American TV - American TV Cheated us out of $150.00 rebate

Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 at 9:22pm CDT by b5b17544

Product: HP Laptop computer

Company: American TV

Location: 751 Gravois Bluffs Blvd.
Fenton, Mi, 63026, US


Category: Other

During Christmas of '07 I took my Daughter to American TV to help her buy her first computer. She could not get credit, so I opened the account under my name and she would pay for the computer over time.

We were drawn to the store though advertising that promised rebates from three sources. One from American TV another from HP, and another from Canon.

My Daughter filled out the rebate paper work they had given to us and mailed it in on time.

Weeks went past and we looked into the rebates as we had not heard from anyone yet. Canon sent us a postcard saying there was a problem with certain information, we needed to correct it and send it back to them. They then approved the rebate.

American never sent any information on the status of the rebate. We called and spoke to 5 different people at American TV. Each had a different story on the rebate and it's status.

But, after speaking with these people, what it all came down to, apparently my daughter missed writing in the serial number. So they refused the rebate.

They agree that we bought the computer at their store and that she was eligible for the rebate offer but because we made a 'mistake' or 'omission' they will not allow us to correct it and we loose the rebate of $150.00.

After pressing them further they offered $100.00 coupon to buy something else in the store.

Then, pressing further they offered that coupon or $75.00 cash.

We did not accept those offers.

At this point American TV cheated my daughter out of the advertised rebate of which she will now have to spend hours working to pay for the difference.

American TV Cheated her and caused her to cry and caused a lot of unnecessary stress in our family.

They are cheats, crooks, frauds. Never will we shop their stores again.

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6c827aa2, 2008-10-15, 02:30PM CDT

Not for nothing but you made a mistake and didn't follow directions. They were kind enough to offer you something anyway, despite your carelessness. If I were applying for a $150 rebate, I would go over the form & instructions several times before mailing.

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