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Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2008 at 3:18pm CDT by 33e351d4

Product: 2002 Coleman Caravan 25 SLB

Company: Coleman

Location: US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

The floor of my 2002 Coleman Caravan RV is rotten after 6 years of use and must be replaced. I bought the travel trailer new. The decision to by a Coleman (Fleetwood) was based on the positive comments I'd hear about the quality of their folding trailers. I am beginning to regret my decision as I'm finding the quality of the Fleetwood folding trailers seems superior to the quality of the travel trailers. The floor started sagging at about 4 years, but I didn't think it was a big deal until the floor started discoloring. The warranty has expired at 5 years. Even though the problem started well within the warranty period, it was not diagnosed until after the warranty expired. Fleetwood has said that they are not obligated to offer any concessions, but say they want to work with me and have offered a considerable break on the cost. My cost after the brea will be about $2200 to replace the floor. I don't think I should have to pay for what I deem as a poor manufacturing decision. I have found the floor in the Coleman Caravan is not the same as the floor in the Coleman (Fleetwood) folding trailers. The Coleman Caravan's floor is thin untreated waferboard, while the floor in the folding trailer is structural plywood with a 25 year warranty. My trailer can only be repaired at the factory adding additional shipping costs from Minnesota to Pennsylvania and back. The floor on a 6 year old camper should just not ROT. This is a very concerning safety issue. Someone could fall through the floor and injure themselves. I' am told by the customer service rep at Fleetwood that the whole camper must be taken off the frame and new waferboard must be laid down. Then, the whole camper must be re-assembled. I find it unacceptable that Fleetwood would use a seemingly deficient flooring material in their travel trailers as untreated waferboard. I wouldn't build a dog house out of waferboard. In my opinion, this manufacturing decision to use waferboard in their travel trailers will affect many more Coleman Caravan owners in the near future. Why did Fleetwood decide to use waferboard in their travel trailers instead of structural plywood in their floors? Will this affect any of my future Coleman/Fleetwood purchases? Unless Fleetwood is willing to work harder at a resolution, most definitely.


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d830bc0f, 2008-08-26, 11:19AM CDT

I also have a 2002 caravan that the floor is starting to discolor and rot this is a manufacture mistake and i think they should repair these flaws at thier expense i love my trailer but i would have second thoughts about purchasing another coleman product I hope fleetwood is willing to work with me also

c0af4890, 2008-09-15, 05:08PM CDT

I have a 2004 Coleman Caravan 25S. The bathroom floor is sagging and spongy. The walls are rotting at the bottom to the point the awning supports have come completely lose. This seems to be a widespread problem with Coleman Caravans. I'm calling Fleetwood to see what kind of relief they are going to give me. Otherwise, it is lawyer time and possibly a class action lawsuite.

bb48db05, 2009-07-04, 09:49AM CDT

We also bought a coleman product upon their good reputation, a coleman caravan 25 EXT SB, a 2004 model. This week end we noticed that the four corners are going down. I am fully agree with you, they should had built the trailer with structural plywood AND protect it with a kind of "membrane"(like the others trailers which are called trailers whatever the manufactuere).

Could you let me know if Fleetwood work with you reolving this problem?


aaaf7907, 2009-07-06, 10:50AM CDT

We started out with a 2000 Coleman Caravan and had floor issues before 2 years were up. The dealer we bought it from told us the same story, that it would have to be reassembled from the floor up. They said this was not cost efficient for them, so they replaced our 2000 Caravan with a brand new 2003.

We were very impressed with the way they stood behind their warranty as we were told it had a lifetime frame and flooring warranty. We've have had the 2003 now for 6 years and have already had to replace the bathroom floor. We have bowing down the side wall next to the refrigerator and bowing under the drawers next to the pull-out. Our understanding now is the warranty is only five years and repairs and floor replacement is our respnsibility. I wander why a class action lawsuit is not already under way. Fleetwood new they had floor issues because of the material used, but continued to manufacture these trailers with the same material while decreasing the warranty.

d0970b78, 2009-07-11, 10:06AM CDT

I also have a 2002 Coleman Caravan that was showing discoloration of the floor. We brought it in to the dealer, who informed us it was a 'total loss'. Insurance won't cover the loss so we are stuff with a bunch of junk!!!

c0af4890, 2009-07-13, 02:11PM CDT

I had a 2004 Coleman Caravan 25S. Last year we noticed the siging was separating from the walls and the floor was getting very spongy in the bathroom. After NUMEROUS phone calls to Fleetwood (now FTCA), they agreed to repair our camper for $2192, including shipping to and from an authorized dealer. We decided to go ahead and have them do the repairs since local dealers had quoted us anywhere from $8000 to $10,000 to do the same repairs. We just got the camper back last week and they did an outstanding job on the repair.

We went ahead and traded it in on a Jayco pop up, fully informing the dealer that our camper had extensive repairs done to it.

It is a shame that we paid what I consider to be a premium for the legendary Coleman quality. It is a shame that we had to pay anything to get them to repair it.

I am game to file a class action lawsuit but I don't know if FTCA would be liable. Fleetwood has completely exited the RV business altogether.

c0af4890, 2009-07-18, 07:07AM CDT

Fleetwood exited the RV business in late 2008. Our camper sat in limbo for several months before FTCA took over. The staff of Fleetwood remained when FTCA began production in 1st quarter of 2009.

We spoke to Craig Schrock at FTCA. Call 1-800-841-3605 and follow the menu prompts for "technical service." The first person that answers most likely won't be Craig. You will have to ask for him directly as the Bill who first answers is quite cantakerous.

If you have called on issues before, they will have all the records Fleetwood had. Just be persistant and hopefully they will help you.

8d8ca617, 2009-07-24, 07:42PM CDT

One year ago we bought a used 2004 Coleman Caravan 23B. Today, we traded it in for a new unit - the floor in several places, and the back wall was rotten beyond what was affordable to repair. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY with a coleman caravan..

50534ea2, 2009-08-04, 02:34PM CDT

We have a 2000 Coleman caravan that we now jokingly say is a 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 amd 2005. Over the years we have had the bed slide out completely replaced, the water tank reattached, the curtains replaced, the hutch and dinette replaced, and then finally the floor replaced. I really loved my camper and hope that all the replacing is done. Fleetwood did replace the floor for us. Free of charge and our dealer drove it down to them. The only problem after we got it back was that they did not properly reset the pipe under the sink and my husband and I had to cut the pipe and put a new elbow on ourselves.

b99c8102, 2009-09-19, 09:54AM CDT

We purchased our 2004 coleman caravan brand new- absolutely love this trailer- however we also has problems with water damage. but our damage was beause of the outside edging that goes around the perimeter of the entire trailer along the bottom. We were able to claim on our Insurance and they paid the entire 2,500.00 cost to repair. I did take it to a local R.V. dealer and they lifted the entire trailer up about six inches and pulled out the old floor and replaced with new Plywood NOT the flimsy Waferboard- they even applied a rubber membrane over the entire exterior floor for added protection. The narrow molding along the bottom of the trailer was also replaced with a 4 inch molding . This trailer is now like brand new. I was told that When Coleman made these trailers they constructed them based on the same type of construction they use for there Pop ups. Simply put- they didn't obviously know what they were doing nor did they do the proper research or testing that probally should have done.

43457d86, 2009-10-04, 05:22PM CDT

I have been camping for many, many years and had always thought highly of coleman as a fine manufacturer. A company that's been around as long as Coleman has, has no excuse to sell RV's that are of such poor quality. We paid 14,000.00+ for our Coleman Caravan in 2002 and started experiencing major leakage from the roof within three years of ownership. The damage began during winter and when we opened it the next summer, there was major flooring damage (sub floor and linoleum)

73ce27ef, 2009-10-07, 02:29AM CDT

I purchased a 2002 Coleman Caravan used in 2005 and it had some discoloring on the floor which kept getting worse. Now the floor feels like you might fall thru it. We have had the bathroom flood about 5 times and cannot figure out what is causing this. We took it back to the dealer we bought it from the first time which was the second time we used it..we had a 90 day warranty and they didn't want to do anything about it but finally they went thru and said there was nothing they could find that would cause it to flood but they tighned and replaced a couple things...not sure what. We paid $12,000.00 for a lemon. They would not do anything about any of the problems since then nor would Fleetwood. I would NEVER by anything from them again or from the dealer who is Arrow head RV center in Marianna, FL

8b31d829, 2009-12-14, 07:18AM CST

I also owen a coleman carvan 2002, It's the same complant rotted floor the wall's are rotted and the Ins denied covarge. I tried to call the number listed 1-800-841-3605 (FTCA) but the phone rang once, and then went to busy. I need to find out if this is a manufacture issue (looks like) based on the other posting, or a maintains issue like the Ins Co wants me to belive. I take pride in taking care of my equipment (Carvan) Truck...

Looking for any advice on who to contact.

Thanks in advance

0ea924bf, 2010-01-13, 04:58AM CST

We also purchased a coleman caravan used and the floor was bad we replaced our floor ourself with plywood and love it. It will last longer than we will probably own the camper it has taken almost a year to complete it but to have your own husband do the work it was worth it and saved lots of cash. We are looking forward to camping in our camper with our grandchildren and to know it will be safe. I was concerned about the added weight of the plywood but with sway bars it should be fine. Good Luck to everyone one who owns one the micowave was also recalled. And needs replaced look on the internet for your model of the recall on Samsung.

65fc5767, 2010-01-15, 08:33AM CST

I too purchased a Coleman Caravan Trailer for it's name and what I thought was a quality product. I had to replace my power supply unit 3 times before we went with a different model. Now my floor is showing the same signs as all of you who have posted to this site. The wafer board is rotted significantly near the outside edges of the floors and there is visible humping in the interior. For what we paid for this trailer I would have to say I am truly dissatisfied. I have not addressed this with Coleman but plan on trying some of the numbers below to see what help may be offered.

642e3be2, 2010-08-05, 01:26PM CDT

Same story for me. We bought a 2001 Coleman Caravan Travel Trailer and the floor has almost completely rotted out. I spent $2,000 on it trying to get it repaired ... soon started rottening just in another place. Will never buy a Coleman/Fleetwood again!

e2ae5581, 2010-08-23, 02:17PM CDT

Claim the damage on your insurance - they will total it out, you'll get a fair market value for it and go buy somthing else. I work in the insurance biz - see these come through all the time for the same problem.

dc562cb1, 2010-08-30, 12:13PM CDT

Sold my orphan 2001 Caravan last week.August 10, 2010. Floor was junk. Again. Been to the factory once. They replace.ced bed slideout and floor vinyl. Dealer says floor is supposed to give. Bullspit. Buyer knows of issue. Same dealer said roof is leaking . 2 others said not . I think she assumes someone wants to hold her liable for a crappy product. Loved the trailer , all being said ..good memories of many outings. Went with a 27" towable, plain jane, no slideout.trailer. found a repo at local bank 2008 looks and smells new. bought it for loan value + $200. I wish all caravan owners well. and am glad the latter models held up.

c8a03f21, 2010-09-10, 10:29PM CDT

I have the same issue - the under floor is disintegrating. One stabilizer is only hanging on by one side. (under bathroom) Curbside rear is showing softing. I agree with the possibility of claiming it to your insurance. After reading so many owners with the same problem this could (should) become a class-action lawsuit. We pay far too much for these units to have them rot away from under us. The automakers learned this lesson long ago.

d4f3aac3, 2010-09-17, 07:52AM CDT

Already inquired to my RV insurance and it is not covered! Fleetwood is out of the travel trailer business they claimed bankruptcy so they cannot be sued we have no recourse! This makes me sooo mad that they can make a defective product and not have to repair it. I would definitely go in on a class action suite if we could to have this trailer fixed ours is a 2002 also.

097ec523, 2011-07-24, 04:11PM CDT

Has any one had success with making a claim on there insurance or with Fleetwood as a second or third owner. I got totally ripped off when I purchase an 2001 with a damaged floor. The seller did a very good job of hiding the damage. I should have been more weary and taken the unit in for inspection. I have already spent $1200.o0 on the floor and havent touched the walls yet...HG Jacksonville Fl

c6837068, 2011-08-21, 03:19PM CDT

I am having the same problems as everyone else on this. Coleman should replace all flooring on these campers.

6d4682e0, 2011-08-26, 04:08PM CDT

i own 1 of these P.O.S. and it rotted as well. now unsafe to use, ALL I WANT TO DO NOW IS SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



7793be47, 2012-01-21, 09:52PM CST

I have a 2003 Coleman Caravan and my floor had to be replaced. It was a $5,000 repair job that Fleetwood paid for half and the dealer and I split the remainder. Now my slide out with the queen bed in front is rotten. I am not a happy camper. I would never by anything from Coleman or Fleetwood ever again. I hope to trade this P.O.C in soon.

a1cd06f9, 2012-02-21, 11:20AM CST

I've been looking at a M25SLB and decided to do some research. Reading all these complaints, I'm having serious doubts. By wafer board, I'm assuming you mean the stuff that's like wood chips and sawdust compressed into 4x8 sheets with glue or what might be called particle board? How thick is this 'wafer board'? Could any of this been prevented if at the onset a coat of rubberized undercoating was applied to the underneath? Thanks for your advice.

f3ed98a5, 2012-04-08, 04:08PM CDT

Wondering if you have had any success in sueing for repairs. We are having the same problems and don't dare use our trailer.We paid $19,000 in 2002 and use it only about two times a year.We are more than dissapointed and cant afford the cost of repairs at this time.

458737c0, 2012-04-18, 03:19PM CDT

The floor of the Caravan is 2" particle board. When particle boaard gets wet, it swells up like a sponge and loses its strength. It is not uncommon for mobile home floors to be made of particle board, but what is uncommon is that Coleman did not put anything under it to protect it from water getting sprayed up under the trailer when the road is wet. A few dollars of polythene sheet or a spray coat of asphalt would have done the trick. If this had been a big cost, it might have been justified on the basis of being competetive with prices. But the lack of such an obvious and cheap preventive measure is purely stupid. I did not think to look under the trailer before I bought it, or I wouldn't have.

04adeac6, 2013-05-17, 11:08PM CDT

I have a 2002 25SLB Caravan, which has not been used in 2 years. Today I noticed that floor in the bathroom was sagging and spongy right next to the shower/tub area. As with most of all of you I bought it because of their reputation, but now after reading all these leaks/floor problems I am very upset. Don't know what I'll be able to get for it for trade in for buying a new trailer. Probably lose money.

Kurt S., 2013-05-17, 04:07PM CDT

I've got a 2002 caravan with the same floor problems. Fleetwood replaced the floor back in 05. Everything was fine for a couple of years, and then the fold out step pulled out of the underside when i was stepping on it. Now the entire door side of the trailer floor is soft and sinking. I'm looking to replace the floor myself. I am hoping someone can offer some advise on how to proceed.

04adeac6, 2013-05-17, 11:19PM CDT

I have the same issue with my bathroom floor which is spongy. Is there an update or status to a class action lawsuit or whether all insurance companies will total the trailer and give you Fair Market Value for it? Thanks

1e158cb5, 2013-06-06, 10:16PM CDT

I have a 2004 23B Caravan with floor damage on the 3 corners only. I bought it new and always covered it in winter with an Adco trailer cover. This may have saved me some work as about 90% of the floor is still good. My plan is to dry out the floor this summer and inject epoxy (West System-Not cheap)into bored holes from the lineolum side. My floor was also chip-board(OSB) but was under-coated with a black substance. Appears that water came in from the edges. I will remove outside edging and coat the OSB edges too.

Love the camper, has lots of miles on it!!!!!! Two summer trips to Alaska from Michigan and lots of miles in the midwest to boot. About 25,000 miles so far.


Joanne L., 2013-06-08, 09:15AM CDT

Looking at a 2002 Coleman Caravan Hybrid (one hard-sided slide-out bed only). Looks beautiful! Do the problems inlude these, or only the travel trailers? Also, cannot find values of these on kbb or nada....any suggestions?

1e158cb5, 2013-06-09, 08:34PM CDT

I would never buy a new or used camper with-out looking at the roof joints or under-body in the future. Also look for water damage inside even in the cabinets, closets etc. Also look for punky floors in the seats, storage areas etc. If you can hire somebody to survey it as we do on boats so much the better. Google your unit and see what you can find. If it has been stored inside or with a custom cover that would be great. But you must do same for winter protection. I use Adco covers sold by Camping World.


shirley t., 2013-09-05, 06:57AM CDT

Ok, my husband just bought one of those shoty crappy piece of @#%% and the whole floor is rotted. Trying to replace our floor. Tell me is there a law suit in the works. Its a wonder no one has fallen through the floors. Shirley

ca39ae8f, 2014-06-20, 10:36AM CDT

If anyone has started a law suit, I would like to join you.

Robert Allyn L., 2014-06-20, 04:21PM CDT

I see many posts about a lawsuit over these Fleetwood built trailers.

There will not be a lawsuit, FLeetwood Travel Trailers went Bankrupt in March of 2009.

No one to sue means anyone dipleased has no recourse.

Fern A., 2014-07-25, 01:57PM CDT

Hi, we have a 2003 Coleman caravan trailer and are having many issues with the floor. I don't even want to use it anymore because I can not stand the smell. Our desire to use our camper is gone which makes us sad, extremely disappointed and angry. We know it will cost a lot to try and fix it and don't feel comfortable selling it like this. If anyone has a solution, know of compensation, please let me know!

bob p., 2014-07-30, 11:14AM CDT

Ive replaced half the floor. You can see some of the pics here:

But of course that was the "easy" half. Now I have to pull up the whole kitchen and bathroom to do the rest.

Very disappointed in ourselves for buying this heap. We are still making payments on it and are afraid to use it because it feels like you are going to fall through.

Our floor was not particle board at all. Its like a styrofoam sheet (about 1" thick) glued between two thin (1/4"?) luan panels. I think this system would have worked. I think the fault is how the trim around the trailer directs water coming down the walls right into the floor!

James, 2014-12-10, 02:08PM CST

I have a 2004 model with basically the same concerns and issues with the floor.

Please let me know of any info needed is anyone attempts a lawsuit of any type.

gary p., 2015-03-15, 09:48PM CDT

I am starting to replace my 2002 Coleman floor. I am wanting t know if the cabinets need to be removed . Mine has 1/2"wafer board and planning to use 1/2" PT.Any advice would be helpful.

Steve K., 2015-04-04, 09:17AM CDT

I have a Rockwood pop-up with a spongy floor. I found that the refrigerator drain tube was not run to the outside when the unit was built, causing all refer melt water to run out the front, keeping the floor damp under the refer. I relocated the drain hose and am now replacing the floor. Check the refer drain hoses anytime you buy a trailer. I didn't and now I'm sorry.

Robert Allyn L., 2015-04-07, 10:44AM CDT

REFER HOSE ROUTING: This is one of those tiny things that your dealer was supposed to route and locate as part of the PDI.

Unfortunately it is easy to move and most techs don't think about pointing out at delivery to retail customer.

In other words: common problem and no one seems to think its important.

I am sorry that your got caught this way, unfortunately many more will find they have the same problem.

Jay Nelson, 2015-04-16, 03:02PM CDT

Bought a second hand 2002 Coleman Caravan 25SLB in Nov, 2014.

As it sat in my drive through the winter and holidays i noticed water would drip from ceiling and a wet wall (that was also rotten), which lead to discovering previous owner put in 3/4" OSB to cover up a spongy floor down the entire left half of the camper!

Not even gonna hold out for assistance from manufacturer at this point. But if you guys who are or have made this floor repair are interested I would like to meet up somehow (online) and work through this together. bob p.'s flickr link and post from 2014-07-30 on here is very insightful.

90194c4d, 2015-09-07, 02:47PM CDT

We have a 2002 caravan and have done repairs ourselves. Bought it in 2008 for 4 grand. The roof needs sealed and caulked twice a year. we had the floor problems and roof problems also. We put down 23/32' treated plywood over the whole floor and covered with vinyl. We had to adjust the side slide out floor rollers to account for the increased floor height. We had to pull out the front 4 foot of inner roof and rebuild the trusses. It has been a slight pain in the butt, however, we have used it lots, about 10 times a year or more. Ill just keep fixing it until it isnt safe to tow. Then ill pull out all the good stuff, knock off the rest and rebuild into a toy hauler. But we won't be buying another one like this.

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