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Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2008 at 6:03pm CDT by 8271917e

Product: Royal holiday club memberships

Company: Royal Holiday

Location: Insurgentes Sur 1999, Col. Guadalupe Inn but who knows where...could be Mexico? Bahamas? Switzerland? Florida?
01020 Mexico City, Me, 01020, MX


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Visitors to Mexico, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic - BE AWARE!!! In 2001, I purchased what seemed to be a legitimate vacation package good for 30 years. Little did I know that in the following years, I would receive the short end of the deal and a contract that's worth nothing and a team of people that will lie and squirm the minute you ask for a cancellation and your money back. I, like many, thought that this would be just what I needed, something to force me to take a vacation, especially when I heard that I would be getting my original purchase price back at the end of 30 years via an annuity. Well, Ill give you the short version - It's now 2008, I have yet to successfully book a vacation, I have nothing proving that I have that annuity (which an actual employee has documented doesn't exist anyway -, I have a yearly maintenance fee that I was told would never go up, it's now over $100 more then what it started at ($360/yr), I have useless email addresses and phone numbers to a company that I can only speculate even exists - unless you want to hear what they can't do or won't do for you, I have an unfulfilled request to receive the property directory (requested from day one because they were out at the presentation (how convenient)), I have an contract that I didn't know existed until just recently, one of the pages being the actual cancellation terms that I never received (very convenient) while I was there, I have huge regret ever going to the Bahamas, but more importantly to the presentation they offered (which by the way is more of like a salesman sitting on your lap, not a true presentation). I have been lied, deceived, and denied the reimbursement of all the funds I have put into it (15k to date), even though their own contact states that if you don't receive all of the paperwork in the beginning, you're contract is null and void (and this includes not receiving the operating rules of the club, which I have not had until just recently). Don't fall for it, don't even bother going to their presentation, no matter how much they sweeten the deal (free tequila/drinks, free room upgrades, free travel, free food, free anything, because as we all know, nothing in life is free and you'll find out soon enough if you get involved with a scam like this one. There's a reason why they deny you access to the internet to research the company or time to think about it. If you want more documented accounts of U.S. and Canadian citizens having this very same problem, feel free to read our daily updates at . I guarantee that Im not alone and what I am saying is real and you will find very little help from the company to resolve your issues. The only way to make this issue known is to broadcast it to as many people as possible and thats exactly what I want to do here. Dont take my word for it, read the newsgroups and the media reports. Here, Ill help you find them:

Use Google or Yahoo or MSN or whatever search engine you like, youll find as much, if not more then I have. Youll see that even though J. Alberto Abreu (Royal Holidays official spokesperson and member affairs coordinator) boasts on, 'Royal holiday members all over the world made 100,566 reservations in 2006 alone the number of destinations have increased 115% during the last 5 years', that even now, in 2008, new members are reporting to have the very same experience as I am.

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Helen S., 2015-06-25, 10:51AM CDT

I was scammed, lied to, misled, deceived, and defrauded. I want to express my sincere frustration and dissatisfaction with Royal Holiday and how they lie

to their potential members and their unethical business practices. Nothing that they tell you is true.

Be careful and try to be well informed about how they work. I recommend you this site that might be helpful:

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