Kenya Airlines

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 2:35am CDT by 64f9a22c

Product: Airline travel

Company: Kenya Airlines

Location: world wide
nairobi, wo, KE


Category: Other

I landed in Johannesburg, waited an hr for my luggage, which did not arrive. Once i found the luggage counter, i was informed that my bags were retained in Kenya, for unknown reasons? I was told my bags would arrive that night, and returned to me first thing the following morning.

My bags did not arrive the following morning, instead i had to call Kenya Airlines myself. They did not know where my bags were!! It took 2 hrs to locate them, and another few hrs to deliver the bags!

Once my bags arrived, i noticed the padlocks and cable ties had been removed, and the zips and seams had been damaged. All my valuable items had been removed. I called directly after this to inform the airline.

I was told to fax through the claim form, which i did..and got no response. I called a week later, and was told to mail the documents, which i did...and got no response. The man responsible was never there, and did not return 1 phone call.

I have had 1 e-mail from the head office, saying they regret what has happened, but they still do nothing!! It has been 2 months, and my claim has not been processed, and I still cannot get any response.

I DO NOT recommend KENYA AIRLINES in any way


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