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Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 12:05pm CDT by 807f163c

Product: foot surgery

Company: stuart steinberg, burbank foot clinic

Location: 3322 Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA, US

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Steinberg butchered and mutiliated my foot. I went for problem with one toe, and he operated on 5 toes without my knowledge or consent.

He removed pieces of bone and severed tendons without my knowledge or consent. My foot is deformed, and I am in constant pain.

He tried to terminate my treatment after he exhausted all my insurance funds due to all the unnecessary surgery he did on me. I consider him a sociopath and a criminal.


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52821aa0, 2008-06-24, 07:55PM CDT

I have been under the care of Dr. Steinberg for a month or so, and I have had a very different experience! Dr. Steinberg and his staff have been so competent, kind and caring, I'm not sure what this former patient is talking about! I was referred to him by my primary care physician - I was in a lot of pain due to inflammation (plantar fasciitis), and thanks to his diligent care and treatment over the last few weeks, the pain is virtually gone and I'm still healing. I don't limp around or walk lopsided anymore - I feel so much better, like a normal person again. I would recommend Dr. Steinberg to any friend, family member or co-worker anytime, without hesitation! - Monique P. LA, CA

16834523, 2008-08-12, 06:55PM CDT

I cannnot believe this complaint is serious or written by an intelligent person. Dr. Steinberg has been my foot practicianer for several years and he and his staff have been consistently excellent in terms of their care, communication and healing arts. I cannon recommend this Doctor and his group highly enough.

16c7c274, 2009-02-07, 09:54AM CST

The BEST Podiatrist in Town!!

I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Steinberg for over 20 years. In fact he is the only Podiatrist I will see. I moved to Colorado in 2004, but when I come to Burbank to see family I try to schedule an appointment with Dr, Steinberg. He has treated me for many sprained ankles, heel pain, and my super flat feet. I only trust him with my feet & ankles. He has never steered me wrong. In fact, I recently sprained my ankle, and called his office for a consultation to make sure the doctors here were going to do the right thing. I even considered traveling to Burbank for treatment. I have referred him many times to family & friends and all have been treated extremely well. He performed bunion surgery on my sister, on both feet, with no complications, he treats my Mom for nerve pain, & my husband for a toe problem. We all consider ourselves very lucky to find Dr. Steinberg and his caring and competent staff.

ad77ecda, 2009-02-09, 11:29PM CST

COULDN'T HAVE A BETTER DOCTOR - I have been a patient of Dr. Steinberg's for over 20 years. He has also treated my husband and our son. I had surgery for a hammer toe and plan on having bunion surgery, too. He has made orthotics for both myself and my husband. I am a walker - having done numerous 5K's, 10K's and the Avon Breast Cancer Walk when it was 60+ miles over three days. Without Dr. Steiberg, none of that would have been possible. His staff is professional, his care is/has been exemplary.

b26133c4, 2010-05-26, 03:54AM CDT

Good for you he did not mutilate your foot.

He is terrible at his job, is cruel and incompetent.

He's a monster.

807f163c, 2010-05-26, 04:01AM CDT

Stuart Steinberg is a butcher.

I had a problem w/one toe.

He operated on 5 toes.

He lied about authorizing Demerol, which i'm allergic to.

He cut tendons and sawed off healthy bones.

He is a monster.

807f163c, 2010-07-22, 05:46AM CDT

Steinberg utterly destroyed my foot.

He gave me no indication of how he prepared to chop my toes.

He's a psycho.

Still live with the agony and pain.

He's an incompetent and very cruel person.

807f163c, 2010-11-11, 09:01AM CST

The pain Steinberg inflicted on me is ongoing.

He butchered & mutliated my foot.

I went for a bunion problem. A bunion is one toe. The big toe.

Steinberg operated on all five toes, cut tendons and shaved bones all over my foot.

I don't know why he did these things.

Steinberg dessicrated my my foot. I've been in pain every step I take, every move I make, for years. I can't take shower, I can't walk.

He's incompetent & a monster.

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