/Home depot ... you have a lot of plywood??

Krista B., 2013-07-09, 07:29AM CDT

I posted about my horrible experience with their aggressive and rude sales calls almost a year ago. As noted here on August 13, 2012, I asked them to stop calling, so they did. Well, they started up again a few months ago.....only calling maybe once every few weeks or so. I never answer, and they never leave a message, but next time I think I will answer and see what they have to say, and remind them of my request from last year.

timothy t., 2013-08-12, 09:55AM CDT

Don't buy anything from castle windows, they do not stand behind their work.

bjj, 2013-10-26, 09:47AM CDT

We purchased 12 windows from Castle in 2005. There is suppose to be a lifetime warranty. Most of the telephone numbers on the contract have been disconnected. When I called the 800 number, I was told that because the contractors in Virginia have gone out of business, we no longer have any warranty. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM........they do not stand behind their product.

5e9b02ad, 2013-10-29, 07:46PM CDT

Oct 29/13

Castle is the probably the most inept business I have run across. Their office people are rude and ignorant. I ordered in addition to 5 windows one of their supper storm doors.

The installed it on the wrong door. All the windows were installed substandard no water and ice shield no calking. The one guy did the windows and my contractor had to reset and make them weather tight.

1 year later I was in the green room 3 big windows facing south and I notice in window run on the right the tip of a plastic bag, so I opened the window and fished out the bag and in it were 4 4inch screws which were meant for the four corners directly into the studs. All three windows had the same situation.

I could have had very good Andersen's for about half the price.

Stay away from these people.

211a3df1, 2013-12-12, 07:38AM CST

When you meet with a Castle Rep and listen to his presentation, you will know more about vinyl windows than most Mickey Mouse Wannabe contractors. I don't like Castle's "Old School" sales tactics. Be prepared to negotiate! On the other hand, you will grow to appreciate their "Old School" complete customer service and proper installation! Superior installation from the outside! They do, 100% stand behind their poduct, for the lifetime of the building! You should know, or you will learn... you always get what you pay for! For those of you who do not know how to negotiate a price follow this advice... If your stuck in a position negotiating a price whether it be for windows or buying a car... if a sales rep leaves, you were given the best price. So you might quickly call him back or go back into the dealership! Good Luck!!

1162ccd9, 2013-12-13, 02:54PM CST

I called Castle windows after seeing an ad in the Valpak. They sent a rep out that same night. He was prompt and came prepared but offered discounts only if we agreed that night. I reluctantly agreed and my husband and I signed the contract. I called the next day to cancel feeling a little rushed into the decision. The manager Robert called me and after talking to him and about the lifetime warranty on the windows I agreed again. ( Robert is the best thing about the company)

They called when the windows were ready and set up an Appt the next morning at 9am. After 10 am I called looking to see when the would show up only to be told the truck broke down and they couldn't get there until 1pm. No one called me to let me know there would be a delay. After 1:30 I called again to say no one was here only to find out that it would not be until 3pm now, AGAIN no call to me the customer. They showed up at 3 to install 10 windows that took 5 hours. It was dark by now so they should have just rescheduled.

After the windows were installed they were never wiped down, one didn't work properly, my window molding was torn down (which I was told would not be) and was siliconed back up, very very messy. there was broken glass in my bathroom from a window that must have broke and wasn't properly cleaned up, and my accent wall was scratched up and chipped along with paint around the bedroom windows.

After calling to complain, they sent someone out a week later to take pictures and see the damage and if he could fix it. He was unable to fix anything that day but sent pics back to the supervisor. Again I had to call a week later to check the status. Spoke with the supervisor who was unable to locate my paperwork at the time, he scheduled me for someone to replace my molding today 12/08/13 at 9am. Yet again, at 10:15 I called to see where the tech was, only to find out that my molding got wet and they would have to reschedule again! (how my molding got wet in a work van I will never know), I asked for a credit instead of wasting any more of my time with waiting all day for no one to come. I was offered a gift card for $50-$75. What an insult. Instead the appt was rescheduled for Friday 12/13/13 at 9am. The tech came unannounced at 3pm just to measure since they had no info on my measurements.

Now today 12/13/13 the tech was on time but only had enough material for 1 window instead of the 6 that were supposed to be done. I was told to call the company. I called and waited for a callback from the manager John. When he called he did apologize but offered for them to come back later. I did not want to waste any more of my time waiting for this company to fix their mistakes, and couldnt commit to having the afternoon open after freeing up my morning as well. I again asked for a credit so I could have another company fix the damages instead. I was then offered a $200 credit. That credit would not even cover the paint in the 3 rooms, spackle, new wood for trim or get my 12 wasted hours back! Before the sentence fully came out someone in the background yelled out "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa". I was then put on hold and then told his supervisor was not ok with that. What kind of customer service from a supervisor is that???!!!! Especially after this was their 4th time coming out and the problem had yet to be resolved. They have no consideration for other peoples belongings or time!!!

I am so disappointed with this company and its customer service. I would NEVER recommend anyone to use this company. DO NOT GET WINDOWS FROM THEM!!!!! worst mistake I made!

timothy t., 2013-12-14, 11:14AM CST

They did me the same way. Its been 2 years and they never repaired my floor from the window leak. Timothy Thornton Newton Grove NC 28366. I want them to know my name.

0f74b99e, 2014-01-07, 02:06PM CST

MY husband and I had castle windows come out to our home to give us a price on windows they were very pushy so we ended up getting 4 widows which were not worth the money that we spent the windows leak air really bad I would never recommend castle windows to any one the purchase we made was a waste of money please don't call these people

c2facf48, 2014-01-09, 06:51AM CST

we bought a our house 1 year ago it has castle windows in it (15) they all leak had them come out to look they sent a sales guy out to try sell new windows. the sales guy said the windows have no warranty they were to old. Life time ???????????? what a joke for a company. Offered $75.00 buy back for each window then offered $1400.00 discount for old windows. If a life time warranty is for life time then it should be life time. I'm not interested in castle windows and I think they are a scam of a company.

3e816114, 2014-01-29, 01:54PM CST

I have had 2 dealings with Castle Windows and each was informative, low key and I purchased the windows. I was not bullied, high-balled or in any way given misinformation about the windows, price, warrantee, or time of delivery. I trust consumers to do their part in the purchase process.


7495c0e9, 2014-01-30, 01:01PM CST

Had them out twice from Minneapolis/St. Paul about 1-15 years ago (now seem to be defunct)

We got a "good" price and the windows were far better than even the new Pellas I put in our recent new addition. Issue was, on the first half of our install, the guy putting them in didn't caulk or insulate at ALL the gaps of the replacement windows...I asked him about it and he said the "inside trim will block that" frigging wow.

Now, in the arctic weather we had, one of the interior panes is cracked (no, nothing hit it as its covered with 3m plastic) I have ZERO confidence I will be able to find anyone from Castle to send a replacement--(I can install it myself)

Overall, the windows themselves have been high quality with little problems. I sounds like 1. you need to say "no" at least 4 times, 2. you gotta get a good crew to install them.

Keep in mind there are 100's of window dealers--check on them before you buy!!!

Patricia S., 2014-01-31, 10:04AM CST

Castle Windows is FAR FROM WHAT THEY PROFESS TO BE!!! We had 3-large, 1-average, & 1 small kitchen windows installed; service is absolutely disgusting as they do their best to intimidate the customer, telling me I don't know what I'm saying. Their "lifetime guarantee" is NOT lifetime but only 7-years & 1-day...! The do NOT acknowledge receipt of any e-mails nor want to rectify a bad situation but they sure as heck keep calling you to try selling more windows. Our windows are less than 2-years old & had nothing but problems with air leaks, mold under the frame, & other major issues. The one window was only installed with 2-screws & NOT secured on the one side so the entire wall moved when pushed on. The windows are JUNK; glass is extremely cold, air comes around the frames, close blinds & you feel the air coming around the blind... WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND CASTLE WINDOWS & I'D RUN BEFORE BELIEVING WHAT THEY TELL YOU. Not one good word about the company!!!

f07824ec, 2014-02-21, 01:51PM CST

Support your local companies not big business. They are not as stable as you think, with all the buying & selling of companies. Discontinued product lines... the list goes on. Buying local will help your community survive. If your locals go out of business then you can count on a higher taxes... so now what did your home improvement cost?

6a5da495, 2014-02-22, 12:44PM CST

I am a young sales rep for castle windows , been with them for 4 years now

I decided to read everybodies posts/complaints/compliments towards Castle Windows. Now obviously I am going to stand up for my company and the product but first I want to thank everybody that took the time to post compliments on a COMPLAINT website. It's very thoughtful and appreciated.

The only thing I want to focus on is the fact that the public has to realize a few things . This website is designed for people to complain. More people complain than they do compliment and I think that's a shame. We are a large FAMILY OWNED company that donates a lot of time and money towards the less fortunate and also charities. When's the last time your "local contractor" contributed any of his time to something like that? I bet he is so friendly to the point where you don't even realize he is ripping you off because he says he will install the windows for close to nothing on the dollar. And what are you going to do when he decides it's time to retire and 8 years ago he told you he will come back and fix your windows for free? When's the last time you worked for free ? I know a lot of contractors that buy their windows online from craigslist...CRAIGSLIST!!! Used windows !! But would you know the difference ? Absolutely not..

Castle is a very well known company that has a window with their name on it and a warranty that states IF ANYTHING EVER GOES WRONG WITH YOUR WINDOW WE WILL FIX IT FOR FREE ... Do you honestly think our rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BEREAU would still be an A+ after 43 years if we were just out to screw people over !?!

And let me make a point about the number of complaints on this website .. The first complaint on this website was in 2009 .. Now 5 years later .. 5 YEARS .. You've accumulated 297 complaints against us .. We install over 250,000 windows every year ... Do the math !

An estimated 1.25 MILLION WINDOWS .. And only 300 complaints

Every job isn't going to be perfect.

And one more thing I want to talk about and this is directed at the public with respect.

Please understand that every sales rep has his own way of selling a deal or talking his way out of a house.

Most of our guys are a bit older now and on the verge of retirement. They stil have that old school pressure sales pitch and I apologize for that because it's no longer effective as it has been in the past.

Does that mean our product isn't good? Absolutely not

I have been doing this 4 years now and I'm a young buck

I absolutely stand by Castle Windows and so does every single one of my customers that bought windows from me because they were educated by me to make the right decision and trust that everything I'm telling them is absolutely true. I'm not a salesman I'm a window educator haha

7495c0e9, 2014-02-22, 04:36PM CST window is cracked on the inside pane--and the local "castle" windows seems to be out of business. How do I get the broken pane replaced?

7dbc3321, 2014-02-22, 09:12PM CST

We had asked the rep from Castle to visit and give pricing on the 4 windows to be replaced. What a terrible experience I have never been so insulted, treated with disrespect, and humiliated. Even after he was asked to leave he continued the high pressured sales pitch even ended telling him he was a sleaze ball had to nearly throw him out. He refused to give pricing without assurance of signing a contract and making a deposit that very minute. How can a large company ask the possible customer to do business in this manner? The price would continue to rise by $300.00 each time the rep would return for more visits. What is that all about? It is safe to say we will tell everyone we meet not to deal with this company. We can only hope their business should decline with this kind of representation. I wish we had the name of the rep but he never gave us that info.

Krista B., 2014-02-23, 11:25AM CST

Be that as it may, 6a5da495 (young sales rep for Castle Windows), but as far as I (and a lot of other people) are concerned, if you have crappy customer service with multiple people on multiple occasions, I don't care if your windows are supposedly among the best (they are not, as I know of many other friends who have tried dealing with Castle with very similar results as those who have posted here), I will not deal with people who are like that! When customer service has a poor attitude, it's entirely possible that they are compensating for a product that lacks quality, or for any number of other shady, unappealing business tactics.

Further, yes you may think that there are far more compliments than complaints, but even if you install 1 million windows, if even 1,000 customers are unhappy, that is pretty bad. Many people who have complaints don't know where/who to complain to (other than your own poor customer service people, which all appear to be trained in that manner.....otherwise we wouldn't all be talking about different sales/customer service reps that are this way. If it was one guy, yeah he might just need a talking to by his boss, but that's not the case. So just because there are only 300 complaints over the years that are on this site, don't fool yourself into thinking that is the reality. Many people don't even know this site exists. Others know that it's not worth their time to complain anymore cuz they tried to let someone in the office know, via phone, and got the treatment that was in my original post.

As for there being so many more satisfied customers, again, don't fool yourself into thinking that means they think particularly highly of the company. They probably are just "satisfied" and not "highly satisfied" or impressed, as I can't imagine this company has anyone that goes above and beyond (other than to try to kiss up) to make the customer fully happy.

And if there are even 2 sales or customer service people who have been rude to any customer at any time, that tells me that the company is not screening their employees properly, or that perhaps they even train them to be that way.

Adam S., 2014-02-26, 09:21AM CST

I'm so glad I read this before calling for a "free estimate". I got flyer that seems too good to be true. The last time I had a "free estimate" I had guy come out and give me some BS sales pitch for two and a half hours for windows that were way more than I'm willing to pay. Castle Windows sounds like the same kind of deal. I'm sure they're good windows (according to their little salesman, 6a5da495, all 297 people with complaints complained on this website), but probably more than I'm currently willing to pay, and I don't feel like trying to get some salesman out of my house when I don't like the estimate.

5d5f4d21, 2014-03-23, 11:18AM CDT

One more complaint to add to the list.

Oh, yes, the windows installed are so-so. Certainly not as fantastic as the sales person's shpeel. Three upper part of the windows, in the very cold weather actually have inside condensation.

But that aside, apparently, like their warranty, their advertising gimmick to pay you for a referral is also a scam! Can you believe?

I have called four times and told that the person dealing with this is either not in or will call me. NOT. The referral person has also called to no avail.

To this day, three months after the referral's installation, no referral fee has been given, nor has anyone contacted me.

What more can one say, other than this company, family owned or not, does not stand by its word, nor appreciates referrals. Never again!

Dan C., 2014-05-22, 09:15PM CDT

Reading these complaints and praises of this company makes me sick...The people who obviously went through this company either has tons of money or are absolutely ignorant on any renovations or home improvements. As myself working 60 hours a week and with an extensive background in the building industry of residential construction for 16 years with no time installing the windows myself I called castle and they just left 05/22/14.I am absolutely disgusted on the sales pitch and wanted me to pay right there and then.My story is exactly like the very first story on this blog.10 grand for 16 windows is absolutely absurd. Anderson Windows premium double hung I can get for 150 a window.He cut my wife and I off every sentence and used the energy savings for his argument. Anyone paying 10 grand for windows is an absolute idiot and time will show on work.I will get the Anderson windows and install myself.He wouldn't even let me sleep on it for one night.Demanded payment right then and there.And to top the cake he tells me they don't shim any window.Rule number 1 when installing windows half inch play and shimming for exact level and no window stress as pine or any wood under any heat or cold expands and contracts leaving windows stress free or from falling out.Always remember my people that's their job like selling tires.100+ houses built never used nothing but anderson and never one complaint.Im not knocking the product cause I never used it but to me the talk game was more than the product.

9dcbcd1d, 2014-05-22, 10:44PM CDT

And don't ever expect to receive the $50 referral fee! Called four times and it's now four months later and still not phone call as promised, nor a check!

710ba54d, 2014-05-28, 08:04AM CDT

i would never recommend anyone going to castle windows for any work to be done on their home. I had a man come out and he was very pushy with having me buy one their windows. I had a greenhouse window and they wanted a large some of money to replace it so i went with a casement window which cost me $1500.00. When the guys were suppose to come out i made arrangements for someone to be here and i also left work early so i could get here before they left. Well they never showed up. I told them to come the next day, so they did. I wish you could have seen the job they did the worse ever. All you could see on the inside of the house was all silicone all over the window. It was horrible, so they had to send someone else to come out and redo that mess. So these guys came out and took the window out and redid it. That was not to bad it was a better than the other guys. I still have to call them back because the flashing on the outside of the house is coming off. I have had carpenters in my house and told me they did not do a good job on the molding on the inside of the house so i think i am going to talk to them about that. Oh yeah they told me for all my trouble that i got $500.00 off on any other work i would like to have done. Just for the fun of it i called them about installing a standard back door and a storm door, hold on to your seats for this one, they wanted $4000.00 with the $500.00 off. I nearly fell off my chair. I said you have to be kidding me. I told then i did not want a gold door just a standard door. I since had the storm door replaced and it did not even cost $200.00 that is buying it and having it installed. DO NOT BUY CASTLE WINDOWS THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

0c656c70, 2014-05-28, 08:13AM CDT

Really Andersen windows for $150 each??? I work for a contractor and our windows start at 450 each installed. We are part of the idiots that paid 10 grand for over 15 windows, and would do it again, sorry you all had such a bad experience but we liked Castle...And we just got our new doors installed, talk about a difference in our living room and kitchen! People are never happy!

ca2165f6, 2014-05-29, 01:23PM CDT

I paid 3 my windows on 5/03/2014, was just told they havent been ordered yet... was promised installation by 06/03/2014. its 05/29/2014 ive called 5 times they keep telling me Jessica is in charge nd she will call you back, last time was a conversation with Dave at 11 am after they didnt call back from last nights call. its 2 pm Im waiting! I was told b4 ordering by a online service to charge them so I could dispute the sale. ill givem till 5 then American Express can deal.

Dan C., 2014-05-29, 01:49PM CDT

Be very careful with this company...Not very reputable.

e1a7f1f0, 2014-06-03, 09:44AM CDT

I am very disturbed about this company ! My retired mother of age 68 purchased a home finally ! 20 years after a bitter divorce she was ready to purchase a home. She has only been in the house for exactly 5 weeks. Berks County, Eastern PA, had a very bad hailstorm. (very rare, has never happened like this before ) Hail the size of golf balls, if not bigger. I am her daughter. I am 42 and I work full time. I can't be with my mom all the time. Because she is alone, I tend to watch over here as she is SO UTTERLY SWEET, she can be completely swayed into someone's words.....Hence this is what happened with her encounter with Castle Windows. The storm unfortunately caused a lot of damage, and knocked out 2 of her windows. Homeowners are covering it and she can select anyone she wants from anywhere after she receives an estimate. Meanwhile, My mom said reps from CASTLE Windows showed up at her door with images of glass windows. I asked her if she had called anyone, and she said NO. She had only googled windows on her computer ( she is new to that ) as well. I was at work when they came out. I called her 3 hours later, and they were still there in her home with window demonstrations !!! My mom only needed 2 window replaced -- just 2 windows to storm drainage. And THAT's IT. nothing out of her pocket moneywise. Insurance will cover it. THese people had my mom almost sign on the dotted line !!! $219 month payment on windows for the whole house for approximately $18,000 !!!!!!!!!! I had to cry over the phone and BEG and PLEAD to her - not to sign anything !!!!!!!!!!!!! and dont agree to anything !! My mom DID follow my advice and the sales people left.. I was very happy that she did not.. MY COMPLAINT IS THAT == INSTEAD OF JUST COMING OUT AND GIVING MY MOM AND ESTIMATE FOR THE 2 WINDOWS FOR HER HOUSE, THEY HAD HER BELIEVING SHE NEEDED ALL THE WINDOWS REPLACED AND WAS GOING TO SIGN ON THE BOTTOM LINE AND HAVE A MONTHLY PAYMENT OF $219 FOR 7 YEARS....That is ludicrous. They also went on and on about Home Depot to my mom about how bad they are. yeah...thats why there is a Home Depot on every corner...Right ? The general manager called later in the evening and i answered my moms phone. I was so happy to tell the GENERAL MANAGER -- Absolutely not are we going with your company. I didnt care how much they lowered her payment. Sales people are sales people and we all know the raps they carry. But in this case -- WRONG ... JUST WRONG !!!!

c444d4c9, 2014-06-05, 09:18AM CDT

Although I could write for an hour, let's just say that I've had 14 ( yes 14) attempts to replace 1 window that they broke, over the last 14 months. To be fair, 1 visit was cancelled due to a blizzard and that is fine. After a seal broke they replaced the window yet broke the frame. Visit after visit after visit, many just to measure ??? The Installation manager also doubts his crew, stating that some have been fired and 1 he had to go buy a tape measure for. Mgmt is unreachable. I can ramble all day, but can easily remedy this problem 1) manaagement needs to step up, be accountable and come measure themselves. 2) management needs to actually check and confirm the new window measurements on the sticker before scheduling an appt ( most have been too wide, some without grids, the last one about 2 inches too how about checking the actual window vs the actual written measurements to see if they are the same ?? Not only are they wasting my time, they are wasting staff time, fuel, phone staff time and paying out money to have windows produced that are not usuable....duh. The products have actually been pretty good over the 8 yrs, phone staff is weak, tech staff fair, management beyond horrible. I will guess that many or most window companies operate the same... however there is time for correction and become the leader - a key role of management is responsibility and accountability and taking ownership of the problems.. basic, simple things. Good luck

5b36a7b6, 2014-06-12, 07:29PM CDT

The telemarketer for Castle Windows was obnoxious and would not take 'no' for an answer. She kept increasing the instant savings we would receive on each window or door, which leads me to believe (much like buying a car) that the value of the product is far below the selling price. She came off as offended as I repeatedly refused to accept a meeting for a free estimate - as if she was doing us a favor.

I try very hard to be pleasant when a telemarketer calls, as they are just trying to do their job, but I finally had to hang up on her in mid-sentence.

Seriously, has the 'hard sell' technique worked on anyone since the occasional rube at a used car lot in the 70s?

7befdea6, 2014-06-25, 10:09AM CDT

Castle Windows Service

absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

. don't keep appointments

. show up hours late, and don't call

. showed up with wrong doors for my house

And if you don't keep an appointment they will charge you for the next service call.

Would never use them again.

4e0cf2b4, 2014-07-18, 08:00AM CDT

I am convinced that Castle Widows is a scam. There is no way one can READ THE CAPTCHA.

I did submit a comment but lost it dealing with the captcha nonsense

Kathleen J. Mullen salesman I CANNOT REACH DAVID VIETS

ca2165f6, 2014-07-18, 09:57AM CDT

are you in Maryland?

have you left a message on the CW FB page?

David Viets is on linkedin profiles.

and FB

there are ways!

6a5da495, 2014-07-18, 10:09AM CDT

Your inability to post on this site isn't the fault of castle windows

I have their windows and I am very happy

You just posted 4 repetitious comments so obviously it is working

How come all these complaints and not one complaint about the actual window ?

Think about that ..

ca2165f6, 2014-07-18, 10:30AM CDT

the windows seem fine Ive not wintered with them yet, Its the Service and Lies and neglect that needs to be addressed, also the hard sell where both hubby and wifey need 2 b there stuff...

1b2f099d, 2014-07-23, 02:30PM CDT

I bought 9 windows from castle Windows 8to 10 years ago.The salesman told me at the time they had a lifetime guarantee, even said if I were mowing and rock went though a window they would come and fix it for free. Well, first of all , the installers did a very poor job, not to mention, they were very rude.

However, the main thing is the guarantee, three of the Windows have now had a seal break between the glass,you can't even see out of them.

I thought no problem, I have a lifetime guarantee.Except when I called ,I was told that the branch that I bought my windows from had went out of business, I was talking to castle Windows, but they couldn't do anything about much for my guarantee...

I would strongly advice against buying a product from this company, as once they get your money,they are done with you..false promises & guarantee that they DO NOT stand by...

Edward T., 2014-07-23, 04:05PM CDT

We ordered 11 windows and a back door. After waiting 6 weeks the windows came in ALL cut wrong. They reordered new windows. After 3 months and then installed, the thermal window worked but we discover the base of the screens were gaped allowing bugs to walk right in. The screens can easily pop out in a wind storm and when you lower the bottom windows it pulls your to windows down causing you to not be able to lock them until you push up on all of them. The kitchen had a broken latch and it took 3 weeks to get another screen which did not fit correctly and was gapped. When they were finished with the back door we did not allow them to leave because you can see day light through the edge of one side. They were drilled wrong. I payed a few months before they started for single guttering. They damaged my down spout and replaced it with a two piece with bolts in it. After reading all these issues why isn't someone in jail and what's left of this company made to pay restitution for all the damage. If they do not fix these problems, I will file suit and can allow others to file along with me.

Melanie, 2014-08-19, 03:25PM CDT

I had the Castle sales rep at my house for 3 hours too.. Bob Caracciola.. yes I am calling him out! He is a liar and a crook! The first thing I told him, my only concern was with the noise from the highway behind my house. He did the same spiel then calling his manager and gave me a better price if I signed right then and there... yada yada yada.. So since he PROMISED me up and down there will be a 70% noise reduction with his windows we reluctantly signed. He told me how cheap my old windows were, his windows are made by them.. Well wouldn't you know Castle windows have absolutely no noise fact they are worse!! And guess what.. the company won't do anything about it! They sent a guy out to check the installation which I knew wasn't the problem. This guy even told us we basically are screwed, that they will not do anything for us. I will never recommend them to anyone!

1188ea91, 2014-08-22, 10:40AM CDT

Three days ago I was filling out a request for a specific window installation company. My cat walked across the keyboard and somehow managed to send the email. Immediately I started getting calls from companies I never heard of, including Castle. By that time I had stopped answering the phone. But the Castle calls continued. Every hour or so. Eight calls the day before, nine calls yesterday not stopping until 7:54. That in itself is so creepy that I would never have these people on my property. This morning Castle woke me up. I was forced to phone them to get them to stop it. What does it mean when someone has time enough to place nine calls? That they have no business? That they have nothing else to do? That they're sociopaths? Then when I got through, there was an argument about giving this person information that she didn't need to transfer the call. Then the manager tried to justify his annoying tactics. I told him he'd been informed. He cannot call me again and if he does, I'll collect a $500 fine through the FCC do-not-call office and get an injunction. Thirty minutes have passed and no call. Did it work?

ca2165f6, 2014-08-22, 10:57AM CDT

they will knock at your door in 5-6 minutes!

Heather K., 2014-08-26, 04:04PM CDT

Back in April my wife and I decided to look into the window market and see what we would be looking at to replace our windows in our home. She had used Castle for her previous home and had no issues. So we set up an appointment. The guy came, and yes we got the 3 hour spiel. When it was all said and done the price was a shocking $9,000+. There was no way we could afford that at the moment. So I told the salesman that and magically the price came down to $6,000. So I asked what kind of financing they had to offer. Of course, I had to sign the contract for that to be able to be processed. So, like a fool, I signed the contract. He told me that we could cancel it within 3 days if we decided not to take the windows. We talked it over and decided to wait until timing with financials was a little better. I called them and told them that we could not do it right now but that we would look at it maybe in the fall or next spring. Well...since May my phone has been ringing non-stop!! Finally today I called them back and asked why they were still calling me when I told them we would let them know if we wanted to pursue this further. Then I was informed that I signed a binding contract and I am responsible for it. And if I do not honor my side of it then I will be sent to collections or have a lien put on my house. WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I went through everything with the manger and I told him what was said (not that they don't already know) and he informed me that calling and telling them that we did not want to pursue this at this time was not an acceptable form of cancellation and that they thought I meant that we just wanted to wait until fall to have the windows installed. SERIOUSLY??? So now im at a loss.....we are not financially comfortable enough to afford these windows...and I could fight it but how much would that cost me?? Im beyond frustrated already from the numerous calls...and now this! And to top it off I mustve thrown everything away once we "cancelled" it so I can not read anything to find out what exactly their cancellation policy is. Does anybody have any info that might help us??? Im speechless....

1188ea91, 2014-08-26, 04:55PM CDT

Without knowing any of the legalities, it seems to me that they need access to the house to install the windows. If they can't do the job, how can they pursue a case against you? I wish we had a consumer affairs office in Arlington. I think there's still one in Richmond.

I'm a little annoyed with as well. I type up a complaint and it's not accepted because I didn't fill in the Captcha, which they didn't present to me, or my password, which they didn't ask for, or or sign off on the terms that they didn't present either. And each time I do what they ask, they erase my comment. Who designs these sites?

5d40957f, 2014-11-08, 06:03PM CST

Where to begin???? They have THE worst customer service. Our windows don't lock w/o fighting with them. When we called to complain never a call back- shocking not!!!

However they have no problem calling us because they want to replace the remaining windows in our house. Here's the best part, when I tell them they never call me back regarding a problem they hang up on me! Honestly spend more money from a reputable company. If you choose this one - just burn ur money!!

Kendall C., 2014-11-20, 11:42AM CST

Castle windows are over priced and they never keep an appointment. This is my second time doing business with them and it seem that after you leave a deposit, it goes downhill

4bbea54c, 2014-11-28, 10:02AM CST

I set up an appointment with one of their sales reps after receiving a call from Castle not even 5 minutes after I opened an inquiry for a needed window and door replacement on After I got off the phone I got a suspicious feeling about them and felt pressured when they said they can be at my house in less than an hour. I did a quick research online of their reviews and after reading numerous complaints, I decided to cancel the appointment, thank goodness. (I hate the long winded high pressured sales pitch)

I went with a local handyman instead. Now my phone is ringing constantly from these Jokers with no messages left. Apparently you get placed on an automatic dial-er. Eventually you will have to pick up and tell them to scram. Hard to believe this day and age companies still do business like this??!

a5ad2233, 2015-02-13, 06:58AM CST

I purchased 11 windows from Castle. I know I paid a premium price but I received premium windows and service. Salesman was aggressive to get the sale, but not rude, no tricks, no calling the boss etc. Straight forward presentation with samples. The windows were in but I was on vacation. When I returned I called Castle and they had an installation crew at my house the next day and we just had 20 inches of snow. The installers arrived and covered my floors with commercial blankes so as not to damage them or track in snow. All windows were installed professionally and correctly. Each window was tested after being installed. They were extremely neat and cleaned up inside the house and removed all material they took out. You would not know they were there. I highly recommend Castle Windows.

ca2165f6, 2015-02-13, 08:50AM CST

It has been eight months and all the grout needs to be redone as it is turning black with mildew.


Laurie G., 2015-02-26, 11:05AM CST

A couple of years ago, we had Castle (from Passaic County, NJ ) out to do about six windows. They were a little bit of a custom job but still cost us over $5000. We then noticed that they left gaps in between the windows that essentially left us seeing daylight and the siding on the outside of the house. We called Castle and two weeks later the issues were fixed. We then had Castle come out to give us a price on five more windows that were smaller and just plain white. The pricing was the same as the custom Windows. For 2 1/2 hours this guy gave us a song and dance, and made us jump through hoops of fire to get a fair price. Then he said they would not accept a $500 coupon that they gave to us with the initial call. We told him to forget the whole thing and he left begrudgingly. Now we're getting calls from Castle all the time. We tell them to stop calling we don't want to do business with them but they persist. This last time was the proverbial straw. I told the salesperson exactly what went down, why we didn't want to do business with them anymore and not call our house again. I then hung up. This person continued to call back five more times to harass us. Then again today, less than a week later, this same salesperson calls us again. I told him never to call our house again. Three minutes later he calls the house again and doesn't say anything. What a bunch of jokers and crooks. We had another company price the Windows we wanted to have done at half the price. The same brand Windows! These Castle people are out of their minds. And their continued campaign of harassment and being conmen is outrageous. I will never do business with a company like this and I suggest anyone never do business with them either. Because even if the initial installation goes well, I can guarantee what proceeds after will not. Be warned, there are many reviews like mine out there.

d3e94f47, 2015-04-11, 03:10PM CDT

In 2008 I purchased windows from them. The only reason I used them because they could finance me. Which they attached to my mortgage.

The salesman came to the house , did his spiel. Price was crazy. Of course gives me the specials. I also needed a slider. I negotiated a price i was ok with. But the salesman did not tell me I needed new framed window boxes at $150 per window. I was getting 6 windows. Then he said someone from the factory will come to measure the windows, because they measure within 1/16 th of inch. HA!

when the guy measured them, i was watching, not within 1/16 of an inch but between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch. I asked about this, he said they adjust with the frame.

too late to cancel past 3 days. I ended up doing the framing my self, which is another story . The installers came, kind of left a mess. I was cleaning up glass for years, they did not trim one window correctly. One year the slider shattered by some one closing the kitchen door. they came a replaced free of charge. but NEVER AGAIN, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Not happy at all! I hope a class action suit comes against them

roberta t., 2015-05-08, 08:11PM CDT

Today is Friday may 8 I had a salesman out here on the 6th of may. For 11 windows they quoted me a price of 10,445.00. The paper advertisement stated that the windows would be $175.00 per window. When I asked him why the difference in the price he said that was just to get people to call. I was shocked at the price they quoted me. He kept going on about how they made them in their own factories. I helped him measure the windows and the tape measure didn't even touch the exact edge of the window on any of the measurements. If they were going to custom make them I would think the measurements should be exact.I signed the contract and gave him a check for $2000. and told him not to deposit it because I had to put the money in the bank,he assured me that he wouldn't even turn the check in until Friday (today) and they would deposit it on Monday. After sitting here thinking about the price and the way he measured the windows how are these windows going to fit correctly. There was no way they would. I called them today and told them to cancel the entire contract knowing that I had 3 days to cancel. I asked the rep on the phone if I needed to put a stop payment on the check and he said no, but someone would call me tomorrow to speak to me about the cancelation. I don't want to talk to anyone else my mind is made up. I got on the internet and put a stop payment on my check anyway just to be sure. After reading some of these reviews I'm glad I did. I hope I don't have anymore problems with this company because the salesman was very nice and I'm sure he was just following his script they gave him. I used to be in sales but I never lied to my customers and gave them the price and service I gave them. Time will tell if I like the salesman after tomorrow when he gets the message that I cancelled.

ca2165f6, 2015-05-08, 09:13PM CDT

the salesman is now out of the picture the 'mgr' will call and then the owner of the company... they sent a separate person a week after the sale to measure the window and the product is pretty good. The window for $175 is single pane and not very good quality but is available. Good luck with the stop pasyment cause now theyve ammo to start a breach of contract bad check lawsuit, to scare you. They did a good job but I would Never utilise them again, find a licensed carpenter and order your windows at lowes let him pick them up and install. Beware the Lowes install and measure trick its just as expensive and shady.... Good luck and keep us posted!

ca2165f6, 2015-05-08, 09:14PM CDT

the salesman is now out of the picture the 'mgr' will call and then the owner of the company... they sent a separate person a week after the sale to measure the window and the product is pretty good. The window for $175 is single pane and not very good quality but is available. Good luck with the stop pasyment cause now theyve ammo to start a breach of contract bad check lawsuit, to scare you. They did a good job but I would Never utilise them again, find a licensed carpenter and order your windows at lowes let him pick them up and install. Beware the Lowes install and measure trick its just as expensive and shady.... Good luck and keep us posted!

ca2165f6, 2015-05-08, 09:16PM CDT

the salesman is now out of the picture the 'mgr' will call and then the owner of the company... they sent a separate person a week after the sale to measure the window and the product is pretty good. The window for $175 is single pane and not very good quality but is available. Good luck with the stop payment cause now they've ammo to start a breach of contract bad check lawsuit, to scare you. They did a good job but I would Never utilize them again, find a licensed carpenter and order your windows at Lowes let him pick them up and install. Beware the Lowes install and measure trick it's just as expensive and shady (but better cust service).... Good luck and keep us posted!

98d88ca3, 2015-05-26, 11:33PM CDT

Castle Window isn't good company.They are big lair.They charge me $5,000 for 8 windows.i make complaint about 1 isn't properly finish.i still waiting for one answer tomorrow.Today was one Castle Window representatives and then after he bull shit with me I thought him out. I thinking for sue this company.

fb0cef48, 2015-05-27, 06:15PM CDT

What I do not understand is how hard they must work at being a bad business.

I had over 50 windows installed by Castle. They seem to be good windows - air-tight, easy to operate and clean. Yet their management is the absolute worst.

Sales - just horrible. The high pressure, sign now or the price goes way up. Promises that are not kept - Installed from the outside, never. More glass surface than you had before, inches less. One room at a time (in winter), no - every window was removed before new ones installed. And do not even try to contact your sales rep after you sign the papers - impossible.

Installation - hey, the guys were good, worked their butts off and were nice. They did an ok job at cleaning up after themselves. I was surprised at the amount of insulation "dust" left behind - they should have worn masks because everything from drapes to rugs to sheets to furniture had insulation fibers on it.

Alarms - if you have window alarms, be careful. They will tell you they will "take care of it" but what that means is that they will leave your alarm sensors hanging out of the window frames for you to deal with. After complaining and withholding money, they "fixed" this by cutting the wires, but that required a whole new alarm system (which they helped pay for after much demanding).

Payment - make absolutely sure everything is done before you give them that last check, because that will be the last time they will talk to you. I had over fifty windows installed and just needed a few more (under our agreement), and had to threaten legal action just to get a response from them. Again - they must really work hard at being a terrible business because their product is ok and it would be so easy to be a good business. Makes no sense.

I would suggest working with a local company that focuses more on customer service.

68fb0a8c, 2015-06-02, 11:52AM CDT

I have had issues with castle windows as well. This is the truth, but the first thing I want to say is to make sure i state that the windows and doors i've had installed in our home (17 windows, large bay, 2 doors) have really been nothing short of awesome. They are well built and were installed well - once they were finally installed.

The issues i have with Castle is their customer service and their installation time managements. We never had the same install people twice. not even from the same "company". They were ill informed as to what we were getting and were just plain late all the time. Thankfully I have't had any of the issues that most of the people on this board have had, but I will say it takes some doing - but their price was lower than a lot of others around and so far, the windows seem to be holding their own after 3 years.

f7345656, 2015-07-20, 10:42AM CDT

This company is a scam job. Trust me I've been screwed big time and in a legal battle. THEY PROMISE ALL AND DONT FULFILL ANYTHING!!!they SUCK and are scam ARTISTS!

reginald w., 2015-06-24, 07:53AM CDT

I am in the process of having a door installed at my home by Castle Windows, a full 4 days pass the initial date which was agreed upon which was Thursday 06-18-15. I took a full day off work to wait for the installation. The installer was supposed to arrive between 9:00A and 10:00A. When no one arrived I called the company and the person who answered told me I had the times right and she would check to see where they were. She then told me the computer had the 9 to 10 time, but it had been changed to 12P to 2P. At 2P no one had arrived I once again called the company and was told they were on the way. At around 2:30P I received a call from the installer who stated he was on his way. He arrived about 4P and could not do the work, because of the late hour. He asked me to reschedule, I contacted the company (John-Installation Manager) who asked a female in the background for a date she responded Thursday he told her no good because I was going to complain. He then asked me to ask the installer if he could do it Saturday. I told him to speak to the installer directly. He did and the installer could not do it Saturday and said he would do it Sunday (Father's Day) and he would arrive at 9:00A. I cancelled all my Father Day plans to wait for the installation. The installer arrived on Father's day at 2:30P and started the work, but could not finish. He left my home at 11:00P and promised to return the next day to finish the work. During the sales pitch I was told all the technicians are company employees and company trained. After a little investigating I found the installer on my job is a sub-contractor. He is a great worker, but the company leaves something to be desired. The installer has finally installed my door it was quite a journey.

320d9300, 2015-12-29, 01:35PM CST

I have had 11 windows installed by Castle and can tell you there follow up service and warranty work is garbage. I had a window breake and it took them over 3 months to fix it. I am now waiting for them to come back and fix a leaking window and they have rescedualed twice on me, so while my interior wall is crumbling they call me again to rescedual. this is now going on 2 months. I don't recomend them at all.

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