Malaysia Airlines - Malaysian Airlines-Horrible Attitude!

Posted on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 at 11:57pm CDT by fe38492c

Product: MH 370

Company: Malaysia Airlines

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MY


Category: Other

The flight was at 12:30. I was very tired when I got onto the plane. The speakers had announced for everyone to turn off their phones; my mind was a blur because I usually do not sleep this late. A few minutes after the announcement, I realized my phone was still on, and had Google Earth running on it, because I had been using it before. I pulled my phone out in order to close the program, and then shut the phone down, but then the captain came by, grabbed the phone from me and started yelling at me, saying phrases like "do you want to kill me?" "Did you hear the announcement?" "I will kick you off of this plane right now". I was outraged, because I was in the process of turning my phone off! I had simply reacted a little late to the announcement! He was right in asking me to turn off my phone-which i was in the process of doing-but his hostile attitude was what made the whole thing a huge deal for me. Had he said "please turn off your phone", it would have been better. He yelled at me as if I were some sort of a criminal. The Malaysian people are very nice, but to Malaysia Airlines, I suggest you ask the worker wearing a white shirt, black pants, who I assume to be the captain Francis (I believe, the captain in charge of flight MH 370 on March 24, 2008) whether what he did was right, and whether people like him would make your company lose customers, and thusly money. After this experience, I think that a little change should be placed upon Malaysia Airlines' slogan: MH, not just an airline code, Malaysian *Hostility*, not Hospitality. All would have been well-no, excellent-if the idiot worker had actually found out all the facts and had not jumped to conclusions. Next time I go to Malaysia, I MH will certainly not be my first choice. Even the crappy Air China is better in comparison (in customer service aspects)!

But don't get me wrong here. The Malaysian people are a very good people. I just think that the training that MH uses is inadequate, and that the captain should learn how to speak with people without SERIOUSLY OFFENDING them. Food is great, movies are great, just CHANGE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE ATTITUDES OF YOURS STAFF!

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08e89822, 2008-08-24, 02:03PM CDT

There is no need for politeness. You violated rules and and put people on the plane on jeopardy. You should have turned off your phone much earlier.

If the Captain had to come to your seat and admonish you, it was pretty serious. He had no way of figuring out who had the phone on. You are not telling the full story. In his eyes, you were a criminal.

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