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Posted on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 at 4:21pm CDT by 768a3aae

Product: Rental Agency

Company: www.eqwestllc.com, Eqwest LLC, Eqwest

Location: PO BOX 5079
Vancouver, WA, 98668, US

URL: http://www.eqwestllc.com/

Category: Other

BEWARE!!! WARNING!!! Absolutely DO NOT work with these CROOKS (EQWEST)!!! Do not say you were not warned. Eqwest rental agency in Vancouver, WA. Extremely stupid people of the Jewish decent. They are liars, thieves, crooks and Cons. They will rip you off everyway they can. I would love to see these filthy people drown in the money they steal from their customers.!!!BEWARE!!! WARNING!!!


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acc93080, 2008-03-24, 04:14AM CDT

While I am not Jewish; it's bad that they ripped you off. But their ethnic background has nothing to do with it.

768a3aae, 2008-08-19, 12:31PM CDT

Let's make this clear. My name is Shelly and I also was cheated by Eqwestllc.com. Please take my advise and DO NOT rent property from them or DO NOT lend them your house. You will be sorry. I have multiple law suits against eqwest llc and am currently winning! YAH consumers!

d5292c74, 2008-08-22, 11:09PM CDT

Another disgruntled renter who doesn't follow the rules or turn over the property in the condition it was received. Any renter who doesn't turn the property over in the condition received will pay for all damages incured during their tenancy.

e1c4d4e2, 2009-01-23, 05:22PM CST

I too wish that I had been aware of the multiple negative things floating around on the net regarding these people! I moved into a "renovated" place they had a little over a year ago and have had nothing but issues since. The new carpet, linoleum and paint was done shoddy and was probably as cheap as they could get. The carpet and linoleum started coming up within weeks, mold began growing on the walls as soon as the rain started, the furnace has been dangerous to use, even the gas company told them it needed to be replaced, my sinks have been leaking since I moved in and have never been repaired even though I've put in multiple requests. There are illegal activities going on by other renters and they know about it but don't care because their rent is being paid on time. These people are horrible to deal with and only want your money. STAY AWAY!!!

e4d4245e, 2009-07-13, 02:51AM CDT

They were a customer of mine and said they needed a "backup" of some work that I had done for them and was being paid on long term.

They took the back up to a competitor and cancelled thier service with me. Needless to say I charge for everything up front now!!

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