Verizon FIOS

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 6:47pm CDT by d7aba443

Company: Verizon FIOS

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The Verizon FIOS sales representative focuses on their TV package and their

fast Internet service, both of which are reasonably true, but if you have

more than one phone line the pricing you get only applies for one line. So

you only find out after the installation that you don't have any calling

plan on the other phone lines. If you work from home and have a separate

work line then you will be shocked that your work-line has a huge bill. If

you make some international calls you will be billed $2.50/minute or more.

Good luck getting this straightened-out. I've spent hours and hours on hold,

being promised it is straightened out only to get a bill with a huge

outstanding amount. By comparison, Comcast's VOIP service is much simpler

and cheaper. If you have Comcast then I strongly recommend staying with them

or get a written quote for a bill from Verizon that includes all phone lines

and estimated taxes. I doubt Verizon will do that but this will save you

from making a mistake, as I did.

Matt in PA


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